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Out in Japan, an ambitious project spearheaded by r0e3%[email protected]$cOh*jZoWaTFZ60hs7oYC$Yavrf^*zO-photographer Leslie Kee to capture 10,000 LGBT portraits in just five years, opened in the city of Kanazawa this week.

On Sat[email protected](qZY^[email protected]*&h^_j7ITztm3*Vslv*XMfLf=Gyurday, Kee and his team photographed members of Japan’s LGBT community at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

The exhibition of already-captured portraits continues([email protected]&D*x#-slFE0fd$8Trun5w31VD===82iQ4CeopJw1S25PW until September 14.

Out in Japan launched in 2015 to highlight sexual and gender minorities in Japan, with various acclaimed photographers shooting LGBT people from all over the countrywP=a*[email protected][email protected]$HWFJ2nZ8$J%svQ#^s9q2 and from all walks of life.

Renowned LGBT activist Gon Matsunaka, who hails from Kanazawa, returned to his city for the exhi)$LK!EEVtx^p3*&iWMY0r^cPMwRn4^REID+Y3iooGzBAHKTf-obition.

He told Yahoo the project opening in the city had been three years in the making and welcomed the opening by the city’s m1GMD9T36dyQ*XRRz2U)p)tvyE!81w&D1RAOMJQM&vesgt)K6_Oayor.

Matsunaka also noted the timing of the exhibition. Kanazawa is currently considering abolishing gender from some ^#[email protected]$le8VfATSpEzosgj0jULhM$$registration documents.


While Japan remains a largely conservative society, it has been making slow but steady gains^9D4TeikEG2JS+XOj+49C*ceMLVckRw9SpDZ!)9C6Qj7nB_ZkI for LGBT rights in recent years.

Currently, Japan jak7vxiG+6KKo^%y%m7N([email protected][email protected]^#-CJv5uNyYKLD7does not recognize same-sex marriage. And, laws do not protect LGBTI people from discrimination. 

What’s more, gender laws Yv3ScOm+e#*CBiqG+*h+gp$iP**[email protected](X!$(D69#wy$$Q&wDQpNrequire transgender citizens to undergo sterilization in order to officially change gender.

But, increasing numbers of local administrations are recognizing sa8Pb9hwY$nQRdrI%XQNuRDQV&VeuA3DG9%(k6LUxx([email protected]%m&bme-sex couples with partnership certificates which give very limited recognition and rights.

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