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GagaOOLala exclusive bundle “Teenage Queer Shorts Vol. 1” will make you feel the joy and sorrow from your teen years all over again.

An Afternoon

Two classmates fall in love with each other but they fear the consequences. Mathias and Frederik are best friends and, even though they have not yet realized, they are in love with each other: who will take the first step and speak out loud? This film precisely depicts both actors’ uncertainty about each other’s feelings, and their fear of rejection.


An Asian boy cannot conceal his feelings for his friend. Will and Leung are hanging out during a summer afternoon when, suddenly, Leung seems to have something to say, but he is not able to. When the two start playing around Leung cannot help but kiss Will. At that moment Will turns him down, but when he clams down, he gently comforts Leung.

Holiday Camp

When a boy gets mocked, his crush gives him confidence. A group of high school students play truth or dare during a summer camp. Mathieu and Maxime are asked to kiss each other and this kiss wakes up something in them. Other classmates start thinking Maxime is gay, and make fun of him. However, a sudden event overthrows their opinions about gay people. This prank game points out that we all should respect and embrace different sexualities and, also, the importance of self-identity.


Young football player Omar has a secret lover. Omar’s friends adore him and together make fun of a boy named Arthur who has come out as gay. However, Omar secretly dates Arthur, until their secret relationship is revealed. Getting scolded from his father, Omar has to make the most important choice in his life.

All Over Brazil

A boy who likes to wear makeup shocks his father. 1974 is a World Cup year and, unlike his father, Stephen is more into glam rock than soccer. When his father finds out Stephen wearing makeup, he becomes furious, but Stephen uses this opportunity to open up about his habit.


A boy obsessed with the man living across the street. In Chile 1974, 13-year-old Luchito is attracted to a young man. The only contact they have is when they pass each other on the street, and Luchito even catches him having sex with a woman through the window. However, against the backdrop of the Chilean tyranny, the man’s attitude towards Luchito causes a series of unfortunate consequences. Due to its historical setting, the young child’s inner world is explored in depth in connection with his context.


A couple of teenagers, Jan and Matthieu, spend time in a former Nazi holiday camp. Attracted to Matthieu, Jan cannot help but expose his feelings and they become intimate. Later, however, Matthieu feels ashamed and runs away. When they meet again, Matthieu cannot keep his hands off Jan’s body…

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