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Midsummer 2019, Singaporean rapper The G3sha came out to the world with his song “I'm OK. His first experience of gay intimacy happened when he was 12, which inflicted on him a deep sense of guilt and self-doubt. After years of struggling, he finally came to face his true self at the age of 27.

For the 2020 gay pride month, The G3sha, who is currently in Hong Kong, has just released his brand new single “Be Safe”, in which he hopes to convey the nuances of gay sexuality through his rebel-rapping and bohemian attitude, while also serving as a sex education crash-course for those who are still learning the ropes or gay love & sex.

Taken at the Taipei Toy Festival 2018 in Huashan 1914 creative park
(Image/The G3sha)

Q: How old were you when you heard rap for the first time? What made you want to get involved with it?​

A: It was the year 2000 when me and my friends slipped into a bar in Singapore Boat Quay, where I heard hip hop for the first time and instantly immersed myself in it. Then in 2005, I participated in a freestyle rap competition called “illest on da mic”. It was a six-month event held at a club called Phuture | ZOUK on Jiak Kim Street. After that, I started writing and recording music and performed some of them. In 2009, I released an EP “Cemented Origins” by the name of MC Su, which got not bad ratings at Radio Singapore. 🎤

Q: Is there any special stories behind “Be safe" ?​

A: The chorus of “Be Safe” stresses some familiar expressions: S.U.V. = Huge, Gorgeous, Masculine; S.T.D. = Pain, Melancholy, Awkwardness; PrEP= As long as you take PrEP, you can go unprotected. These interpretations of those acronyms are my understanding of some common conceptions and misconceptions. Based on my observations and some first-hand information, many are being forced to do things outside of their comfort zone when instigated by their peers. Protected sex is incredibly important. One night’s pleasure or a bad choice can easily lead to a lifetime of pain and misery, especially nowadays when recreational sex is everywhere.


S.U.V = Sport Utility Vehicle; A metapho^iZ6gU%[email protected]=eZ0=BfxaSr that gay men are living in society’s stereotypical expectancy of “Masculinity” and “Manliness”.

S.T.D = Sexually Transmitted Disease; The lyrics refer to the negative emotions of the confirmed cases of S.T.D

PrEP = Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis; Even though PrEP medication has been proved effective in decreasing the risks of HIV, it is not an excuse for unprotected sex, and cannot replace condoms.

The G3sha Participating Pride Parade HongKong 2019 
(Image/The G3sha)

Q: What made you come out when you were 27?​

A: I knew I was gay since I was 12. But I was always suppressing my emotions and desires until when I became 27 and finally struck a balance with my true self. Suppression caused a lot of trouble in my life. For a long time I always felt very down and hated myself. I even attempted suicide. Around 2010, I couldn’t bear living inside myself anymore. I had no gay friends, I felt like I was excluded by the world, and I drank a lot. I tried to kill myself because I thought being gay was a sickness.

Q: What sort of changes did coming out have on your rap career?​

A: I definitely gained more confidence. My appearance changed, and my attitude became more positive. I had nothing to hide. As they say, I discovered a whole new world. 🤩

Birthday party in Gay bar “Vibranium” in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(Image/The G3sha)

Q: Does being gay help or hinder your music career?

A: There are still of course a lot of stigmas out there against LGBTQIA+, but there are more and more people with growing acceptance. Music has powers that transcend cultural barriers, and I believe most people have no trouble dancing along with foreign music. Gay people are also more accepting of my music and performances.

Q: We heard that you came to Taiwan’s Pride Parade, how was it?​

A: It was awesome! The atmosphere was great and it was really inspiring! I was thrilled to attend the event and very happy to meet both old and new friends. Last year’s parade was particularly significant for it was when Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage. My dream is to perform my music in the Taiwan Pride Parade. When it comes to LGBTQIA+ social and fundamental issues, Taiwan is certainly an outstanding exemplar for other Asian countries to follow.

At the famous rainbow crossing in Ximen, Taipei
(Image/The G3sha)

Q: Have you been to any interesting gay hotspots in Taiwan?​

A: I’ve been to Taiwan 6 or 7 times, but I’ve stayed only in Taipei. After the pandemic, I hope to go to other places in Taiwan. I’ve been to The Ximen Red House, G*star, Fairy Taipei, and a gay party in the parade. Last year I went to the MEGA Taipei Pride, where one of the DJ’s played my music! I’m lookinf forward to perform on stage with them in the future.

Q: What do you think about Taiwanese gay men?​

A: They are sincere, friendly, and kind. I’ve met many Taiwanese boys and have become good friends with them. Many of them have nice bodies, too. 😀

Taken in Singapore 
(Image/The G3sha)

Q: Should gay men want to visit Singapore, can you recommend any gay-friendly attractions?​

A: Haha. There are quite a few gay bars in Neil Road, Tanjong Pagar, and nightclubs such as Taboo and Tantric.

Q: Have you any other plans for music or other things? Would it be gay-related?​

A: Me and my friend Adam Wang @papa.dem designed the artwork for “Be Safe”, and had been giving out stickers, promoting the idea of “Be Safe”. And yes, it’s gay-related. But I can’t disclose further details yet at this time. You’ll know soon enough! 🥰 🌈

“ Be Safe” lyrics video

A wise rapper once said, “Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex”. (Lil Wayne). Plenty of gay sex tips can be found in The G3sha’s songs. When it comes to gay lust, the plot “thickens”. What do you want from a one-night-stand? Are you monogamy? …Do whatever you want, but remember, Be Safe!

If you like The G3shACiRmqnuN0$nL9-J_NI$V%fwuiBS2T8C5UXF^hjMD7^vP*o2Zza’s music, don’t forget to follow him up!

● SoundCloud《Be Safe》​​
● 2019 PEI PA KOA 枇杷膏》​​
《Scenery Outside the Train》​​

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