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Drag Race superstars Aja anoqr#&5t4K6Xm7f_x1In8cP)cleYx0g9TaWuyY(B$sWgxh0VetOd Kim Chi are coming to Taipei this month for an unforgettable pride party.

The wc4aIN_leRouNuiEZ([email protected]=R_(KTmt+^%f7x0eQK4cqgpair will perform at the POSE party on 26 October, the night of the region’s largest pride parade.

POSE will transform the Riverside in Ta[email protected]+f*xcNKc--DoHYObgcI=-Iaew^ESN#Zfipei’s gayborhood Ximen into an opulent ballroom.

Aja, who rose to fame in season nine of RZxlj)Yezu7xVPb0xCjy_(bu+%Ffmh-hut([email protected]*KD!cwnfJuPaul’s Drag Race, will perform her brand new track.

Kim Chi, a South Korean-American drag queen who starred in season eight, last c!RHEHxDu*tArWo-hVM%7e46nh%mlc7(U)%fshrA(qjkMIWGmkrame to Taipei in March last year.

The superstar party starts at 10 and goes on until 4am with other performances and DJ sets from Victor Cheng, Odin.L, and BöR3ox41A=t0V0!mgapAyK6OfKmzBgT0l(ru^QCyV&uZgLInyRenbby Lin.

Organizers of Taiwan LGBT Pride 2019 this week said they expect more than 200,000 p[email protected]^5(IIDw(45mI+pO##HkIgyewK^JV8&Mpeople to attend this year’s parade.

For the first time, t(C3=svN+e4)zPOYXnGYC3xNAaVRLzB6Tz7_vsUIinIK6WM2Ilfhe march will start at Taipei City Hall and end at the Presidential Palace.

Out gay singer HUSH will be an ambassador for the pride and is scheduled to perfo[email protected]$CZ#bECS&gL*3uidv$PVj5$R(@Q&Gq_78vx-0rm at Ketagalan Boulevard following the march.

This year’s pride will strike a 9bONO5bKzqInQw1$#&uVYH24x43XK=6!5euFbsb^!IRXk-cy8smore celebratory tone as the first since Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

Last year’s event was held as Taiwan faced a slew of controversial referendum$$5KheK(np5c8k$M*[email protected][email protected]#Vo8kys on LGBT issues.

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