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Asia's first LGBTQ+ themed metaverse game experience, PANtopia, is now available for all users on The Sandbox metaverse for free. Users only need a computer to play for free. Additionally, players can enjoy discounts and gifts from physical stores, brands, bars, and restaurants by simply showing in-game screenshots. PANtopia received strong support from international brands, non-profit organizations, bars, and social media influencers upon its launch.

(Image Credit: ​PANGU by Kenal)

PANtopia is the second original IP by PANGU created by Kenal. In the design of every game level, we have a specific message to convey, aiming to promote a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ diversity. Upon entering the game, players are guided to light up hope. The main quests correspond to the six colors of the rainbow flag, with themes revolving around confidence, freedom, future, support, memories, and unity. These quests include transforming stereotypical impressions associated with toys and emphasizing the importance of family support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Players collect fragments along the way, following the world's cues, learning about the life stories of different characters, and deciding to help them fulfill their unique wishes.

The name PANtopia combines PAN, meaning 'inclusive,' and Utopia, symbolizing an ideal place. Our goal is to create a diverse utopian realm where everyone can choose their truest identity and proudly express their most authentic emotions.

(Image Credit: ​PANGU by Kenal)

(Image Credit: ​PANGU by Kenal)

(Image Credit: ​PANGU by Kenal)

Differing from most previous metaverses that primarily focus on exploration, PANGU, through The Sandbox, combines gaming design with LGBTQ+ rights to present same-sex rights in a fresh way. PANtopia kicked off in Taiwan, the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in Asia, and with 6 months of dedication, it achieved collaboration with multiple LGBTQ+ NGOs and received a collective response from international brands like Durex and Unilever.

PANtopU%(61XdREa_R@qxUs-NBe9SrEoTMGjLp751S8q9Zox6bDU$*lJia is not only a pioneering metaverse application but also a successful demonstration of how the virtual world can contribute to promoting gender awareness. It connects local LGBTQ-friendly businesses, brands, advocacy groups, and gamers.

(Image Credit: ​PANGU by Kenal)

(Image Credit: ​PANGU by Kenal)

(Image Credit: ​PANGU by Kenal)

Starting now, players can enjoy discounts and gifts from physical stores, brands, bars, 1c#$bNPW&nVIYP#5zNc98)XJ2-xQ!q&5LOfDD@@Tz0EY^miZVJand restaurants by simply showing in-game screenshots. Through the decentralized and anonymous features of the metaverse, it can assist some players in feeling more comfortable with their identity in the virtual space and interact with others who share similar interests.

(Image Credit: ​PANGU by Kenal)

Visit the virtual store of the following bars on PANtopia and redeem the offers below, available from October 11th to November 11th, 2023.  

  • Abrazo Bistro - Take a screenshot of Abrazo's virtual store in PANtopia and show it to the store on weekdays (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). On non-holidays, buy one drink below 500 New Taiwan dollar (inclusive) and get one free.

  • Taboo - Take a screenshot of Taboo's virtual store in PANtopia and show it to the store. You can visit on any weekdays or holidays. Redeem a shot once at Taboo.

  • Wonderbar - Take a screenshot of Wonderbar's virtual store in PANtopia and show it to the store. You can visit on any day, not limited to weekdays. Redeem a shot once at Wonderbar.

  • Taihu Brewing - Take a screenshot of the Taihu Craft Beer bottle in PANtopia and show it to the store. Redeem craft beer at store and enjoy a buy one get one free offer (limited to 300 pax). (Branches: Daan, Landmark, Dongmen, Driftwood, Taichung)


(Image Credit: ​PANGU by Kenal)

  • Claim your PANtopia X Durex gift pack (limited to 50 pax) by showing the screenshots of PANGU Discord for verification at the game booth at Taiwan Pride 2023 on October 28th.
  • On the day of the Taiwan Pride 2023, October 28th, tag #ProudTogether on Instagram. We will follow up with the hashtag afterwards to select winners who will receive PANtopia Pass and Durex co-branded gift packs (limited to 50 pax).

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I enter PANtopia to play? 

You can follow this article to complete your registration on The Sandbox, then go to the event page and click to play for free. Don't forget to take screenshots of the bars you visit to exchange for physical discounts!

2. Do I need to register a virtual wallet or go through real-name verification? 

If you're only interested in joining the game experience, taking screenshots for discounts, or just exploring, you only need to complete The Sandbox registration. If you're interested in other game experiences and NFT rewards in The Sandbox, that's when you would need to go through KYC (Know Your Customer) real-name verification and set up or link a virtual wallet.

3. What kind of device do I need to access PANtopia? 

You only need a Windows or Mac computer; there's no need for any VR headsets to play. Please note that mobile devices (phones and tablets) are not supported at the moment.


Source:​PANGU by Kenal

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