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15:00 Hanoi DocLab 加入提醒


Quang and Quý - "dating" with director Nông Nhật Quang

Queer Forever and Hanoi DocLab are pleased to invite you to our screening of LGBTQ themed films by filmmakers Nông Nhật Quang and Trương Minh Quý, followed by a discussion with Quang. The films were part of Queer Asia Vietnam project produced by Taiwan based in 2018.

Time: 15h Saturday, 2 Feb. 2019
Venue: DocLab, Lane 378, Alleyway 12, House No.11, Thuỵ Khuê, Hà Nội
(Direction: as we don't have parking space, please park your bike at the temple across Thuy Khue street from Lane 378, then take a walk into Lane 376 till you reach Lane 12 on the right, the House 11 will be the one in a corner with the DocLab sign — you can find the map to DocLab in the event's discussion tab)

Our Queer History
Director: Nông Nhật Quang

As Vietnam LGBTQ movement progresses and queer taboo gradually being abolished, modern queer culture is flourishing. However, the lack of education on queer visibility in history still disconnects the present from the past. Where were we in feudal time? Was there any LGBTQ figure in history? Before the term LGBTQ, what were we? To many, the way forward is to go back, and this film aims to find the answer to native queer identity by telling the story of the Vietnam Queer History. "Hanoi Queer" is a community organization working for creating a queer-friendly city, where queer people are respected true to who they are and have equal chances in economic, cultural and social life. Vietnam Queer History Month, a Hanoi Queer project, aims to raise awareness about queer visibility in Vietnam history.

Dating with Dan Ni
Director: Nông Nhật Quang

"Femme queen on the streets, dom top in the sheets"- Dan Ni's self-description on Facebook best captures how they behold and desires femininity. As a popular androgynous queer in the masculine-worshipping culture, they are the embodiment of two seemingly parallel traits. "Dating with Dan Ni" will delve into their personal life and view issues in Vietnamese modern gay culture from their perspective: issues such as online dating, open relationship, femininity, and above all, what they, this queen, are gonna wear today.

Mother's Hands
Director: Trương Minh Quý

Mrs.Thi is a 73-year-old traditional woman living in the countryside of North Vietnam. Recently, she broke her arm. Her life has gotten more and more difficult ever since. But the physical pain can never stop her from loving and caring for her gay son.

See you soon!

* In Vietnamese with English subtitles
* Free entry. The event is not for profit; any donations made will go toward running the educational programs at DocLab.




Không gian trao đổi tri thức, tình yêu queer và văn hoá Việt Nam.

Queer Forever! được thành lập năm 2013 trong liên hoan nghệ thuật queer Queer Forever! Festival, và là một chương trình của Nhà Sàn Collective. Các hoạt động của QF bao gồm chợ queer, hò hẹn, trò chuyện, chiếu phim, triển lãm, liên hoan phim thể nghiệm với sự hợp tác và giúp đỡ của bè bạn cá nhân, nhóm, tổ chức gần xa.