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Japan’s largest custom-made jewelry shop, K.Uno, launched an LGBTQ wetcRT^o8(G-=#8HS9$R+Q#3SxR#([email protected]=0EXFc86(Ii%e)vdding rings selection earlier this month.

The renowned jeweler, which makes more than 40,000 different designs each year, launched the range after management attended di9^du!xupJ#p1OEV^JewKUpWCChOC2EpGjm^t$^76n^avRSEs8#versity and inclusivity training in 2017, according to a press release.

Although Japan does not yet recognize equal marriablyjnjG0fZk$#KU!(j8sdxTG5_89qQRSA8iNpLy6fPz8HSZ4aCge, the jewelers anticipate the engagement and wedding rings will be used in ceremonies.

Japan has recently made progress on LGBT rights. For example, an increasing number of local authorities are now offering partnership certificates to afford same-sex couples recognition at hospitals and in governmen)CB*UHlEu60S(vmMo%Ot^[email protected]&^972pct housing.

Iberaki became the first prefecture, and therefore largest local autm0aNDDHh!D0du91j1zP%[email protected]*&fo9gaomh&Cq#$UVCRm#ifmhority, to introduce the system last month.

What's more, large Japanese companies are increasingly recUtM4IwEwibAg#n1KxJU(G1Wqv*embtkWvzV7Ug+MqDR=$RxeUAognizing same-sex couples when granting spousal benefits.

What’s more, the country also elected its first opeh#ehnY4unFmxPTPe3SbhZ(ocx#n06FK6GBL9Ia(#E3Q!u=2aG(nly-gay male politician to parliament recently. Taiga Ishikawa has pledged to push forward with equal marriage and anti-discrimination legislation drafted by his opposition party.

But, Japan’s ruling party is notoriously anti-LGBT rights and has been involved in a numbMP417J+L^yc4YfQj66331u(m#[email protected]^[email protected]@qo(J0ver of high-profile homophobic scandals.

WhyGP_ZIM(%fYVWa&_SL_SSgdytvnh*P30)r=tE%Ue%K0y4!RB_0at’s more, for the first time, same-sex couples are suing the Japanese government to recognize their unions.

The 13 couples first launched their cases in a number of local courtb&#$VV#3V2-Rh4k^EEH&)3_7OC-33nhMklyUxnjF(Cx-IdthjDs in February this year.

(Cover photo: Provided by K.Uno)

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