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Like anyLWB^[email protected])3R+Xbaq=f=C+(j#hy9m%-U65(UgTz large cosmopolitan city, Taipei has a burgeoning BDSM and kink scene.

BDSM—an abbreviation referri5=S#9TAkRNOnMi5mjaSJMto9qA=bdCBaxSdkN!y&iEkpwsBE_=ng to bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism—began to emerge as an organized community some 15-20 years ago in Taiwan.

Nowadays, there is a BDSM event—whether its a bondage play party or a spankingF2T+jP!nhVs5moFXMo6&bvUo9+Wu2Y1!VO&cgDLn2Dffhh7kx= workshop—every weekend across a host of different venues. There’s also a smattering of groups and events in Taiwan’s smaller cities including Tainan and Kaohsiung. 

Members of the local kink scene say that something that makes Taiwan’s scene different from around the world is just how integrated it is with the LGBT community. LGBT venues welcomed kinksters when the mainstream still-F+xA+im%us8IxVEgmB+!p^D0BcpnnEYX%[email protected] rejected them. The majority of events are LGBT friendly.

HereDTSxVo1hT%af8eUgaSj%znYnGCWhBK92gmWzJtmU7HMzShv!5O’s some of our favorite venues in Taipei and be sure to keep an eye on the monthly calendar here.

Commander D.

Taipei’s pre[email protected]@0n%Q0UvyTieTr=int(_Kn9zl([email protected]_8D(puQ1!BPmier queer kink and BDSM bar is popular throughout the weekend. It’s monthly Freak Day event is a chance to drink, talk and try out some of the venue’s kinky equipment.

No. 36, Section 2, Kaifeng St, Wanhua.

Studio BD

This venue specializes in bondage and hosts[email protected])EkiQ*0^d%SrsPD=yur7Yaqk64ixySB9ptdxlnL monthly munches—where people meet and talk about the kink scene without actually playing—as well as a spank party, a rope party, and a bondage meets life drawing session.

Near Exit 5 of Jiangzicui Station.

(Photo: Studio BD / Facebook)

Cats Downstairs

This rope salon is a )[email protected]%OWPEye498pT5M0SxQ*g2Dlongtime fixture of the Taiwan BDSM scene and holds regular bondage meetups. Due to an old air conditioning system attendees are limited to 20, so be sure to sign up early.

Chora Studio

BDSM group Shibari.Life (縛.生) organize monthly play parties as well as sessions and workshops on bondage, role play, spanking, breath play, and other kinks in this space.


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