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14:00 藏風藝文咖啡 加入提醒

The Capital Ball【府城舞會】

The Capital Ball

-Asia Mythology-


這次邀請到了來自全台灣各地區,知名的Kiki House leaders 來參與這次的府城舞會擔任評審,同時還有一位特別來賓,遠從法國巴黎而來的,The pioneer of Paris ballroom scene - “Ms.Lasseindra”來擔任我們的評審之一,和我們一同在府城參與這次的亞洲神話盛宴。

☝️☝️☝️☝️「注意-這次的Capital Ball會是屬於台灣KiKi Scene,意指Capital Ball即是一場KiKi Ball,希望讓Capital Ball府城舞會,能夠成為更具台灣在地Ballroom特色的舞會。」

☯️Categories :


☯️《Vogue Performance》
-Vogue Femme
-Old Way
-New Way

?(Dress code 服裝規定)
「Asia Mythology 亞洲神話;請打扮成來自亞洲地區的神話故事、民間傳說中任一人物或是神祇,帶著你的神話故事,說給我們聽吧!」
?注意?Vogue三大風格的冠軍將會一同角逐Vogue Performance的總冠軍,贏得最後獎盃???。

?《Sex Siren Performance》

??Male figure
(Dress code 服裝規定)
「Exorcist 驅魔師;請各位男性打扮成各類驅魔師,舉凡神父、道士或是和尚都算在服裝規定範疇內,在百鬼夜行 群魔亂舞之際,你能成為帶來曙光的人嗎?」

??Female figure
(Dress code 服裝規定)
【Banshee 魅惑女妖】;請各位女性打扮成嫵媚動人的女妖,舉凡西遊記裡誘騙人們進盤絲洞的蜘蛛精,或是希臘神話中一個眼神就能凍結你的梅杜莎都在服裝範疇內,妳的一舉一動都把那些愚笨的男人,唬得一愣一愣的呢!」
?注意?Male figure以及Female figure的冠軍將會一同角逐Sex Sirens Performance的總冠軍,贏得最後獎盃???,究竟人與妖,誰能奪天下?。

???????(Dress code 服裝規定)
【Crazy rich asians 瘋狂亞洲富豪】;我們由電影瘋狂亞洲富豪當作靈感而發想,請各位為我們帶來亞洲富豪們紙醉金迷的上流生活,究竟是怎麼樣的生活能讓你有資格與亞洲神祇們一同參與這樣的盛宴?」

?‍♀️Cameo Bella (House Of Bella)
??‍♂️Mick Princess (House Of Princess)
?‍♀️Yolanda Vase (House Of Vase)
??‍♂️Akuma 007
?‍♀️ Lasseindra Juicy couture(House Of Juicy couture)

地點 - 藏風藝文咖啡

時間 - 2019/06/08 PM14:00進場 PM15:30 活動開始

票價 - 800NT

English version-

The Capital Ball
?Asia Mythology?

The mystery of Asian mythology, such as ‘Chang'e's ascent to the Moon’ and ‘Nuwa mending the fallen’ from the ancient Chinese, as well as Japanese Gumiho (the Nine-Tailed Fox) and Hyakkiyakou (The Devils’ Night) have always been relished by the world.

In June this year, we sincerely invite you to come to Tainan, Taiwan to participate in this grand Ball, to unveil the mystery of Asia.

This time, we are honoured to invite the leaders of Kiki House from all over Taiwan to be the judges of the Capital Ball. A special guest from France, the pioneer of the Paris Ballroom scene - "Ms.Lasseindra" will also be one of our judges and join us in this Asian mythology feast.

Attention - the Capital Ball is part of the Taiwan's KiKi Scene, which means the Capital Ball is a KiKi Ball. We wish you a wonderful experience at the Capital Ball with our BEST Taiwanese Ballroom spirit!

Categories :


《Vogue Performance》

《Vogue Femme 》
《Old Way》
《New Way》

Dress code: Asian mythology
Please dress up as a character or a god from any mythical story or folklore within Asia.
Bring your myths and tell us all about it!

Attention - the champions of Vogue's three figures will be eligible to compete for the Vogue Performance championship to win the final trophy.

《Sex Siren Performance》

Male Figure
Dress Code: Exorcist
Please dress up as any kinds of exorcists, such as priests, or monks are all within the scope of the dress code. In the darkest days in ‘The Devils’ Night’, would you be the one who can bring the light of hope?

Female Figure
Dress Code: Banshee
Please dress up as a charming banshee, like the spider spirit in ‘The Journey to the West’ which attracts people into the ‘Cave of the Silken Web’ by her beauty, or like Medusa in Greek mythology that can freeze a person at the very first sight, these are the examples that will meet the dress code of this ball. Your every single movement will make the vulnerable men fall completely under your spell.

Attention - the winners of Male Figure and Female Figure will be eligible to compete for the Sex Sirens Performance championship to win the final trophy.

Let’s see - who’s going to win the world, humans or banshees?

Dress Code: Crazy Rich Asians
We are inspired by the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”.
Please show us the most sensuous and luxurious lifestyle of rich Asians.
Just imagine; what kind of extravagant lifestyle can make you fit in such a feast with all the Asian Gods?

● Cameo Bella (House Of Bella)
● Mick Princess (House Of Princess)
● Yolanda Vase (House Of Vase)
●Akuma 007
●Lasseindra Juicy couture(House Of Juicy couture)

Venue: Tibetan Style Arts Space
No. 67-1, Weimin Street, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan

Date & Time: 08/06/19

Ticket: NTD$800 pp-