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The Taiwanese Golden Harvest Awards will celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2018. GagaOOLala’s “Golden Harvest 40 - Chinese Queer, Young Spirits” selection presents 40 Chinese LGBTQIA films, including the exclusive our original film Sodom’s Cat, the hit which has been selected by numerous international film festivals since its premiere at the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2016. Other titles from Golden Harvest Awards 2017 include: The Confession, about teenage bittersweet love; a Note3: network, a battle between sexual orientations, Lost about the sequalae of unprotected sex, and SHe a popular film that premiered at the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival in 2016 and went on to win a Golden Harvest Award. You can also find Golden Harvest LGBTQ films from previous years and other recommendations in this selection!

The Confession (2016)

2017 Golden Harvest Awards

Yan-Ming and Shao-An are best friends that shares a very different personalities yet complement each other. One weak and the other one strong, one quiet and the other one active. They have a strong bonding although they are not blood related. At the age where they explore love for the first time, Shao-An fell in love with a girl—Yu-Xuan. When Yan-Ming found out, he was jealous and didn’t want to share Shao-An to anyone. He decided to play a prank, made Yu-Xuan gone mad and dislike Shao-An. On the other hand, Shao-An gets really mad of what Yan-Ming’s prank as well. This leads their brotherhood into an unprecedented challenge. When friendship is no longer as simple as that, what would they choose?

Where to Go (2016)

Since the first day Mitchell and Miles have been together, they knew building up a relationship is like learning a new language and practicing the grammar of love to make them communicate and understand each other.

A free trip to an exotic place arouses their imagination and passion. The disputes and pressure from daily life, however, have worn them out. They start to question if they want to take vacation together. The lover's language has lost its charm and meaning.

The Life of Silence (2014)

2015 Golden Harvest Awards

Silence usually comes with a backdrop, waiting to be stirred. A novel and a reality. Three gays guys and two marriages. When love and marriage can't go hand in hand, how can marital bliss be realised?

100 Apples (2014)

2015 Golden Harvest Awards

Jen wants to give a special gift to her girlfriend to commemorate their relationship. Jen's fine art teacher, Chi, eagerly helps him find inspiration. One day, Chi announces he is going abroad to study, and challenges Jen to draw one hundred apples before he leaves. One by one, he draws the apples, and stroke by stroke, he paints an ever-clearer picture of how he feels inside.

What's Wrong? (2010)

Before the meal, the boy takes everything for granted. After the meal, the boy doesn’t see everything reasonably anymore. It is about identification, multiple-way relationship and the stories that seem trivial but worth examine over and over again. It starts and ends with a meal. The boy realizes that there is a contradicted and delicate relationship in the events of life.

My Spiritual Medicine (2011)

Two separated stories, connected by radio waves, Shenye & Moro are two normal white-collars in Shanghai. Every night, they put on their headphones and play their favourite songs from the 50’s and 60’s of Europe and US, hosting a fascinating night-time radio program, "My Spiritual Medicine". A lonely copper handle, separated an old house woman from the outside world for many years. She never went out and always washed her hands before doing anything. She listened to the radio program all day...

Summer (2006)

Mates emerge from latency into their sexual identities. Will and Leung are pals, searching the woods of Hampstead Heath for botanical material Leung needs for a school class. Along the way, they engage in horseplay, and Will disclosed that his girlfriend recently fellated him. As they walk on, they keep coming back to the subject of oral sex. Is it curiosity and braggadocio, or are they flirting with each other? Leung crosses a line and declares himself: how will Will react?

Different Paths, Same Way (2012)

Under the mentality of Chinese families in a post-colonial society like Hong Kong and through their marriage, how did the couple realize their family members’ hope regarding their union? As the couple got married in a relatively open society like Canada, how are the newlyweds influenced by the western society’s mentality and its marriage regulations? Director Yung Chiman, bypassed the points of view of his own sexual orientation, hence through the objective images of a heterosexual, had captured the marriage process and its meaning to this homosexual couple.

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The story begins with Shiro Kido's reunion with a former classmate, Rio Kijima, at a college teacher's funeral.

With the intense eroticism and closeness, both men open up and feed into their desire. As their lust grows so does their toxic craving. The two become a relationship beyond the line while a mixture of emotions are drawn from the suffering Kijima.

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