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Gentleman Spa, a new Taiwanese gay short film, premiered globally this month on the streaming platform GagaOOLala. It depicts the daily life of an overweight janitor at a Taiwanese gay massage parlor who falls in love with one of their customers and grows jealous of the masseur who gets to touch him. Wang Ko Yuan plays the hot masseur. When he was asked about the love entanglement between the masseur and the customer, he vaguely said, "You just need to get used to this kind of thing."

GagaTai met with one of Taipei’s finest masseurs to find out exactly what masseurs are thinking when their gN5*WaFu=kc^L$Xi1^HY0PMEkHsonvgAs1!E6ULBh8c8pqDylBclient starts to fall for them:

William Eric cuts a muscular figure. His eyes are cool but with a hint of tenderness. His sexy personal logo is the pair of wings tattooed across his chest. This iconic tattoo has made him famous among the gay communipqIcdfW54mqj#C=jd4G3&HVPAmro0l16b*[email protected]!7*Lb483ty in Taipei. He’s been modelling and dancing as a gogo boy, and has for the last six years been a masseur.

Ga: Why did you want to be a masseur?

I couldn’t afford to be a student so I worked as a laborer to earn money. I then started to work in a restaurant. One time a manager asked me if I wanted a part-time job. The salary was quite high. This was five y4BJt-KLk+Ntb$ovBj$(qM%ZVyHZq3RT&B_kPN^4LgK!vUa$YViears ago, a part-time job with a salary of 50,000, that's incredibly high for a 22-year-old.

Ga: What do you think is the most attractive part of this job?

Flexible workqRjUAG5k0U*ePyHOCaK9nP6vj)h)uuwiCv-Cf-rQ=$=UoZ*USVing hours and a high rate of income on investment. And, I can use the extra time to improve myself, like working out or doing something else.

Ga: What skills do you need to become a successful masseur?

Now there are more and more masseurs, and new massage shops are opening non-stop. The competition isRwN#[email protected]&VK+K05 very fierce, you basically won’t survive if you don't have the ability. A few years ago, the basic requirements were face, body and cock. But now you need the techniques and even understand basic psychology. Having a big cock is an advantage that you were born with, and other requirements can be acquired, such as sweet talking. Seventy percent of my guests are bottoms, and some people want companionship, not just sex.

Ga: Does working as a masseur affect your dating life? 

I think most of the masseurs are either dating their peers or their customers. Too many KAth0d%3HR5R4%rcu0toH=AWtIO)[email protected]people fall in love with colleagues or guests. After all, the general public does not understand this job very well and may not consider it acceptable.

Ga: Have you ever met a guest who is very lonely and wants to seek psychological comfort? 

Usually, I will let the customer talk about himself when he wants to. We are responsible for listening to him, but we will not give out any advice, because that may affect him. I also met a customer, he only came for two hours and was satisfied when I hug him and sleep with him. I also met someone who hired me for six hours to watch movies, hold hands, kiss, and such. I had to remind him to let him know that I had to go back to work to punch in, let him understand the relationship between us is just business. I also encountered a customer who said he came here to find a masseur boyfriend. I told him that I could meet your needs but only for these two hours, our relationship will end once you leave the door. He said ok at first, but then started to ask me out and asked if I could acco6H+NZqahMh89Bt#WHI+jJIePRf9BHW!PIT1L3Yi%Ecn08ezTdtmpany him when I am off work. I had to tell him that he was not my type. You still could come to me but I could only be his masseur

Ga: Have you ever met a gay customer who had very little experience with sex?

I met a customer who does not get the point. He wanted me to take his virginity. He brought Rush, KY, and a dildo, and asked me to teach him how to use them. He was not bad looking at allZsNj^[email protected]#TtPZ^o-mvNW_XS7_pSOw(K3ElAz1)db+VD!, but because I’m a professional masseur, I can’t assist him on how to use those things physically, so I just told him how to use them verbally. Whenever he came to the business, he will share his experience with me, so when he said he was finally ready, he wants a guy to shove his cock inside him, I introduced him to a friend of mine.

Ga: Do you think this is an industry that will continue to expand?

I’ve been in this business for about six years, I'm changing my career to a fitness coach. If I could go back toXbfo-bLh^us(o2PVN$EZzDdzURnZ-7Lw#t-*Ur)[email protected] two or three years ago, I'd told myself, once you save up enough money, you should just change your career to whatever you want to do. I advise all the current masseurs, although you can earn money fast, you also spend fast, don't be like me, I earned millions but didn’t save much of it.

((The above statements belongs to WiR_bs%qaYf16F!*[email protected](Z+on=7MRF1P+r5c5TMIz$9oaDG-&ralliam Eric and do not represent any company or gay group))

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