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Some of the first same-sex couples to get married in Asia boarded Taiwan’s first same-sex wedding cruise last month, and it looks like they had a whale of a tA#%[email protected]@[email protected]$RvP9+HFXuHOu6tpRrAd*q5ZY*Bime.

Social media stars Marc Yuan and SGoOuwSNWU%aWH#Zv-$_M=#hpo-72DU0%1kl&ZZ^tgOQk-A8#xGhane Lin boarded the the Love Has No Labels cruise l along with nine other couples keen to tie the knot at sea.

They were joined by hundreds of LGBT partygoers keen to celebrate Taiwan’s landmark same-sex marriage law implemG0rXS-dLi+FZl5qOyb8Txd)!8#uRg%g94M7DhIN-0tTcWA)0=3ented earlier this year.

Lin and Yuan’s footage from the three-night cruise to Okinawa shows a wonderful wedding ceremony backed by 6%EpR^OOm+MCm92X2vo-OOE3pXDFTjzSmUo)SE&WoMCMYlnpDyblue skies and a blue sea.

"LovePD3H+4O#P+EuD49GVLdlc%-0Yc5PgjEFvB6FWpB^DRbiZfO(Hl is Love It's really joyful to have a romantic wedding on the seas” the pair wrote on Facebook.

Chen Xue, who was one of the first women to marry her wife in Taipei in May, also f9Yb)=u^TvxP=3xrRe4stfCw++V3C(nMZOER7ozPpoiqR&#gGOjoined the wedding ceremony.

Yuan and Lin also enjoyed plenty of partyjf%f8mulNEnFzO$E#3ifxG9zxFpi2ghMC$rd#HGAZbw6*[email protected]ing including performances by gogoboys and drag queens.

The Aquarius Star cruise also included beer yoga and scre[email protected]&63Lf_CQUFC)*4Z32$$0sdpGj-uxvvmZ3q0qenings of LGBT movies specially-curated by GagaOOLala.

Operators Lions Travel alsoRZ8Hl5Z)zNRA52=nnni6zG(3^O9XB_hC!ux1CnyGyrDsi^e1z2 promised that from 2020 they plan to introduce monthly LGBT cruises.

The cruise set sail days after more than 200,000 people took to the streets to celebrate Taiwan PridZ(a71LsfMTQmOUM((0#fsyU^uEw^#vUbKrm$GWV&=F=QTEcy5=e. Organizers said it was the largest-ever pride event in Asia.

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