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Straight, bisexual, curious, or closeted men mayMwYM7QpbqOkR+NLLWCKPTMSZF4XTcUW67%[email protected]*Cc be the least visible part of the LGBT community.

You probably won’t see them at bars and clubs, or catch them marching proudly at pride parades. They may be on the gay a6_NKGxWWYA6KQMF*LmW&XoCd_MB&5UicafgaxmS!3x)1YnkD&4pps hiding behind a torso pic, but it will be hard to tell. 

Traditionally, men interested in sexuu%[email protected]$n*%4u^X2L9=$(F3st0EMH8lApjKal contact with another man may first head to massage parlors experience the touch of man.

Beard, who has worked as a gay masseur in Taipei for years, said that while clients are usually quiet the first and second time. "If they want to chat with me, they will start b2_NZ#647eb#3#OWxZfxdA+ouDbGS$I(6Q)%[email protected]y asking if I am tired or not" he explained.

On one occasion, a client suddenly told Beard it was hisNQ12vc5mK)ZjR-j2crF&ssqL1xc%3we3xR5++vcnHOHV-6leR+ birthday.

"He asked If I could be his gift," Beard said. "I wanB([email protected]+o#jj*SdBsX33D828ypLJejCvzF=9%yvKn#kKDted to laugh so much, but didn't want him to feel awkward."

He said a lot of clients are curious about the gay scene in Taipei. "I have shared with them information3k1q-8L&Gm3=apj0d$ELnZlRU+(il8v#eW(sa5^qPJDG29#20T on the best gay bars in town, the most popular places”.

“I have a wife"

One clie6lgPplCo**71fDg9Xl=PKD+Rrl+Z#dm7EN3!0x94_MD=orUN^Pnt once told Beard he was traveling in Taiwan with his wife. “He did not say much.”

“Most [closeted] people that come to the gay massage shop do not want to discuss the big topic of their life”.

Beard sda4ty5Ey!7(HpM-D3YtwF#o=d&#[email protected]&UFIzLRkaid that a lot of closeted clients ask if they can see his body.

“I [email protected]((2990yr9r&Z*[email protected]+Xvuk5usually oblige, and leave them with good memories”.

From acclaimed Filipino director Adolfo Alix Jr. comes the first series about gay relationships during quarantine times. An anthology series that explores our need to connect during the worst of times.

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