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The Beijing LGBT Center this month will be launching China’s 0+glVsEoQbfE=*jI^-_*[email protected]_x^K0FCAESNgop^3Gbufirst public campaign to improve the lives of transgender citizens.

[email protected]!%yl%oNK=8S9x)(PcL1BLThrough the “ending depression for transgender people” project, the Center hopes to set up a transgender hotline, train medical professionals, and offer other support for the estimated four million transgender Chinese.

They hope to take advantage of tefeU4(=p6I7izGQ8hO33CNxz_6vK-ZGi76Z^W!!!^-=j1)[email protected]ch giant Tencent’s September charity days where it offers a bonus to donations to charity.

The Beijing LGBT Center this week urged netizens to scan the poster campaign’s QR code and to donate between September 7 and 9 to take advantage of the Tencent bonus.

"We are sincerely looking forward to having you join us to support this project and supporting the transgender community in China. Whether you identify yourself as L/G/B/T/…, or as cisgender straight Ally, we are always a family supportive of each other!” It wrote on Facebook.


According to the Center, transgender Chin[email protected]_w4q-%AJP+qEqRJnE^px5Z$XgfAZOese face discrimination and violence at home, at school, and in the workplace.

They report 99% of transgender Chinese face some sort of assault or violenWeoNx3I*NtZ8wpX#GeUv8wTcj%iY$%rz%kW5JJ39ZmyPB#Zm^cce. A large amount are forced to undergo dangerous conversion therapy.

China classifieb6ZCdqBmV9E==mGmxQ+zTZX97hJL%s%B$DXgcIetnO+*0aDLl_s being transgender as a mental illness.

What’s more, to access gender-affirming surgery, transgender people need permission from their familie^pvAuCiV-PsB8p^JT!^SH*8FrL4GFg*Qh6c(Z$Q+V!Lw!)+epas, to be unmarried, and not have a criminal record.

More than threeMWINrY_k%[email protected]*tmYRG=BShaXQ quarters experience brutality at school, forcing many to drop out.

In the workplace, meanwhile, transgender employees are three times MOXY7tpvSomfqrU-iQF7&bY6zX)[email protected]*more likely to lost their job than cisgender people.

Worryingly, more than 60% report depression, 73% report anxiety and just over 45% have cont7doC7zmoR)1zNhs$Y6!S$$l7iWDiXDQ-dvSmxUkmR12+*oMEHTemplated suicide because of their gender identity.

Earlier this year, rights group Amnesty International found China’s “invisible” trans population found it nearly impossible to access gender-affirma[email protected]!mzA#s-%[email protected]&57kjBFxitive health care, such as hormones and surgery.

The new report found widespread discrimination, a lack of information and restrictive requi5HS+YR+VTfh(pQfnj5q_IjxxQtpac^[email protected]rements prevent access to care.

The barriers push transgender people to seek out black m2Siwt)7#[email protected]+0i)i_^_oDUTqQXC-$OLvPcigRpbs*v*aBhT=market hormone treatments and even operate on themselves.

(Cover Photo: The Beijing LGBT Center / Facebook)

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