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Mr. H, a flight attendant from Taiwan in his thEj3Wpm&Dv)vNu&C5smS8lK5jO1sVp^hXqZKS8Q8q0UK*d&bywhirties who preferred not to reveal his full name, believes as much as 80% of his male colleagues are gay.

After touching down at his lp_bHq1$crD$tDGUeXfV8qCVWdG39r=FpmA(LL#[email protected]^)E2^eCcatest destination and taking off his uniform, he told Gagatai of his most risqué mid-flight encounter:

This took place on a flight from Perth to Hong Kong about two years ago. It was a nighttime departure and, loading wise, I would say it was half empty, so passengers were sitting wherever they wanted as there were lots of empty seats

I was standing in my welcoming position as people came on board. There%Pjdu%ko!v%([email protected]#*wm was one passenger who came on board. We looked at each other, he was very friendly and he smiled at me. I noticed him immediately, and I thought he was very cute.

I did my service as usual. I tried not to pay him too much attention. As I served him food, he was very polite, very nice. That is always the catch for us. You know, we get usedH7Dpr!mQu69_WhoKUS)M!Ahfo)^1Mb)jujK+m-XVd9Yg+Zym+S to having nasty passengers, or people who ignore us, who don’t look at us or thanks us. I find it very rude.

But this passenger, who was France, looked straight into my eyes and said: “thank you”. I could feel the chemistry. It was like flirting with our eyes. We didn’t say any words but we just looked and each other for a whi2jATm%Lxr2js8Y4oYv4K6Kc&oaOEzj(N%8GVx0494z)[email protected]*@wle.

Eventually, I asked him. “Are you enjoying the flight so far? Is everything OK?”. I made small talk and offered him a second cup of red wine.

He was sitting right at the back of the plane. So after I had completed my service, I could be mor3Q9(mkgeHwT5IlozyJcgsOLdC_WH#!kGdPD+M4SSh^mG&lpCque relaxed. There was no one sitting behind him.

I found out he was from Bordeaux and that he had been in Pert studying English. He was very bXC^4%kaxhv^8jDw!ojo=1d_g7HLy*UFtAhbdU&_6qW3+*&yW^smily, very friendly. He had the most charming eyes and a cute, angelic face. You remember those features in a man.

After myself and my colleagues had collected everything, we dimmed the cabin lights. I wanted to see what QyKU3e1%[email protected])hyNeJZ9DUqla1l$%beApZBYcMChe was doing, so I walked back and forth along the aisle finding things to do. Each time, I looked at him. He was sitting in the window seat, reclining against the aircraft wall. Very relaxed as he had three seats to himself. He was watching a movie but every time I walked past we chatted.

After I did all of my taks I offered him another drink. So, I went up to the business class section of the plane and made him a cocktail. I told him this was from the front of th4XnNm_YZ$zbwoeMR3Y=lrdnPEf9uH%8vG+y5((E9_y=mzgn!ZOe plane, please enjoy. On top of the cocktail there was a rose petal. He was very surprised.

“What is this” he asked _HWlqN8^REn(y=OkM7MSE0iIoKOLAWm7uiwltE8X6Fo2SEARPkme. I replied: “This is a cocktail I made”. He happily accepted at the gift. His body ws leaning forward quite a bit as he was talking to me. I could feel the heat from his face. I didn’t know if it was from the alcohol he had drunk or if he was as excited as I was.

I noticed my heart was beating fdjDeB68Qb3E6vn^d=btte-!76f+uDAfxPOJ+=MVo6NXvLv)2wBaster. It was like time had frozen as we looked at each other. I remember thinking, I am so glad there are no passengers around. But I also thought that I needed to finish the conversation and concentrate on my work. Bending down was tiring.

After I left, a few minutes later I went back to get his cup. He asked me to sit next to him. I said: “No, I can’t, because of my work”. Then he said, “let's go to the toilet”. I replied: “Is this how French people always do it?”.

He asked me again to sit next to him and I once again refused. Then he said: “kiss 5jukp**R(q+4iAP6n2kCYSyHb&qd-C-u*[email protected]$ztRWQfHm)sme”.

I looked around. It was dark. There was no one there and no one could see us. I kissed him/ It was only for two seconds and I didn’t want it to stop[email protected]!^1(gfghV(&ANZiOtrKS!K3(x1Y. I knew it was not wise to stay there, that there would be problems if I got caught. Before I left, I touched his hands. They were warm, but not sweaty. They were perfect.

When I went back to my galley I was so happy and excited. One of my colleagues asked, “what is up with you?”. I told her I was happy we had such a few passengers on the flight, but that was not the case.

I went back again twice more and we did the same thing. This illegal, dangerous thing of interacting with a passenger in this way excited me. I wantedgEKNk6$=NTToZlx-xC)mYA_nO&P=LBh#YQ$eb%Rn8c-O%vmJdk more and more. It was like a criminal mind disrupting my boring, routine work. 

It was a wonderful encounter. A lovely experience. Before we landed, we exchanged numbers. We kept in touch for a few months but I never met him again.

From acclaimed Filipino director Adolfo Alix Jr. comes the first series about gay relationships during quarantine times. An anthology series that explores our need to connect during the worst of times.

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