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Do you think I am having ideas about other people’s boyfriends when you see the title? Admit it, doesn’t it make your heart ache when you see how sweet couples behave on YouTube? We have listened to your prayers and selected seven YouTubers’ boyfriend. Do not worry, we are going to be very respectful. (wink)


WaWaKu calls her boyfriend “the cat behind the scenes”. We love his puppy eyes and deep voice.  

This couple is so cute! WaWaKu made a video about the time his boyfriend declared to her: as a professional YouTuber, she was commenting on a restaurant's ramen. After her boyfriend finished his soup, he started staring at WaWaKu, he held her hands and kissed her.  

His boyfriend is defintely husband material. He asked WaWaKu what kind of cake flavor she likes and made a cake for her. Is this boyfriend for rent by any chance? 

2. Agnes Wu and Leon

Agnes Wu is a fashion and travel YouTuber and blogger. Her boyfriend is a cute guy with a dimple on his cheek. 

When Leon asked Agnes what is the most romantic thing Leon has ever done. Agnes said, “there was one time I was craving for egg tart. Then, Leon brought home a box of them after working out.” Leon goes to the gym! Well, Leon, you need to show us the proof. (wink) 


Leon sounds super cute when he talks. Although sometimes they would bicker at each other, he is always a good listener. Where do you find such a classy boyfriend like this? 

3.  iamPhoebeLiu — Jacob

Phoebe and Jacob are a perfect match for each other. Jacob has a tan skin and sunshine smile. 

Jacob’s deep voice, strong shoulders, and white teeth are so attractive. He said that he is the one that apologizes most of the time. “Apologizing is not admitting you are wrong, but cherishing the relationship.”, he added.  

I am sure you have been shopping with your girlfriends. Let’s see how Jacob’s taste is. 

4. Mizzie and Ryan

This Malaysian couple is super lovable. Unlike others, they are running the channel together. Ryan has defined facial features and a slim body. When he was speaking Korean, it seemed pretty authentic for a second.  

5. Yan-ting Chen and Giant 

There is a reason why Yan-ting Chen’s boyfriend is called Giant. Watch the video and you will find out. 

Giant is 40cm taller than his girlfriend. There is even a part where Giant is carrying Yan-ting Chen on his shoulder. 

Wearing overalls is what Giant cannot understand about his girlfriend. Even his exaggerated facial expressions and voice are attractive. 

6. Xixi Jan and Gitwae

Xixi Jan is a Chinese Yotubuer with a sexy macho boyfriend wearing glasses. (I am sure a lot of you are reacting to that..)

Gitwae went to the drug store with her and picked up cosmetics. He did a makeup challenge with her girlfriend. Have to say, Gitwae’s technique is not too horrible for a straight man. 

7. Yifan Chen - Jacky

Jacky moved to Canada at a young age. He has such a cute accent in Mandarin. Yifan and Jacky went to Japan and shoot a video about local food and snacks. 

Jacky is also following the “my boyfriend does my makeup challenge” trend. There is still a lot to work on for Jacky’s makeup technique, but it is the intention that matters.

Author: Salim

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