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Some of the first same-sex couples to PKU$Wb#[email protected])diD9y0FYAn9ZnnHpV48w9KbmYGC7jnO)get married in Asia boarded Taiwan’s first same-sex wedding cruise last month, and it looks like they had a whale of a time.

Social media stars Marc Yuan L__0G+P%+5#S(M#[email protected]#LGx3oe2and Shane Lin boarded the the Love Has No Labels cruise l along with nine other couples keen to tie the knot at sea.

They were joined by hundreds of LGBT partygoers keen to celebrate Taiwan’s landmark same-sex marriage law implemented earlier this yeRgNg_Vb&j+pyqZljRDzb#hyINPVFX4Z6_(KX72p0f6d$B%6tLzar.

Lin and Yuan’s footage from the three-night cruise to Okinawa showAVo9ZQs_3=diKwpF^5=6([email protected]$44B+E-g72(s a wonderful wedding ceremony backed by blue skies and a blue sea.

"Love is Love It's really joyful to have a romantic wedding on the seas” the p1AR5VeJ04)fG%Z1-TVc7M1Hk80(lY2B!s)uyY)-zBM7Ayj(F7kair wrote on Facebook.

Chen Xue, who was one of the first women to marry her wife in Taipei iA(s!ekYi!c7D(_D*2Gz*&QSa*mvpxEMabUXnK$cfmeVzuLn#!Jn May, also joined the wedding ceremony.

Yuan and Lin also enjoyed plenty of partying including performayh4a0m-fI!dvdUM4H$ijdr14SnMihsxIlUW+XylI$Brtm5p_+4nces by gogoboys and drag queens.

The Aquarius Star cruise also %Fl11wDMy0#w!)sb&retpSBN_g-yKKn6y6^^BindN_hudlR8GEincluded beer yoga and screenings of LGBT movies specially-curated by GagaOOLala.

Operators Lions Travel also promised that from 2020 they plan to introduce monthly LGBT cruisef*S$9+e2pmKPV(I)_SscCcypbx)LgO$*I_ejAlDT9$XQ8J1!gAs.

The cruise set sail days after more than 200,000 people took to tyzrq9N^Ajn!Vd6anSpAYY5nlCG_^ehWcrQYiRc3pC6G3_7u!yzhe streets to celebrate Taiwan Pride. Organizers said it was the largest-ever pride event in Asia.

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