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The Taiwanese Golden Harvest Awards will celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2018. GagaOOLala’s “Golden Harvest 40 - Chinese Queer, Young Spirits” selection presents 40 Chinese LGBTQIA films, including the exclusive our original film Sodom’s Cat, the hit which has been selected by numerous international film festivals since its premiere at the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2016. Other titles from Golden Harvest Awards 2017 include: The Confession, about teenage bittersweet love; a Note3: network, a battle between sexual orientations, Lost about the sequalae of unprotected sex, and SHe a popular film that premiered at the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival in 2016 and went on to win a Golden Harvest Award. You can also find Golden Harvest LGBTQ films from previous years and other recommendations in this selection!

Sodom's Cat (2016)

Goldenx5kfY4lM$H!%OMices+#M1e!LTolUZxsOxIpi_wuyPVG&s9Rw8 Harvest Awards 2017  Iris Prize Shortlist 2017

A guy with a boyish face attends a group sex event held by a dating app company. He encounters four other guys there. Together they start a journey of sensual pleasure. When the gate of Sodom opens, is the passion real? Is it satisfaction or loneliness that they can get?

Lost (2016)

Golden Harvest Awards 2017

In the middle of the night, Kelvin, a solitary young man, meets George while exploring a homosexual dating app. They decide to meet up and have a one night stand. George comes to Kelvin’s place and they started to make out. When they were in the midst of making out, George asked Kelvin if he can take off the condom, and declared that anal sex without condom will be better. Kelvin hesitates, but accepts... 

A Cigarette (2015)

Golden Harvest Awards 2016 

One summer morning, two boys lie on the grass and sleep, Boy A is awoken by the bright sun, he wants to a take a cigarette from Boy B while he's sleeping. Boy B wakes up, and the battle for the one and only cigarette begins.

A Diary About Desire (2014)

Golden Harvest Awards 2015

A person's primary desire comes from family. It often exists in the look of love. The look of love differs with people and changes with time. This film explores the filmmaker's own desire and portrays the contradicted and complicated looks of desire and love.

Body at Large (2012)

T^H)KZ2&$8QLj+Cu^VbktPGEZH14KqLb-TZ0hj%[email protected]!gaDhaiwan Golden Harvest Awards 2013 - Outstanding Experimental Film

This experimental documentary explores the boundaries of sexual orientation and body image of four people, each of them dealing with their own anxieties, frustrations and desires.

Yuxiang & Mark (2016)

Yuxiang and Mark meet each other in a pub one night. They are soon strongly attracted to one another. They want to have one night stand but first, they need to look for a room. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan. However, they chat all night long and start to know each other well during the journey. Time can dilute sexual desire, but will it arouse the emotions between them?

The Thrill (2014)

Urban legend has it that once you get bitten by a vampire, you will become one of them and reconnect with your suppressed primal desires. Who will be next?

After Erection (2017)

Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2017

Alan and Ben click right away in their first encounter at a break up party. They get along so well that they lefVsM0dRtS1JN0r6qOfQQZ9poeoOatACRRQ39LLZmrJqe!g0%uaQt the party to get a room. As the two look for hotels and flirt with each other, they wander around streets and alleys in Hong Kong...

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🌟The first R18 BL movie in Japanese film history
🌟Auto-tune remix-themed content, masters and slaves, super forbidden domination pleasure
🌟Taiwan International Queer Film Festival topic selection, Hong Kong limited release is hard to find!

Katsuragi, an elite office worker who fell from a perfect life, drunkenly attempted to jump and commit suicide. Suddenly, he was suddenly helped by a mysterious man, Yoda, but that was the beginning of a horrible life of confinement training.

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