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Have you ever heard of or tried to understand Pink Film? Pink films are films that deal with sexual, adult content, but compared to the typical adult film, a Pink film features much tenderer or much more artistic expressions. Sometimes, because of this much liberal form of storytelling, the outcomes of the films might be even more interesting at times, leaving more room for the audience’s imaginations to fill in. As an LGBTQ+ content-leading streaming platform, GagaOOLala has collected countless stories like this for you. Today, I am here to introduce the latest Pink film from Japan called Macho Caponata!

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Macho Caponata is about a man named Takeshi, who runs a well-known Italian restaurant on the nearby harbor. Takeshi’s sister got unexpectedly pregnant with Takeshi’s ex-boyfriend, Kazuyoshi’s brother, and the two have no other option but to get married as soon as possible. It has been almost 7 years since Kazuyoshi left for Italy, an instant and intense affection appears not so long after their reunion. On the other hand, a bulk man named Akira shows up out of nowhere and complicates Takeshi and Kazuyoshi's relationship.


The actor who played Akira in Macho Caponata is called Takenori Goto, who is highly recognized for his role in the popular Netflix series The Naked Director. Currently 28 years old, Takenori Goto was born in Tokyo, Japan, and quit his study as a drama major at Meiji University. After leaving school, he spent no time and jumped into the performing industry. You can see him in numerous stage plays or famous works like Junan, Himeanole, Shinbshi Tantei Monogatari, I’ll Do Better Next Life, etc. 


Despite being a prolific actor as he is, Takenori Goto is still being taken for granted by the audience for his outstanding appearances and well-built body! 6 feet tall, with distinct facial features, a well-trimmed beard with an amazing body, it is no exaggeration to say that Takenori Goto is one of the most wanted men in the entertainment industry. Now, he liberates himself off completely in Macho Caponata, and even performs overwhelming sex on the beach!!! 


How can you miss this kind of supreme male Goddess? If you like Takenori Goto’s bold performances and his excellent body, make sure to check out the premiere of Macho Caponata on 1/19 on GagaOOLala! 


Watch Macho Caponata now on GagaOOLal

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