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In March 2019, the international non-profit organization Men Having Babies (MHB) held "Parenting Options for Asian Gay Men Conference" in Taipei, introduced all kinds of information about surrogacy service to audience from different Asian countries. On Oct 2nd, 3rd, 2020, Men Having Babies are revisiting Taipei and starting second "Parenting Options for Asian Gay Men Conference", the registration is open now. If you want to learn more about gay parents' surrogacy journey, here's the introdction about Men Having Babies.

Men Having Babies offers workshops and seminars / (Source: MHB) 

Men Having Babies, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was spun off in July 2012 from a program that ran at the NYC LGBT Center since 2005. It started as a peer support network for biological gay fathers and fathers-to-be, offering monthly workshops andPj)6ziGM-(4+NKst6$JYI^47Q4dXiWUROUlx*[email protected] an annual seminar. Over time, elaborate online resources were developed, the group teamed up with LGBT family associations to develop similar programs in Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Brussels, more than 11,000 people that are part of MHB's network.

Men Having Babies's mission includes:

1. T@^q7b0WvyQ+StJ+vgDPNbKqX!OEyfdZ8j4VCmC6^H0^tr9^r=ghe provision of educational and practical information to assist gay prospective parents achieve biological parenting.

2. Promoting the affordability of surrogacy reKG)6*[email protected]=PCYFUPfnrC6LKg5gM3k1U*X93JhXo*vdFm=efu&lated services for gay men through financial assistance and the encouragement of transparency and customer feedback.

3. Promoting surrogacy practices that minimize the ri$+ieWbhl3hJI9=&n97uV$6eNRXz7xzsyH(Aghk=Q8LXbnP^eImsks and maximize the potential short and long-term benefits to all involved.

4. Raising awareness about the potential benefits and meIkrxJiId8FOc))L3415p*-BuA81Ew3!2b&r5kAvMeXyvtiw-6oaningful relationships surrogacy arrangements can bring about.

Men Having Babies seminar / (Source: MHB)

Asides from that, Men Having Babies also works on other projects, helpin[email protected])VURAtRPK3=aOqc*=%J7-$I2YQSM+*O+cvljl_wCg gay fathers-to-be from all over the world.

1. The Gay Parenting Assistance Program, GPAP

The Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) was created as part of MHB mission to make surrogacy 
services more affordable for gay men. GPAP annually provides dozens of couples with access to substantial discounts and about $1,000,000 in cash grants and free services from more than eighty leading service providers. Funds for this program come from event sponsorship fees and direct donations. Applications for discounts (Stage I) are accepted on a rolling basis, and candidates for grants (Stage II) are evaluated annually, that typically includes free services and grants at the value of around $80,000.

In MHB's 6th year, the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) continues to grow. In 2018 over 275 Stage I certificates were awarded, a number that has already been surpassed for 2019 as of September. Applicants come from over 30 states and 22 countries (compared to only 14 countries last year). The Stage II program awarded 22 couples with pro-bono services in 2019 – growing the program to 55 Stage IIrecipients in the surrogacy process. Stage II has allocated over $500,000 in grant funding since 2016. It has also given $149,000 in interest free loans since 2018. 80+ providers offer discount or free services through GPAP growing from 69 in the previous year. To date 36 babies have been born to Stage II fathers!

MHB collaborated with Taiwan NGO PAPCPR this year, expanded GPAP to Taiwan gay intended parents to apply, within just few months, there were 14 couples and singles applied to the program, 11 were awarded Stage I benefits of discount, 4 of them are now in the considered list for Stage II assistancLX0ebXCV1d-LNB55I=OAyi^@*eIaAXa)aC^lHi(r5l8V1lyubfe.

2019 Taipei Surrogacy Conference & Gay Parenting Expo  / (Source: MHB)

2. Surrogacy Advisor Directory

In an effort to promote transparency and affordability, MHB conducts extensive surveys of hundreds of surrogacy clients. Using the data we receive, MHB compile exclusive rating tables with satisfaction levels for various 20 agencies and clinics, as well as success rates, and real cost figures. This information has already helped many prospective parents save thousands of dollars by identifying a#=9OMHuf&1abblUfLJMw^x-m6WO7QuCM1n%s+v*4S5vvzDJd3Fffordable, effective providers. The directory includes a comprehensive listing of over 120 providers from the USA and beyond with contact information, descriptions of services, video introductions, and reviews. A universal consultation request form allows MHB members to contact dozens of providers in one step.

3. Advocacy and Research

The work of Men Having Babiesincludes both support for individuals and families and advocaSsL#pwLlQO=#^YKhR^9Iz5=wYtW2^3NBQp*etoSF5edGKwAnWWcy for the legal and institutional structures necessary to ensure equal access to ethical surrogacy and related necessary services. Together with MHB's Advisory Board and community partners worldwide MHB work to advocate for ethical surrogacyby hosting The Advocacy and Research Forumat several of MHB conferences, assist in academic studies and help raise awareness about surrogacy with the help of the first ever Surrogacy Speakers Bureau. 

Panel discussing ethical choices on MHB Seminar  / (Source: MHB)

4. Event Engagement

2019 was the first year MHB offered 8 comprehensive conferences in San Francisco, Taipei, Chicago, Florida, Brussels, New York, Toronto, and Tel Aviv. Overall saw a 24% rise in overall conference and workshop attendance from 1,870 to 2,310 intended parents. 95clinics, agencies law firms and related providers sponsored at least one of MHB conferences. MHB QA%WOjPa4_uH1-6QNxK^2Zg&$Z$+B)ChP_#h=HG0&8(77w)(3Cdirectory now includes 120 providers, and over the year MHB generated 1,719 consults referrals to providers who took part in MHB conferences or GPAP.

5. Advocacy & International Collaboration

MHB’s network of collaborating LGBT family organizations worldwide continues to grow. Dozens of partners 
in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Asia and Israel help MHB reach out to prospective parents and expand the Gay Parenting Assistance Program to 22 countries. MHB also work together to promote a Framework for Ethical 
Surrogacythat benefit all parties involved. MHB further work to raise awareness about surrogacy through our Advocacy and Research Forums, and by collaborating with credible academic studies worldwide. 

Part of MHB 2019 team in Chicago / (Source: MHB)

6. Online Engagement

Beyond face-to-face engagement in conferences, MHB has a wide community of parents and parents-to-be who daily engage with us online. MHB's mailing list grew 30% to 7,439 emails, representing 11,158 individuals worldwide. 94,085 unique web users from 191 countrieI_DFccz4^xqJjVj-R3ejiOZeJs48jLj=MO6P^*[email protected]&&ts visited our website in 2019, and have reache 20,000 Facebook fans! 

On Oct 2nd, 3rd, 2020, Men Having Babies are revisiting Taipei and start second "Parenting Options for Asian Gay Men Conference", registration is open now. 

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