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StraigP*uZ$kO&iN!ihEqA5$MF90tQ14)Q64N-qaWkvD3yBAL0s)HT^5ht, bisexual, curious, or closeted men may be the least visible part of the LGBT community.

You probably won’t see them at bars and clubs, or catch them march!c!N3lgrO*ky#GjL2jrZq+EAMjMw3$OvS)+lYabF=3ae5R3f^king proudly at pride parades. They may be on the gay apps hiding behind a torso pic, but it will be hard to tell. 

Traditionally, men interested in sexual contact with another man may first head[email protected])VEMtNDjBna3_6S6w4^n=4wCh9w# to massage parlors experience the touch of man.

Beard, who has worked as a gay masseur in Taipei f-UbD=-kEjWF$e&oBc)r&2=b1cQuk2+$=SKd4N!9%7Shd=!ToZGor years, said that while clients are usually quiet the first and second time. "If they want to chat with me, they will start by asking if I am tired or not" he explained.

On one occasion, a client suddenly told Bear*ymH^$_tTI*)^[email protected]d it was his birthday.

"He asked If I could be his gift," &Z$(ZtW(k0oi_&otzp_piEdlIHzw3OGs9yT&I_%&+m3Q7S+ZY-Beard said. "I wanted to laugh so much, but didn't want him to feel awkward."

He said a lot of clients [email protected]&Fg9QKt+&-%#0$J2zC$#*[email protected]@kp9are curious about the gay scene in Taipei. "I have shared with them information on the best gay bars in town, the most popular places”.

“I have a wife"

One client once told Beard he was traveling in Taiwan 09IRPSYsOE3*ij5m=^%JOCHSM3WT1p^B%oHRnLk_HXHbiEuErtwith his wife. “He did not say much.”

“Most [closeted] people that come to the gay massage shop do not want to discuss the big topic of their life”.

Beard said that a lot of closeted clients ask if they can see +r3t_9b$Aqx5*[email protected]!a)hnGRmsmO!KR97REP$EWYkhis body.

“I usually oblige, Al+6Jo9xPCax#*Khc65Tso2w*Q^mbJiKJN_2OUEuqXjU9sg)eYand leave them with good memories”.

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