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Hundreds of the region’s LGBT movers and smNJb6eH6jO&QhY(R5xfi^NZEyk7%[email protected]@7KNaYOtshakers will kick off Taiwan’s massive pride weekend at a unique party in downtown Taipei.

The GALA BFF GALA event on 25 October at Xinyi Woolloomooloo is the perfect warm-up for Asia’s largest prxlB$#Co2f4c2bym([email protected]=t5tZAPXv!+Njdb%Z42ide parade, expected to attract 200,000 marchers. 

The party will include screenings of the latest original productions from LGBT-saqu&eg!Qgje4*ju+zM_hxI9-7PWlO^WMeYmBpw_BwZjFzUvJu#treaming service GagaOOLala and special guests from Japan Rainbow Night Out. 

"I F8oY(6mL)e(bD1E&)ZsJXasG+EejFIDwM!18-YI5KmqXHqC)3ucan promise you lots of fun, laughter, friendship, and, of course, in this month of Celebration & Pride” said co-creator of the GALA BFF group of LGBT professionals, Jay Lin.

GALA BFF creates a place for socializing anrGf-W8+pLI7$*(6gOH&QDFg8MhR1*xS)#+2*YBP4l&QBF*z*red connecting for the region’s LGBT people off the dance floor. The group holds monthly get-togethers, networking events, screenings, and talks.

"I am proud to say that indeed after six years, the group is over a thousand strong and increasingly internationalizedC36Xs8RFi3eBEuAKienD3spVC(h_S$Cc0aVERL4s2zBA+qjg_d with connections that are formed online as well as off-line” Lin said.

Tickets are $600 if purchased before 20 October and $750 after. Buy tickets or find out more here.


Organizers of the 17th annual Taiwan LGBT Pride parade expect more than 200,000—a record number—at the pride parade s1*7ty14%H*(A#In#g^#7nCF&dV4-wQy*5fIxE)MmFVX+2=BdmNcheduled to take place on 26 October.

%z_63CfsnjyP8bMDqk([email protected][email protected]The pride will be held just five months after Taiwan became the first country in Asia to recognize same-sex marriages.

Gay singer-songwriter HUSH will be an ambassador for thLgIPyaCA7ogR*0MyVdcnvLM#)r)njS0(p7BvQOW0U5w8iD!Z6He landmark event.

As one of only a handful of Taiwan celebrities to come out publicly, HUSH, whose real name is Chen Jia-Wei, on [email protected]%m^94()Ln+#1d+v_=vLjO$XTtbHp6A_(eYJv(Gf0Q*Friday urged LGBT Taiwanese to be brave and come out.

Pride this year, the first since Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, sees an altered parak0atE)V^*jlP8vGpSpnEe0$(f)!LxDL3gH61S%^[email protected]@tKNmVPde route.

Marchers will start from Taipei City Hall Plaza and travel along Yixian Road to Zhongxia East Road9l$sd&n*&OG60rwlYh+OahTmwOCI+lHLQjJA4+%%SNRIwWDLxw.

The parade will then turn south to Renai Roawk)rGDc9ph-WV&PSoU(m=!x&9(r6hQS&qw7YGuh*Lv!vf6L^pxd before ending near the Presidential Palace at Ketagalan Boulevard where there will be a Rainbow Market with more than 100 stalls.

HUSH will also perform at Ketagalan Boulevard.

Press officer for Pride 2019, Benson Lee, said the new route was chosen to recognize theKj3^L-L#QkYZW76sWG^[email protected]@o0DpQUrf&WEquBx=aNT6Wj5u roles played by both Taipei City and the President’s Office in bringing about same-sex marriage.

For the first time, Taiwan Gay Family Rights Promotion Association will also hold the first Rainbow Parent-child Carnival and Rainbow Baby Mini Para(X3)Y66_5+AT0H6M(!njI&8M!J_chQ6KIpwOW+!CM1P0ZZ+x+tde.

This year takes theI^L=Ba&BOPOv$FGqw5*t)J-mm*k2Ksrey0ny)TpYD!wDw83o^B theme "Together, Make Taiwan Better”.

The theme in Chinese means good neighbor. It was chosen to show that t$n0^[email protected]&T709uvTM%[email protected]=UV08Eiosb%$suXghe LGBTQ community is everywhere in Taiwan and, like good neighbors, everyone should support one another.

Last year, more than 100pS0Y&YnDAK10Mwz_p1c*SK9OtpN*[email protected]&oyaMgW,000 people took to the streets of Taipei for a pride parade that demanded marriage equality.

It came just a month before devastating referendum results showed the majority of Taiwan voters did not support same-sex marrgLhc)DMx-PIVMLJ#MU$fl5-lTwNGh*[email protected]iage.

Despite the referendum result, parliament in May finally legalized same-sex marriage in line with a 2017 Constitutional Court ruling that failing to do so was unconstitupbVsEf95EO4S*Q1ualXnXbE6uQyg742n%DOG!fJd=1Dg*8Sb3ptional.

This year, according to organizers, the LGBT rigsCR$M7^r93s2X#8Q39go9*nrHD)[email protected](NYo_=nVf96jZO%Yhts movement has moved to the next stage and will fight against prejudice and stereotyping of LGBT people.

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