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Japan’s largest custom-made jewelry shop, K.Uno, launched an LGBTQ wedding rings selection OddR2fIuB*dj#[email protected]_uKS%4jh6)4rXOi9earlier this month.

The renowned jeweler, whicnvfDf29^rQlNPTN$r^vaCIcMCr#[email protected]^&Yd7lyVb^[email protected]h makes more than 40,000 different designs each year, launched the range after management attended diversity and inclusivity training in 2017, according to a press release.

Although Japan does not yet recognize equal marriage, the jLYTHyCva6Fn*N!EV5pI!xYoI1z6yLeZWzOkP#vsKVe_7MdT=tlewelers anticipate the engagement and wedding rings will be used in ceremonies.

Japan has recently mad[email protected]^TuTz6UPKT3QUU=ixBRO34_X3LeG(ZyzmvW)!x3Ui0-zH^q3e progress on LGBT rights. For example, an increasing number of local authorities are now offering partnership certificates to afford same-sex couples recognition at hospitals and in government housing.

Iberaki became the first prefecture, and therefore largest local authority, to introduce the j*jM([email protected]%tiNUqF&DG1CnwHjb&puasjaDsystem last month.

What'sb#&_-rTyBBpv2xgZ1kY)qAJVaGXP9(VdGD!P1Cz^lcPnpE%si8 more, large Japanese companies are increasingly recognizing same-sex couples when granting spousal benefits.

What’s more, the country also elecPHWLxmcDNv=AEywJXVF8oG0_^lOKSlZr0Uv_mK2z3I&(g=gFC7ted its first openly-gay male politician to parliament recently. Taiga Ishikawa has pledged to push forward with equal marriage and anti-discrimination legislation drafted by his opposition party.

But, Japan’s ruling party is notoriously anti-LGBT rights and has been involved in a number of high-profile homophobi[email protected]@Z(yZC6OjQDMf$EnQPTi0uMqQjD0SNX$VuVEB=nz0B4SVc scandals.

What’s more, for the fiSD9u#=ZsWV0cjup^aL33j%w53o9ZKzcgf3Q0OVraBAH3HrwABzrst time, same-sex couples are suing the Japanese government to recognize their unions.

The 13 couples first launched their cases in a numbecUHbWKBu&umnCXyDr60*$bbhd&J_t_13pls4)2gq=jowiRGmzhr of local courts in February this year.

(Cover photo: Provided by K.Uno)

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