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During winter nights, you probably need a drink to help you swallow down nostalgia. But later on, it will overwhelm you like a bad hangover. You probably feel lonely in the dark, and all you need is someone’s comfort… Retake (2016) featuring stunning landscapes and the heart-melting interaction between two leading actors will heal your sadness. This enchanting road movie records the journey of a middle-aged man and a young hustler in their way to Grand Canyon, which will change both their lives forever.

- What's wrong?

- Thought I might keep you around for a while.

- Definitely more than blow jobs and ass play, that's like taking and shit, personal stuff.

- I'll double your nightly rate, give you 500 extra at the end.

Under Jonathan’s exterior charm, there is an endless sadness. He still cannot get rid of the pain after breaking up with his ex-boyfriend Brandon. Hoping to relive the road trip he took with Brandon ten years ago, Jonathan pays a hustler he meets to join the trip. They drive to Colorado, to the Grand Canyon, while the hustler abides by all the rules Jonathan sets.

Tuc Watkins / Source: ausCAPS

Tuc Watkins / Source: ausCAPS

Tuc Watkins / Source: ausCAPS

Tuc Watkins, the actor behind Jonathan, played a gay character before in the famous TV series Desperate Housewives (2004-2012). Devon Graye’s most noticed work is playing a young Dexter Morgan in TV series Dexter (2005-2013). In this film, he plays a hustler, Adam, who later falls in love with Jonathan.

Devon Graye / Source: ausCAPS

Devon Graye / Source: ausCAPS

What is yout plan for the next few days?

Jonathan meets Adam on the streets of San Francisco. He renames him Brandon, and replays the road trip he and his ex took in 2005. Adam pretends to be Brandon, while Jonathan takes a series of bizarre photos of him. Adam can only put on Brandon’s clothes, wear his perfume, and he is not allowed to ask about Jonathan’s past. He has several rules to abide by. In the end, Adam exposes Jonathan’s plan and asks him to be honest.

Adam is not shallow, or some sex worker without morality. He is a sensitive guy who knows how to amuse his companion. His complex past is a secret gift to audience by director Nick Corporon. Tuc Watkins plays Jonathan flawlessly, a heartbroken man that becomes obsessed with his past. Devon Graye is charming, brave and sexy. The ending of Retake does not fall into clichés, and unravels into something completely unexpected. The end of the road trip is not another over-the-top crazy romance. Instead, it will make you feel the nostalgia of a middle-aged man’s sad past.

Like in many love stories, Adam and Jonathan are close but, eventually, they will have to part ways. Watch Retake now on GagaOOLala!

Author: Salim

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