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Here are 8 anchormen that gay men are obsessed with. It does not matter if you are on the couch watching TV, or at the restaurant slurping noodles while staring at the little screen, these anchormen and reporters are going to steal your attention. Your heart will start to race and palms to sweat. This is when you realize you have met the anchormen of your life. We have selected 8 anchormen and reporters from all sort of fields. We are sure that at least one, if not more, is going to be your prince anchor.  

1.  Wang bo-lin

Source: key-stone

He has stands out in a crowd due to his 180cm of height. He is now the anchorman at FOX Sports and has worked in TBVS. 

Source: Facebook 

Wang bo-lin is charming and talented. He has a master degree from The Paul Merage School of Business. 

2. Lin gen-xian

Source: TVBS

You cannot skip Lin gen-xian when it comes to handsome reporters. 

Source: Facebook 

His thick eyebrows and dreamy eyes are the perfect match. He looks both charming and rough, a perfect balance.

Source: Facebook

3. Zheng yin-xiang

Source: Instagram

Zheng yin-xiang is known as the boy-next-door. He graduated from Journalism in Chinese Culture University. He previously was a weather reporter and now is a reporter at TVBS. 

Source: Facebook 

He has also been on talk shows, as a host and as a guest!

4. Xue wen-hao

Source: SET News

Xue wen-hao graduated from Chinese Culture University and is now the reporter at SET News. 

Source: Facebook 

5. Gao jia-fu

Source: YouTube

Gao jia-fu works at CTi News. He is many gay guys’ obsession. The humble daddy type is sure to make you feel secure.  


6. Xu fu

Source: YouTube

Xu fu is now the anchorman at CTi News. He graduated from the Journalism Department at National Chengchi University. 

Source: Facebook 

We want to go to the mountain with him! 

7. Guo dai-xuan

Source: Facebook 

Guo dai-xuan also graduated from the Journalism Department at National Chengchi University. He also was an exchange student in Hong Kong. His smile is a killer! 

Source: Facebook 

Who is excited about his smile? 

Source: YouTube

8. Ethan Liu

Source: Facebook

Ethan Liu is now 36 years old so you can call him a mature boy. He grew up abroad and, later, he came back to Taiwan and graduated from National Sun Yat-sen University. He also has a master degree from the Translation Department at National Taiwan Normal University. He is fluent in both Chinese and English. He is now the Macroview TV anchorman. 

Source: Macroview TV

This well educated Mr. Charm has also been a cram school teacher. Underneath all the knowledge he also has some muscles! 

Are these anchormen and reporters making you more excited to turn on the TV next time? Please, make sure to share with us other hot anchormen and reporters that you know! Sharing is caring.

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