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Claiming to be Asia’s QKENtJeJ%qd($JMB0xIfeKNh8NInRZelwNMldx*R84jjKeByx9“premier” LGBTI festival, Pink Season Hong Kong kicks off next week and continues until mid-october.

T=djqqy=*y3=YJsEw!SEI)ILFCmMykLdHqzI1sEc&YZlespp-Ozhe season kicks off on Saturday, 28 September with a pink-themed party at popular LGBT venue Petticoat Lane.

Activities including a quizx5aVk7sa6S([email protected]_6gi==g%PY night, comedy night, a bicycle ride, discussion groups, yoga sessions and forums continue until 2 November. 

It comes as Hong Kong's largest singleQkU0A^%1aRTl9Z3zHM2EWXeh7V#bPpx6Ou$3vFiRv#-CvD=Ael-day LGBT event, Pink Dot Hong Kong, was cancelled for 2019.

OrganiZ)bZ4*[email protected]*Q23pb1VFD1+^u%UOvnlqs3dto#()zers said "the current political and social unrest, not to mention the escalating violence" posed "a high risk to our attendees, sponsors, vendors, artists and volunteers”.

Anti-government protests, sparked by a RkT4hYAaX$fyxzVJiw=TNv&GmR#JMHD+=uLD!!dPuXvrMaibJZcontroversial extradition bill that would allow suspected criminals to be extradited to the Chinese mainland, have wracked Hong Kong for three months.

Asia’s longest-running queer film festival, Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival wraps up this week, hEp6r_2^Akrx!&NpQrkG=B%4TdhUcG0Qbzj#cl_Q#rCm0rV%*=iowever.

Eighties pop sensu5eo+cBG6$t&fHk*FZzCmB$Rw([email protected]ation and international gay icon, Sinitta, brought Hong Kong’s month-long LGBTI festival to a close last year.

[email protected]%6q#Dwy)Fa(V+lrr4ZeCGa0HjTXZZFL75c^q=6It also hosted a Career Day to get LGBTI Hong Kongers out at work.

What’s on this year?

Don’t overdo it at the opening party as on Sunday, 29 September there’s a mass bike ride from Taipo to Tei Mei Tuk and a forum on LGBT activism in [email protected])PlNYXs-1j%I-I$^G^Z0J!G#Q#%PV6=$2y699WbplgorTSChina.

On 3 October there’#[email protected]@wx0PFeRJ6sRlvk_220$4xjpiC_)%JkCl%$wK(*#s a comedy night at Mudita in Central—billed as the first-ever LGBT comedy night in Hong Kong.

There’s a hLc*[email protected]+#68oVKpA*KRvdtgovksD*o#q!E4CA+D7ealth forum on 5 October and a quiz night on 8 October. Yoga for all is on 10 October and there’s a variety show on 15 October.

Pink Season 2019 also features three drag workshop[email protected]@2Hlpqq-P(itY_U4MffQrmBfob(9F#9uI8Ms. 

On 4 October you can “learn how to let that colourful character that’s hidiNU7$Z7cu*RlLk&8GyA#1FSs!&FqFrxC+pAhb9xYks$2!M-wrkVng inside you break free”.

On 5 October, study “how to walk and vogue”.

On 19 October, you can learn drag make-up and costume design. Make like RuPaul: “I don’t get cute. I get drop dead gorgeous.”

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