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Drag Race superstars Aja and Kim Chi are coming to Taipei this month f[email protected]$2AQ*EdWg#[email protected]or an unforgettable pride party.

The pair will perform at the POSE party on 26 October, the night of the region’s lP&7Ql^A_K*vmHiTC([email protected]*^!=qdO)[email protected]==skargest pride parade.

POSE will transform the Riverside in Taipei’s gayborhood Ximen into an opulenuA0^M+%cQXPymB=#P%XeD83u&uQn3BUG&=gELsXhs2e2(&JPalt ballroom.

Aja, who rose to fame in season nine of RuP*JK4hwdnl_Dw4#wZEkKxM+6vYg1bfdsXB_e#&OKCa78R5Ebagmaul’s Drag Race, will perform her brand new track.

Kim Chi, a South Kore@AVa=O3CnnbUo4rr*jeN09Dp5xd*4Q=nNou0aXBL6-R2b$IkpQan-American drag queen who starred in season eight, last came to Taipei in March last year.

The superstar party starts at 10 and goes on until 4am with other performances and DJ sets from Victor Cheng, Odin.L, and Böbby LijTh35+6A!X([email protected](&Pk$Jr(Wzdr6&g8B5H0D1XeZjdrjA*un.

Organizers of Taiwan LGBT Pride 201[email protected]+f!uwm3P)XCxO)=^MT6k-TC+rn3xM+WUsJ87n-iz*Gl9 this week said they expect more than 200,000 people to attend this year’s parade.

For thefjV=Hc%4QN8mBNlE5Or+356XbUY)K5&fa7ZaJM4jbO&-l!5Byf first time, the march will start at Taipei City Hall and end at the Presidential Palace.

Out gay singer HUSH will be an ambassador for the pride and is scheduled t3fETSx#[email protected][email protected]o perform at Ketagalan Boulevard following the march.

This year’s pride will strike a more celebratory tone as the first since Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize sa@[email protected]$4tFo&a%$B7-HvvFnxjI5ag8XAW%1nTme-sex marriage.

Last year’s event was held as Taiwan faced a slew of contrXqCb4EI^1lW(fJ6#ZC^iF+AZjqf5TrJA9-*Lk_hz7%6K9D4obFoversial referendums on LGBT issues.

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