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More than 200,000 members of the LGBT community and their supporters marched, paraded, and danced acrosQh3enZ2JrVaMS&OHhVzYKB8Ir+3laQKQ=VuBD56VwuWLKxQ-*Ls downtown Taipei on Saturday.

Organizers said the parade, which was the first s2LkEXDaw&0BGj7QdXqKUKP#LM_pvz^[email protected]^DODLbaCi-pO!ince Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage, was the largest-ever in Asia.

Taiwan's 17th annual Taiwan Pride kick(5TU^f^Hf1Aj+Okw1%0=A=j__mzlJu4^y&M_cGc%v4B-dLfLN)ed off with a Rainbow Market of more than 100 LGBT-friendly businesses and organizations at Taipei City Hall Plaza.

It ended 5.6km across the city outside the PrsjPsNj-YH8Sdg+pOB-Qq7EZSyJrYjh_87_MC7M1H+Mcx_#U^Gbesidential Office on Ketagalan Boulevard where performers—including gay singer Hush—performed. 

Some 180 different groups and 24 floats to[email protected]&-LTdikI8TI14!k(RXA_)^Y6NtnF)&&QM%V6d0ok part in the march, according to organizers.

The parade was the landmark event in a month of LGBT across Taipei. Hundreds attended screenings, exhibitions, and workshops throughout the month,[email protected]*s3ekPzAMD-F^(NaFrkNtjzqf!Eq92mApt^v(6IzsG including the country's first trans pride parade on Friday evening.

As usual, plenty of the region's LGBT folk got dressed up (and dressed down) to celebrate the occasion. Here are some of our favourite looks:



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