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10:00 台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei 加入提醒

瘟疫的慢性處方 Interminable Prescriptions for the Plague | MOCA Taipei

2019.10.05 SAT – 2019.12.01 SUN 10:00 - 18:00 (Closed on Monday)

策展人 Curator| 劉仁凱 Kairon Liu

參展藝術家 Artist|
布拉德.沃爾隆德 Brad Walrond
陳敬元 Chen Ching-Yuan
簡莉穎 Chien Li-Ying
莊志維 Chuang Chih-Wei
伊蓮娜.拉德利 Elena Redaelli
感染誌 HivStory
潔西卡.琳恩.惠特布德 Jessica Lynn Whitbread
畢七月 J Triangular
劉仁凱 Kairon Liu
李紫彤 Lee Tzu-Tung
羅智信 Luo Jr-Shin
林季鋼 Macaca Sapiens
瑪格麗特.范.庫克 Marguerite Van Cook
鄭任翔 Sean Chen
鄭淑麗 Shu Lea Cheang
台灣露德協會 Taiwan Lourdes Association
詹傑 Zhan Jie

協同創作藝術家 Collaborative Artists|
艾利森.蜜雪兒Allyson Mitchell
爾德鴻 Katharina Eckert
摩根.M.佩姬 Morgan M Page


◎開幕暨記者會 | Opening Reception
2019.10.05 (SAT) 14:00

#派對 #導覽 #演唱 #瑪格麗特范庫克 #開放工作坊
#伊蓮娜拉德利 #認識藝術家 #詩作朗誦 #斯林

◎世界愛滋日聚談暨閉幕演出 | WAD Talk & Closing
2019.12.01(SUN) 13:00-18:00

#世界愛滋日 #視覺愛滋 #座談 #論壇 #放映 #鄭淑麗 #詩作朗誦 #布拉德沃爾隆德 #台灣露德協會 #台灣同志諮詢熱線協會 #中華民國愛滋感染者權益促進會 #臺灣感染誌協會 #戶外劇場 #林季鋼


Sih-Cheng (Sean) Du, Director of Policy Advocacy, Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBTQ+) Hotline Association

11.03 (SUN)13.00
Dr Gary Toh Han Siong, Department of Intensive Care Medicine and Division of Infectious Diseases, Chi Mei Medical Center

喀飛 常務理事-台灣同志諮詢熱線協會
William Shen, Executive Director, Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBTQ+) Hotline Association


【 現+發聲 Nowon+ 】
by 感染誌 HivStory x 法律白話文運動 Plain Law Movement
10.06(SUN)14.00-16.50@ 美術館大廳 MOCA Lobby

【《愛滋味 Taste of Love》紀錄放映暨映後座談 Theatrical Documentary Screening 】
by 詹傑 Zhan Jie x 劉仁凱 Kairon Liu
10.13(SUN)14.00-17.30 @美術館大廳 MOCA Lobby

【《叛徒馬密可能的回憶錄 The Possible Memoirs of a Traitor》紀錄放映暨映後座談 Theatrical Documentary Screening 】
by 簡莉穎 Chien Li-Ying x 劉仁凱 Kairon Liu
11.03(SUN)14.00-17.40 @美術館大廳 MOCA Lobby

【《體液∅ Fluid ∅》放映暨映後座談 Film Screening 】
by 鄭淑麗 Shu Lea Cheang x 李紫彤 Lee Tzu-Tung x 劉仁凱 Kairon Liu
11.30(SAT)14.00-17.00 @美術館大廳 MOCA Lobby

◎THE NEW SKIN LAB 新肌實驗室創作工作坊|
by 伊蓮娜·拉德利 Elena Redaelli x 爾德鴻 Katharina Eckert

-Processing the plastic bottles into strings of yarn and knit, crochet and weave them into small portable items.

10.06 (SUN) 15:00-18:00 @台北當代藝術館好玩藝教室 MOCA Classroom
10.12 (SAT) 14:00-17:00 @台北當代藝術館好玩藝教室 MOCA Classroom
Open Workshop/Max 20 People/No Previous Experience Required/No Age Limit

【 THE NEW SKIN LAB 新肌實驗室 】
-Create a communal dress made out of many different parts.
10.19 (SAT) - 10.20 (SUN) 14:00-17:00 @台北當代藝術館好玩藝教室 MOCA Classroom
ContinuousWorkshop/Max 10 People/Previous Experience Preferred/No Age Limit

二十一世紀,遵循民主式公共衛生的教育策略,公民們採取自我保護措施、避免落入父權及專制,使用乳膠避孕套為掩護,以實現自由與理想。健康彷彿是德性的證明,疾病被視作墮落的證據,我們身處在「多疑的社會」——既使再多研究及當權者公開論述「疾病只是疾病,而不屬於任一群體」,相關的隱喻及污名卻從未停止;人類免疫缺乏病毒(Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV)感染者遵照醫囑與社會期待,每日吞服抗病毒藥物維繫生命、抑制病毒、杜絕傳染,此舉亦成為其與污名共生之暗示。醫學史學家羅伊・波特(Roy Porter)曾宣告「發生性行為不必負責任的日子結束了」,在所有公民皆視自身為單一血清個體的如今,無論感染與否,所有人似乎都對這場有感的「瘟疫」產出了一套與之共處的「慢性處方」。

本展覽由台北當代藝術館與社團法人臺灣感染誌協會共同主辦,由宿主計畫〈Humans as Hosts〉計畫主持人劉仁凱進行策劃,並與台灣數個HIV(愛滋)倡議機構與團隊共同合作,邀請國內外藝術家、研究者於該議題中進行探索及揭露。以MOCA Cube、廣場、電視牆及大廳為實驗場域,以多元展演活動解析展題,企圖以藝術跨越疾病,與參與民眾協同建立雙向交流平台;展覽閉幕將於世界愛滋日(十二月一日)發生,在對話、致敬與歡慶中落幕。

In the 21st century, contemporary public health education campaigns follow the democratic model. The latex condom has become a cover-up for self-protection against patriarchy and autocracy to fulfill freedom and ideals. We live in “the society of suspicion” where healthiness is somehow perceived as the proof of morality, while disease as the proof of corruption. No matter how many studies and those in power publicly state that “a disease is just a disease and does not belong to any group,” the related metaphor and stigma never end. To maintain life, suppress the virus and prevent infection, people infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) take their prescription continuously under a doctor’s advice and social expectations. This also implies that they must coexist with the stain of a virus that the world still regards as a kind of moral failure. As the medical historian Roy Porter once announced: “The days of sex without responsibility were over.” Infected or not, since each citizen treats themselves as one serological monad, it seems that everyone comes up with their own “prescription” in coexistence with this perceptible plague.

The exhibition is presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei and Taiwan HivStory Association. It is curated by Kairon Liu, the artist-curator of Humans of Hosts. He cooperates with Several HIV initiatives and teams, and invites artists and researchers at home and abroad to explore and disclose the issue. Taking the MOCA Cube, plaza, TV wall and activity hall as the experimental fields, the exhibition attempts to step across the disease with art and establish a two-way communication platform with the participants. The exhibition closing will be held on World AIDS Day (1st of December), ending in dialogue, tribute and celebration.

◎更多資訊 Read more|瘟疫的慢性處方


指導贊助單位 Supervisor & Sponsor|國家人權博物館 National Human Rights Museum
指導單位 Supervisor|臺北市政府文化局 Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
主辦單位 Organizers|臺北市文化基金會 Taipei Culture Foundation、臺北當代藝術館 Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
共同主辦 Presenter|社團法人臺灣感染誌協會 Taiwan HIVStory Association
協辦單位 Co-presenters|社團法人臺灣露德協會 Taiwan Lourdes Association、中華民國愛滋感染者權益促進會 PRAATW
合作單位 Partners|臺灣當代文化實驗場 Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab、國立雲林科技大學自造者中心 Idea Factory 、社團法人台灣同志諮詢熱線協會 Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBT) Hotline Association、Openlab.Taipei
展覽贊助單位 Exhibition Sponsors|台北國際藝術村 Taipei Artist Village、財團法人臺灣民主基金會 Taiwan Foundation for Democracy、羅德表演劇場、Lou Madigan
實驗展場贊助 MOCA Studio Sponsor|當代藝術基金會 Contemporary Art Foundation
贊助單位 Supporting Sponsors|SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION、春之文化基金會、Samsung、老爺會館、文心藝術基金會、SABON、福修文化藝術基金會


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