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22:00 Brickyard 紅磚地窖 加入提醒

Party Shots 顏攝趴

Let Danny Chu shot you in the face and get a Free Shooter!!!

台灣最強活動攝影師來了!經過一次疫情,宅在家裡太久的丹尼出來拍照了!出來給他拍幾張美美的照片吧!有免費的酒可以喝,還可以更新你的大頭照唷 ❤
Taiwan's favorite photographer's trigger finger is itching for action after several months of Covid related boredom. Help him get back in the swing of things and score a new profile picture while you're at it.

Sexy Music, Cold Drinks & Hot Booth Shots
05.30.2020 (六)
10pm - 3am
免費入場 Free Entry
訂位 0988728876 for Reservations