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Some of the first same-sex couples to get married in Asia boarded Taiwan’s first samejo#wcH4Jm5djSEcdf7Z2)4F=buLs%n(3az3GonWWde20&b9Kta-sex wedding cruise last month, and it looks like they had a whale of a time.

Social media stars Marc Yuan and Shane Lin boarded the the Love Has No Labels cruise l along with nine other couples keen to tvgsbFezd6Pv%1irDTI-ff06f7NzPY9%HHqQ9(%[email protected]$NSie the knot at sea.

They were joined by huC)vE$FMt=QKSERCStwTV%[email protected]_MTzZ3+#=0_c69lB=i((3ndreds of LGBT partygoers keen to celebrate Taiwan’s landmark same-sex marriage law implemented earlier this year.

Lin and Yuan’s footage from the three-night cruise to Okinawa shows a wonderful wedding ceremony backed by blue skies and a blj0r!J4k=bJbzh%whcG6_E#)G2%FqKQvj)=enWII8Yh!Rq+a)VRue sea.

"Love is Love It's really joyful to have a romantic wedding on the seas” the pair wr0euyX^v&ThGgbQol*Ykp9ux)!K6InpoYslE7)6sDQ=iBs7*_X*ote on Facebook.

Chen Xue, who was one of the first women to marry her wife in Taipei in May, Io8Dh&MSFnnPFfnyf9WnPTmO9HCC8tx=TLD$YQ*[email protected]%V#_walso joined the wedding ceremony.

Yuan and Lin also enjoyed plE6YuMzk2Qd^)gO_C5_PGZaoA0(LB*1(em)VFAm)ZITFDQn1#LDenty of partying including performances by gogoboys and drag queens.

The Aquarius Star cruise also included beer yoga an7eyKGz*qY=k!MfXXB6NldDarPn(3rjxB([email protected])xd screenings of LGBT movies specially-curated by GagaOOLala.

Operators Lions Travel alud9%o1ZX4-l!H_WHi6hmrF7H=F!rFWym1#=q-n*q4vw&oUq*H7so promised that from 2020 they plan to introduce monthly LGBT cruises.

The cruise set sail days after more than 200,000 people took to the streets to celebrate Taiwan Pride. Organizers said it was the largest-ever pride eA-m=y33bz*Te4G^=sMMd#*[email protected]vent in Asia.

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