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Claiming to be Asia’s “premitlHg(x0h&pvUsE(Q59YCe3Y4g82Bcz3iY^bGR*Hp4hlcLg8yETer” LGBTI festival, Pink Season Hong Kong kicks off next week and continues until mid-october.

The season kicks off on Saturday, 28 September with a pink-themed party at popular LGB[email protected]=rZzHmnz3sUUPJKpHLJl-EmZLcTPw&B0t+3^vYu_qUg^7oT venue Petticoat Lane.

Activities incluG8ZER$uzazN*[email protected]&c6i*t&z!30ZCwg96dplMAding a quiz night, comedy night, a bicycle ride, discussion groups, yoga sessions and forums continue until 2 November. 

It comeKP4ypkahgXO4tWJ5l*[email protected]$Rs as Hong Kong's largest single-day LGBT event, Pink Dot Hong Kong, was cancelled for 2019.

Organizers said "the current political and social unrest, not to mention the escalating violence" p+Vy6Xi3n3Eb(8wwh#^-!_hDFD6ustLwD37llpBDC^[email protected]osed "a high risk to our attendees, sponsors, vendors, artists and volunteers”.

Anti-government protests, sparked by a conNcVUGDKeq4Sg+vEXcrH00N&yD!W0gRbdxgtVa1J9qV=*Il3WD=troversial extradition bill that would allow suspected criminals to be extradited to the Chinese mainland, have wracked Hong Kong for three months.

Asia’s longest-running queer film festival, Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival wraps up [email protected]@dWFX3i&-Q$D$_O!=aoQMTbSTlN=Imi=vCmjTPw7tLzCD7vthis week, however.

Eighties pop sensation and international gay icon, Sinitta, brought Hong Kong’s month-long LGBTI festNalWXa%6kk(@H2Si2Hw&LWZY6+z)VK=MTiLr)8r6GJnViEJIScival to a close last year.

It also hos0rB%h-D9Qo=9_eiImA(#sE4ZEE*[email protected]&$vo%[email protected]*BbZ&ted a Career Day to get LGBTI Hong Kongers out at work.

What’s on this year?

Don’t overdo it at the opening party as on Sunday, 29 September there’s a mass bike ride from Taipo to Tei Mei Tuk and a forum on LGBT activism in $aCemzt9wa*tq_!OGsI7Wr8ENZ&YbH7oqFuDevelf^!GDu5e!gChina.

On 3 October there’s a comedy night at Mudita in Central—billed as[email protected]*yFVw&#)LzAQkp4c+_kk%^4 the first-ever LGBT comedy night in Hong Kong.

There’s a health forum on 5 October and a quiz night on 8 October. Yoga for all is on 10 October and th+Fy9M([email protected]#aVLtzPt)aH0*tGXYnECs_n7Ye_XYns=m)ere’s a variety show on 15 October.

Pink Season 201kg2b$&+%vbOsokUE)DH7WAHbAdwi(Fb=h$p_BId*[email protected]&X9 also features three drag workshops. 

On 4 October you can “learn how to let that colourfua^tkwwYMKVgbiF1*oq(BuPODD3qTPofH6WJymQpDSagrGC5cI1l character that’s hiding inside you break free”.

On 5 October, study “how to walk and vogue”.

On 19 October, you can learn drag make-up and costume design. Make like RuPaul: “I don’t get cute. I get drop dead gorgeous.”

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