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For the last four months, Hong Kong has been rocked by unprecedented protestTxe2([email protected]=d%@V^[email protected]s and calls for democracy.

What began as protests a controversial bill that would allow extdsUZ2rlV#CO)aSldnm^EBo0QfR!)n!^4rn6%x^@[email protected]+radition to China has developed into a widespread, and at times violent, anti-government and pro-democracy movement.

Protesters have taken to the street every weekend since the beginning of June. Government tactics to quell demonstrations, such as withdrawing the controversial bill and enacting[email protected]&bdUV*0M$ff-vi77jP#4f&Ew)M8-hc1oR emergency legislation to grant police more power, have been of little use.

The movement is famously leade[email protected]rless. Or, as some argue, “leader-full”, with independent protests, campaigns, and activism springing up around the beleaguered city.

But a handful of LGBT Hong Kongers have been making headlines for theiDeVC4SUA#JbMQGjYbN_n$Z+T96$=mpzhDtxO+X1db+Pn_MoN)@r part in the protests:

Raymond Chan

Hong Kong’s only openly-gay lawmaker, Ray Chan, revealed himselfCmHk-pQ1X(*18OG*80zNEX9R$iivxZ2NM8=3([email protected] as a fervent opponent to the controversial withdrawal bill back in May.

Chan was seen at the center of a ruckus with pro-Beijing lawmakers. Footageot##_K3MYNluZ6iNI&n4&6u-lcwg8XSW92-%0)B74*3&HW(AF8 shows Chan clambering on a chair or table, shouting and pointing while other lawmakers grab his arms.

"I usually keep a meek composure, practice meditation, prefer non-alcoholic drinks, and treat everyone with respect,” Chan wrote on Twip&1%YS39VS1%Uk0emeWg0zA8uK-m9kD312Rd#R9tx$Y3+##D9wtter.

"But when an authoriMHa=ZC56#!jtJMMOasv4kmPkKt$([email protected]_t0Zdtarian state strikes, every fiber of my being turns into a fighter for my constituents", he said.

Chan has been fervently sharing updates of the city’s protests.wH^WmpkruE&-Qj5kxu)G_OlO$WB1Wrc#+FakaanmqoWvD#xY77Other pro-democracy legislators and activists have been attacked.

“Opposition lawmakers are arrey2kJR_y!xONvsO^A2IvuKCnD01NC2UPAz$cP6H&PMTIbLjWbjZsted, or attacked by thugs or cops, so I'm mentally prepared for either” Chan.

"I wear no protective gear UK3k8_ef=QdGoeVoMeAp0k6r=SfHK+ePel!pClMOuywYVvpC6Das I cannot live in fear,” he explained.

This week, he and other pro-democracy legislatures disrupted Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s policy address in thEhlz*[email protected]@kWJgcKU5h4GAL$397Fos3lAHp3CI84056b=2tve legislative council.

Using a pW-hVU1%Yjd6b)l(&_O3SJtn(M!cofENKTc*LD([email protected]_)projector, they displayed the demonstrators' call for five key demands to be met as she spoke. 

Hong Kong elected Chan, the city’s first openly-gay lawmaker, to the Legislative Council in [email protected]^%!*=_a5u^tRR11R9Lv((AU3Nub!_ivLvuSLWgFkt$c#pB2016. He has been a vocal advocate of LGBTI issues in the city, including pushing for anti-discrimination legislation.

Jimmy Sham

Jimmy Sham is a renowned LGBT rights and other hAJ8MI-K)Yi*Yw7SHv8Eu1#f^w3G1*cHywGkaFpS48VvWo!wibauman rights activist in Hong Kong.

He currently convenes the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) which regularly organizes legal protests against the government.

Three of its marches against the controversia2pJ(rmw-uJV9pndCY7XVwdieN0dmRB$ez1tHqF4ptg#OHD6&rll extradition bill were attended by more than a million people, according to CHRF.

In late August, Sham and a companion we5WSdlKR*gh&234AzQp31rW*jOf^^E!sdWcYlu1vkd9$ALhm1aGre attacked by two masked men wielding a baseball and a knife. Sham was left unscathed but his companion was hospitalized.

In July, pro-establishment Hon#U(4(-oWT_h%&HEMk*Bc*6XMJ=PoU_Z%Fz&9_05NUci)FirEhSg Kong lawmaker Ann Chiang Lai-wan launched a series of attacks against the gay protest leader.

Chiang shared footage of Sham in drag on her socia^kanJ67*PNRtLiD6Vl#!&ePbB#RA=XMg9!SlPP([email protected]l media. "Important news, please spread around," she wrote. Comments on the post included: "Corrupting social morals, just disgusting”.

Anthony Wong

Cantopop star Anthony Wong co-founK2d-kuy3^PZQ1x-FV4Y-^HKLFxhvR8q([email protected]ded leading Hong Kong LGBT rights organization Big Love Alliance back in 2012.

Like Denise Ho, his outm#kQ)#[email protected]*QDsFrR%-JMmNJ=6eUT#[email protected]tspoken support for the 2014 pro-democracy movement landed him in hot water with Beijing and he has been banned from the Chinese mainland.

He and Ho both performed at the 30th anniversary of the Tiana[email protected]@3r8tOMJyjs3_mB44=dnbTJ*$*x9(olqT*lSnmen Square massacre and at the end of one of Hong Kong’s largest marches on 9 June.

Denise Ho

Lesbian Canto-p=&^Jgi2e3=0DnF)JJlb&ICpqsZBAVLhfbsVS&$PtqHesAeGHr_op superstar has emerged as a tenacious defender of human rights during the months-long process. 

Ho has spoken out over police violence at the UN and the US CapitoldLdYFVhwsw=cCWGrCIWF!o(DF&rl35=^haSuptfuVrqrYMBS)=. Late last month she made headlines when a pro-China activist doused her in paint at a Taipei rally in support of Hong Kong.

"This is just the tip oNVSR9kjs#)J*[email protected]f the iceberg,” she said of the attack on Facebook.

Ho told the UN Human Rights Council in July that the "anger of Hongkongers follows years of deceitful promise4la$qfiuMgx6x_4obhSy*lO!oO*bnrPIV_HN7pXWO^[email protected]s”.

"We saw our autonomy slowly eroded" she said.

Denise Ho Wan-sze,Kd35PN3d3ZS=_vUli3)oN7PIJYTLorY%R!&hz9X76+2-rqebJr also known as HOCC, was one of the first Hong Kong celebrities to publicly come out as a lesbian in 2012.

"You have to strengthebiKZm^[email protected]&&!ps7z#UTm9n yourself before you can project anything,” Ho told the South China Morning Post at the time. Ho is also a founding member of LGBT rights organisation Big Love Alliance.

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