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Drag Race superstars Aja and Kim Chi are coming to Taipei this month for an unforgettable 4m40Px70Al^9Wa=+1$hXu6xFqd3oocCK(7H+3StlEDf1m^d^eCpride party.

The pair will perform at the POSE party on 26 October, the night of the region@^jmZj)oOrgg14XdJYqkPy#CGPs4kt)[email protected]@1my’s largest pride parade.

POSE wiDbnWl9owAMNi^EPhDy2EiW980tj^04hBcHtKR+4QH2C#fbICwHll transform the Riverside in Taipei’s gayborhood Ximen into an opulent ballroom.

Aja, who rose to fame in season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race, will perform her brand niRs^S$l+^OajAwF1UFMXTk!lJqKqV95O6YqM&wp8+jLcy7+03^ew track.

Kim Chi, a South Korean-American drag queen who starred in season eight, la@[email protected]^K1yPM)[email protected]&hxxsg9&+pMTgg8-#4tRB0st came to Taipei in March last year.

ThU_Z#MSk-pztXA&zm6dv(cjWMfzuHWlQy%j*Cn5Z6*Nxgv6^bNXe superstar party starts at 10 and goes on until 4am with other performances and DJ sets from Victor Cheng, Odin.L, and Böbby Lin.

Organ[email protected]%KLA8AxE-rANt=*lEJwlPCVI6ptWTxxWizers of Taiwan LGBT Pride 2019 this week said they expect more than 200,000 people to attend this year’s parade.

For the first time, the march will start at TaipexlufnrzRUoabP^tJqhB_v5(nV83aHEFbcHf!LkVExjSzyxco-8i City Hall and end at the Presidential Palace.

Out gay singer HUSH will be an ambassador for the p[email protected]%UWvsCk$b4pxsBGkb7ITRUMTG69T-GNZDr6lunGtGride and is scheduled to perform at Ketagalan Boulevard following the march.

This year’s pride will strike a more celebra9J+uRNonVClR&62jrt^mghYm^[email protected]^aIs-pBI*HAY50%rA3R1tory tone as the first since Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

Last year’s event was held as Taiwan fuIb)XFLGm05^xnmF7Dr^nQ#)2WwRVEyK9XFfjb+M(@-p-Hh5WZaced a slew of controversial referendums on LGBT issues.

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