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More than half09U8SEXd+&T8Z=ZBa=TWYMRq^b*aS6LoQhwJM#[email protected]%N a million people have now watched the stirring music video for Who am I sung by Afalean Lu.

The lyrics, written by Kevin Wang, rechNKXA6PJjaBFGQXb%c2FS%_Gq-Vb-bHdgmUMq(j6*H8cytXmEdall the struggle of accepting oneself and coming out to loved ones.

It has resonated with the LGBT community in Taiwan as it takLTCD1Z95W9LFI7Thf8N&)7H+^exy%[email protected]*jaFd&es stock after finally being granted the right to marry earlier this year.

“‘Who am I?’ Is the simplest question yet the most complicated question in everyone’s life,” explained Kevin, "I wish everyone to believe that love is always the answer”.

Wang spent his own money on producing the tune and is donating the profits to an LGBT charity. It is the first time he has produced a song and is a dream come true[email protected]@jb1QHK(u9bFtGhXqM%E$=s+o#R+B(ShXovB(H for him.

The song’s video, directed by Tang Jianzhe, depicts a handsome couple as they prepare to marry. One of the pair struggles with public intimacy and has to pluck up the courage to hand his parents the big red envelope inviting them to[email protected]([email protected]*[email protected]#c-ZxuA1Qs his upcoming wedding. 

Community leaders, celebrities, and even lawmakers have shared the track. Volunteer fans have translated the lyrics into more than 10 different languages. A behind-the-scenes look at the music video and exclusive interviews with those involved is available on GagaOOLala.

Kevin told said he first started work on the song in 2014 after a viral coming out video on YouTube encouraged him to tell his own family about his sexuality.

Kevin finally married his boyfriend of 16 years in July this year, with his 89dwCJWgLRk6JXmFNLmyK&N=-NarOy_l0OZTRw%Q-&lOVuYkH4parents' blessing. 

He said he had initially wanted to work with Lu back in 2014 when he wrote the song, bulxb0$vU#[email protected]#[email protected]@0zHPU%vfr-LT_t Lu was too busy.

"Somehow I just felt like this singe*H+Y2TlIR(y-bs8ciksX8APPO7&oU()[email protected]&Kp3f*sLnrr has the perfect voice for my song who can tell my story”. Kevin persisted and in 2019, Lu finally agreed.

Kevin explained that he’d heard so many sad stories about people coming imvJ68K!tBxvE5$99D80fDmL%Mvl&OFHk^&tysf3nWhx3823Isout in music videos, but also wanted more positive stories to be heard.

" I really want to share with people that there a6$p3vIkdnhFJlibkF&FHsE9=_tn2ZlsDA)WxAiYukIu-WgdB((re actually true stories with happy ending out there”. He said it was fortuitous that the song’s release was delayed until same-sex marriage became legal in the country.

"This song is somewhat unique in a way, becauu=_MYUhYkXUv70O^QWn=ZRY9y)[email protected]_vs6VHvmobP3MpYse it tells a story in a new era when same-sex marriage is legalized in Taiwan” he said.

Director Tang, meanwhiFEi*tARFm#CVj*YZIkCQWC2#M5-KJhEp1gUNVn63u85Rp%q)E!le, said he wanted to explore the fact that even though same-sex marriage is legal, LGBT people are not necessarily equal in society.

"When the law is greater than thB$Fw7GcWtFRv=txo5)zHFtB$91iuq69XlLHGQnXV(!+QvfWg0ae understanding of the social consensus, there will be a period of tearing and pain, and it will start to divide you” he explained.

The two leads roles were played by straight acUp6nMCGUstIa-oH=ZwUn2fL)3!&op5TwM4AOgv^qn-q%Bf2E#ctors Roger Lin and Junhao Hu.

Lin took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the filming. "In fact, this song also speaks out everyone's inner voice,TGRCo72+ml5^pl_Lkv#oK%17O6X!8FshYdf#KGHG2ayZi6cyO$" he wrote. "This is not only the voice from gay community, but also the vicious circle that everyone tends to compare with each other."

Many people, at hom)#(y4#^Ds!D!a_R6Y2T7dOJ*e6wi+N9H0gl=u50ToRnJ*RUihbe and abroad, posted their own experiences of coming out and the YouTube video. Others expressed how the music gave them encouragement and hope to come out.

“I’m crying as I watch this” one user wrote. “I had the same experiences with myg+*fdO+gMkb21mCrk=WWGvkwFWvVf(b#fGJH-Q&1T+hAgAx4%R Mum”.

From acclaimed Filipino director Adolfo Alix Jr. comes the first series about gay relationships during quarantine times. An anthology series that explores our need to connect during the worst of times.

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