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22:00 Triangle 加入提醒

HSTL Summer II

A night of underground house to make you move and feel just right! This time around we've got those beats to move your feets with our Summer Edition of HSTL... 

Joining your crew that is Stark Raving for HSTL Summer II... We have Lucy Pova... Who has been making some serious moves as of late... And seriously been making people move!

So if that good underground house is your sound come on round and help us make this night oh so right!

►the Source:
HSTL (Hustle) is born out of Anti Hero and The Cook, The Thief’s desire to host a night showcasing their love for the many flavours of Underground House Music in Taiwan
何謂HSTL - 秉持著想要將各種基調不同的地下House 音樂融合成一個美麗夜晚獻給台灣的願望,由台北知名DJ好手 Anti Hero, The Cook 以及 The Thief 孕育而出的活動

Lucy Pova
DJ Anti Hero
The Cook, The Thief

☞NT$200 before 12 (includes one drink)
☞NT$300 after 12 (includes one drink)

☞Table for 6 People: NT$3000 
☞Table for 12 People: NT$5000 
Table includes 1 complimentary sparkling wine ! We offer bottle services, please contact 0933449874 for more