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There is a famous Taiwanese gay man who loves to post his erotic videos in gay forums. Many fans would comment under the videos. He has a charming voice, tanned skin and a buffed body, not to mention his majestic size. Besides his physique that has made many fans jealous, his sex scenes can be either gentle and sweet, or rough and dominating. He also has a positive attitude towards sex and encourages people to be confident in bed. It is GagaTai’s pleasure to invite this Taiwanese gay sex video creator for an interview. His fans call him Forum Master but he calls himself A-Xiang. Let’s see what his story is all about!

1. When and why did you shoot your first sex tape?

The first sex tape was with one of my lovers when I was younger. Maybe I wanted to spice it G6sR4VJUICaASPZMg6sk1h#43%6gv+B*Bw)R9N)bz^H1MD=7p0up after doing it for so many times, I wanted to see how I looked like in videos.  Most of the scenes are me thrusting in and out in different positions. I get especially excited when I see it. It’s like using a magnifier to have sex.

2. You’ve said that you are more into it when having a camera during sex. What do you mean?

After making videos, I watch porn to jerk off even when I’m not having sex. After watching the same video for too many times, I start wondering what other angles I want to see while in the same position. I do not reenactH0-12C%B=h4l#rt+5zgxj8nkT)SOVy2tCt_d%Z=t-lCrnccKJ7 what I usually see in gay porn. Instead, I shoot from the angle I would like to watch in porn. When there is a camera during sex, I put more effort into it. I not only enjoy the moment, but also keep an eye on the look and feel of the video. For example, the dick has to be hard, so that the picture looks good, I need to avoid the face so that I don’t need to blur it out when editing. The beauty of sex is going to linger during the editing and publishing on the internet of the video, for me to fantasize, cherish and develop. Of course, when I am too turned on, I will just leave the camera on the side and enjoy my lust. You really do not care that much when you are too horny.

A-xiang has a sexy tanned body.

3. You are often jammed with messages. How do you pick your partner when replying to sex invites? 

I cannot reply to this question. I have thought about officially listing down my requirements. I have had a hard time rejecting the person when it doesn’t feel right, or when we do not seem to be a fit during conversations, even though he is very much qualified. It might also be that I do not want to at that moment. But, basically, the partners have to agree to be shot and have the video poste#%JW6_V!JiGc4AQ2wZu79-)wqTBBr1(g_o!BsBu_M7X-Z*POUdd on the internet. So, that we continue to spread the beauty of sex. That is why I keep our conversation records.

4. What was the most memorable sex you ever had? How would you describe it?

I think every video has its own appeal and delight. For example, “Master of Dildo” was the first time I used nipple clamp. My friend even went and bought one after watching my video. “That Peachy Butt” was the first time I saw a fat Pi)#NEAsB0y8Iz(eZamuh5G@VcyBnJlk6lCNEbt=C0-18CM$Ijbutt covering my dick, stimulating both visually and physically. In “Some Troubles”, I encountered some difficulties during sex. It was not too much of a hassle, but still memorable. “Doctor Consultation” and “Massage Path” use different ways to explain buttholes. In the former, we talked about different kinds of buttholes, the latter we used pictures to explain the different sensations during anal sex. There is a memorable part in every video, I cannot say which one is better.

5. After having so much sex, how do you reach a good orgasm?

I have to point out first, everyone has its own way of reaching orgasm. For me, good sex has to have these three components: you have to be devoted, enjoy the moment, and share the beauty of sex.    

Being devoted includes the prep work, having a partner that you are attracted to, cleaning, and a good understanding. To put it simply, how bad do you want to have sex? For example, you would sleep earlier today, pay attention to what you eat, try your best to free up the time, and be on time to the meeting if you are planning to have “a big bang”. Since you are here and decided to do this, accept the person in front of you, do not compare him to the people before him. I will completely get lost in the moment, to the point where I do not want to change positions or stop.

In addition, there is no manual on how to have sex. Every time is different, even if you are doing it with the same person. Therefore, you have to be sensitive to every reaction. For example, I see that he is squirting, I would remember the position. When he is sounding different, more excited, sometimes I would be more aggressive.

To share is to be able to share the lust after. It is like people would talk about their own sex experiences in private, but my way of sharing is using videos. Some share the leaked-out celebrity sex tapes, and I directly post mine online.

Side note, if you want to know if I was really enjoying it, you can see the amount I cum.

6. After encountering so many people, have you ever fallen in love during the first intercourse?

No, never.

Joking! Of course, I have, but very rarely. We each have our own lives, and I respect that and do not bother. But the other way around? Because anyone can see at what kind of level I am. Frankly, are those videos fake? If the other person does not fall in love during the first time, there is no point in doing so.


His back is so hot!

7. You have many fans on the channel, many people message you to thank you for your uploads. What do you think is the main reason they like your videos?

There are many interesting comments that I remember. Some told me my videos are being shared on other platforms. I am not against this because that is another way of sharing. Some said I look like a very caring guy because of the way I have sex. A Fujoshi told me that she changed her mind about gay sex after watching the videos. Of course, I got different comments depending on the type of person.

8. You mentioned your thoughts on being tops and bottoms:  “I’m not better because I am top, and do not feel bad because you are bottom”. Can you talk about your thoughts on Taiwanese gay culture?

One man's meat is another man's poison. Everyone has their own preference. I happen to be like most people that like meat better. We are all looking for that sexually compatible partner. To be more realistic, when you are choosing the one, they are also picking.

Everyone has different sexual needs. Some like a mature daddy, because they can feel the love and the tender care. Some people mind the feminine voice, but I have heard a all types of moans from all types of guys. Some like a firm butt with a buff body, but I have had experience of having pelvis pain after pounding too much. 

A-Xiang’s ripped body makes his fans go crazy.

9. Gay or not gay, many people have opinions on having multiple sex partners or hookups. How do you communicate with them?

I do not think you need to communicate. I respect everyone’s opinion, nut I do not need to agree or be approved. If you feel comfortable, free, or you are able to take the responsibility and adjust your mood, then do not ahead! But if you feel scared, guilty, or worried and don’t want to take the responsibility. Then, do not do it.

There was a married woman that once told me, do not do something to him that you would not like he did to you.

To put it simply, I believe in body autonomy. On the other hand, if you have a deal with me, and we have the message records, you have to be responsible for your own words. I do not need to know if you took a day off from work, or lied to others. I do not need to explain anything to others either. It is purely about our bodies enjoyment.

10. You always have an open and positive attitude towards sex. What can you say to encourage gay men that are insecure about his own body and sex?

I do not dare to give any advice or words of encouragement, but, like I said earlier, everyone has their own preferences. Sex is beautiful, there is no need to be insecure. I do not have a 30 cm dick either. Some people do not feel a connection after 10 mins or reach orgasm too soon. Moreover, some people can orgasm from nudes. No one says how sex is defined, feeling the moment of each other is the most important. Lastly, your life is not only about sex, is it?

After reading A-Xiang’s interview, you can feel how charming he is in bed. His account is jip1006, feel free to check it out and give support!

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