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In Malaysia, you still cannot publicly come out as gay. The LGBT community is a huge taboo and even high-profile couples will easily get targeted. However, there are still many brave gay people willing to stand out and tell everyone that we are no different from others. This time we invited a hot internet celebrity, Keing, who is from Malaysia to share his experiences with us. He has become very popular thanks to his gorgeous looks and toned body and, amazingly, he and his boyfriend A are both openly gay men. Let’s hear the story of this great inspiration!

1. When did you find out you were into boys? Were you scared about being discriminated?

I was a very premature boy. In primary school, I found out that I couldn’t get my eyes off the hunky boys on the baseball court or my male classmates with thick eyebrows and big eyes. So, I was already worried about my sexuality when I was 11. Facing the conservative society of 20 years ago, I tried my best to hide my true self so that I wouldn’t get bullied.

Keing Kok Chee Keong

2. You have a great body! How often do you go to gym? Which part of your body you like the most satisfied? Why?

I think my body is pretty toned. I hit the gym 3-4 times a week. I love the curves on my chest. They are not that deep, but enough for me, haha!

3.  You have many fans. Have some of them ever left a deep impression on you?

Most of my fans are very aggressive. Generally, they will tell me, straightforwardly, that they have crush on my body, or want to grab my private parts. Someone used to ask me my price; he wanted to spend a night with me in exchange of money.

4. You have worked as a model several times. How do you present your best version to the camera?

Every time I think of the camera is my ideal lover, so I will try my best to seduce him with all my weapons: from my facial expression to my body language.

5. You and you boyfriend A have been together for 4 years. What is your secret?

You don’t have to work to maintain a relationship, there’s no secret. You just need to follow your heart. It will end when it must end, and it will continue as long as it has to continue. Don’t make any promises, don’t impose commitment on each other, just open your mind. The most important thing about a couple staying together is comfort and happiness.

6.  What’s your role during sex?

I used to be versatile, but I really cannot stand the pain while I am bottom. It is just not right for me. When I am top, I feel more satisfied.

7. When did you lose your virginity?

I lost my virginity at age 19, to my second boyfriend. At that time, I was really nervous and all sweaty, but, of course, I was very excited. But, eventually, I wanted to run away because it was way too painful. It’s also unforgettable.

8. Which sex experience marked you the most?

The most thrilling and hateful one happened in a public restroom. I was around 18. I met with an Internet friend and later on we went to the department store’s restroom. The cleaner staff heard some noise and noticed there was the shadow of four legs through the door gap… Suddenly, there were 2 cleaners, 3 security guards and 1 police officer waiting outside. They arrested us and took us to the security room. After questioning us, they wanted to inform our parents but we begged them not to. In the end, they asked us to sign a criminal record and they let us go.

At that time, I was really upset, I even wanted to commit suicide. But when I went back home, I saw my mother waiting for me to have dinner. I realized I should not do silly things and make the ones that love me suffer out of my own guilt. It was not worthy to end my life at all.

9.  Open relationships is quite popular nowadays. You and A are both very attractive, have you guys ever considered this option?

I did consider it before, but it is impossible for him to agree.

10.  LGBT rights in Malaysia are still almost inexistent. Have you ever held A’s hands or hugged him in public?

Usually we don’t make public displays of affection because there are many Muslims around us. We only show up in the photos. But in reality, and in front of the people, we understand the importance of respect and avoiding taboos. In Malaysia, people don’t fully accept gay people, but they are aware of the existence of the LGBT community. In order to protect ourselves from more discrimination, there are many things we need to be concerned about:  our wedding went viral recently and that was a headache, or, sometimes, when we walk down the street together, we also get some slurs. But we don’t take it too personally.

11. Taiwan is about to legalize same-sex marriage. How did your friends react to this news?

We all feel proud and happy for our Taiwanese friends. Although marriage equality is an unreachable dream here, I still believe there is no obstacles between a couple. Nothing is unbreakable. In addition to marriage, there are still many ways can protect our lives. So we try our best to make our partners happy, which is also a great idea, right?

12. Do you have any words for the Malaysian gay community?

Coming out is not simply a thing you can say out loud, especially in this conservative country. Homosexuality is still against law, so think twice before you act. But if your bravery makes people around you sad or anxious, then, you should be patient. Let time prove you right. As a gay person, you are no different from others, you can be excellent and kind. Perhaps you may still have doubts and pressure, but I can tell you as an experienced person that you don’t need to be afraid. Once you are willing to face it and take responsibility for your actions the end of the story may not be as bad as you imagine. You take a step forward for the people you love. Then, people that love you will eventually accept your true self because of your honesty.

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