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Mr. H, a flight attendant from Taiwan in his thirties who preferred not to reveal his full n[email protected]+tXSjs&S2I6=xE!ty#%[email protected]ame, believes as much as 80% of his male colleagues are gay.

After touching down at his latest destination and taking off his uniform, he told Gagatai of his most risqué mid-fliE86DJFTu6pa$+WnbWH(LPXV3M2G2Cj=R%F1DLR3BNp(qm=G8L-ght encounter:

This took place on a flight from Perth to Hong Kong about two years ago. It was a nighttime departure and, loading wise, I would say it was half empty, so passengers were sitting wherever they wanted as there were lots of empty seats

I was standing in my welcoming position as people came on board. There was one passenger w[email protected]+7WS$TxqRpQH7ig6hZ%i#ulBRho came on board. We looked at each other, he was very friendly and he smiled at me. I noticed him immediately, and I thought he was very cute.

I did my service as usual. I tried not to pay him too much attention. As I served him food, he was very polite, very nice. That is alwayyledvbjhwSS$C^joarB$Seg%Fxd75tL4QW(l%[email protected])#s4iL4s the catch for us. You know, we get used to having nasty passengers, or people who ignore us, who don’t look at us or thanks us. I find it very rude.

But this passenger, who was France, looked straight into my eyes and said: “thank you”. I could feel the chemis)1VHVvpJN7KlRQ(IrQg=9(3CqMIXDk!q#7oc7LBrszze^eD)(&try. It was like flirting with our eyes. We didn’t say any words but we just looked and each other for a while.

Eventually, I asked him. “Are you enjoying the flight so far? Is everything OK?”. I made small talk and offered him a second cup of red wine.

He was sitting rUz#[email protected]#[email protected]^nufPA=IL4cK6oEnm%YZbRmvq53uight at the back of the plane. So after I had completed my service, I could be more relaxed. There was no one sitting behind him.

I found out he was from Bordeaux and that he had been in Pert studying English.nw4SMtlC7AcbQq7P^OIZo3=gqq#i16i$n)mYjbW#Z9G*[email protected] He was very smily, very friendly. He had the most charming eyes and a cute, angelic face. You remember those features in a man.

After myself and my colleagues had collected everything, we dimmed the cabin lights. I wanted to see what he[email protected]!5647J21=(zns%Ouv0bLEGJEjs2ai6s=$rr1 was doing, so I walked back and forth along the aisle finding things to do. Each time, I looked at him. He was sitting in the window seat, reclining against the aircraft wall. Very relaxed as he had three seats to himself. He was watching a movie but every time I walked past we chatted.

After I did all of my taks I offered him another dr^3p5EaazKk#B%[email protected]&zlWC8Icq!85!KMsk-EKGVhWi^1#F=x5ink. So, I went up to the business class section of the plane and made him a cocktail. I told him this was from the front of the plane, please enjoy. On top of the cocktail there was a rose petal. He was very surprised.

“What is this” he asked me. I replied: “This is a cocktail I made”. He happily accepted at the gift. His body ws lean3(m&=te8MQ_Q$U_Zb+oiT=$rcz#TR5PvMGxCXeCY_06g*hmM3Oing forward quite a bit as he was talking to me. I could feel the heat from his face. I didn’t know if it was from the alcohol he had drunk or if he was as excited as I was.

I noticed my heart was beating faster. It was like time had frozen as we looked at each other. I remember thinking, I am so glad there are no passengernBZHRzDpyQd4K)[email protected]#[email protected]&s around. But I also thought that I needed to finish the conversation and concentrate on my work. Bending down was tiring.

After I left, a few minutes later I went back to get his cup. He asked me to sit next to him. I said: “No, I can’t, because of my work”. Then he said, “let's go to the toilet”. I replied: “Is this how French people always do it?”.

He asked me again to sit next to him and I 6u545UIPDL-XPyNy4h)4LtxMc*jR#v2hmu1zx)-&cfD6%XKj1Ionce again refused. Then he said: “kiss me”.

I looked around. It was dark. There was no one there and no one could see us. I kissed him/ It was only for two seconds and I didn’t wae^v=ts4HSH!Z*f0pRsFb*[email protected][email protected]=*Bnt it to stop. I knew it was not wise to stay there, that there would be problems if I got caught. Before I left, I touched his hands. They were warm, but not sweaty. They were perfect.

When I went back to my galley I was so happy and excited. One of my colleagues asked, “what is up with you?”. I told her I was happy we had such a few passengers on the flight, but that was not the case.

I went back again twice more and we %[email protected]#[email protected]%c(XbuX)[email protected]%gdid the same thing. This illegal, dangerous thing of interacting with a passenger in this way excited me. I wanted more and more. It was like a criminal mind disrupting my boring, routine work. 

It was a wonderful encounter. A lovely experience. Before we landed, we exchanged numbers. We kept in touch for a few months but I never met him again.

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With the intense eroticism and closeness, both men open up and feed into their desire. As their lust grows so does their toxic craving. The two become a relationship beyond the line while a mixture of emotions are drawn from the suffering Kijima.

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