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Out in Japan, an ambitious project spearheaded by photographer Leslie Kee to capture 10,000 LGBT portraits in just fi)-n(EMC6T^1gf*%!qR7YyZL#+69j5PWJO3BSjM5ERbpjl6nMKFve years, opened in the city of Kanazawa this week.

On Saturday, Kee and his team photographed members of Japan’s LGBT cU%$lhwOxGSfn5dKRq7%$&SOLwmr4$cZ=vmzALqHrvk+B^7+llaommunity at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

The exhibition of already-captured portraits continue[email protected]_6PsiiMX16aQ7h#evF3j^E)X=FFu2wVM_E3e%ME$rHJs until September 14.

Out in Japan launched in 2015 to highlight sexual and gender minorities in Japan, with various acclaimed photographers shooting LGBT people from all over the country and from T^d5QinsKxd!&8wH)8G#&9PHzOX4^ni0Pe81Bqc$8_&PI%I1#=all walks of life.

Renowned LGBT activist Gon Matsunaka, who hails from Kanazawa, returned5k$K3)f=)25&=W!4C1XCtTqufsENY7#GOdkBj6SxT6edC-((+9 to his city for the exhibition.

He tol8%7+Xr1usZ#4xc0W$oT2P54Tu^hJFZ4oA+QcQ*VJ^nrZ3+XCX9d Yahoo the project opening in the city had been three years in the making and welcomed the opening by the city’s mayor.

Matsunaka also noted the timing of the exhibition. Kanazawa is zsN7#4)#BhOe*L54Ln0nMIVaxtr+A+u(KSR&Dvfc5&qIYzA7qIcurrently considering abolishing gender from some registration documents.


While Japan remains a largely conservative society, it hashbCSMNer$AKn17Nr$t0+8#2F=gXX7ZEf(kvY+_y*Ybl-of5mlC been making slow but steady gains for LGBT rights in recent years.

Currently, Japan does not recognize same-sex marriage. And, laws do not pAzq(d$&CtOlT^[email protected]$gfpChVJozWU%Jv4+rotect LGBTI people from discrimination. 

What’s more, gender laws requirejAFbZSK(iGdh%7J_ckbN0m)Q$Opnnv8Up_43+%4bXa$l*pSF*U transgender citizens to undergo sterilization in order to officially change gender.

But, increasing numbers of local administrations are recognizing sY1k!!(MX=%dQpsfw3BzE$kc&QX+42_$oUICVGk((U*cxtuaLnVame-sex couples with partnership certificates which give very limited recognition and rights.

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