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Guzifer and Chen Shin-chi met more than five years ago[email protected]_M^5C!xvY+bNgUYpLOV)gu!moROdC#oi*p^0ci7Q8miDN2Q.

And, like many couples in the region, they closely followed Taiw6R6(g=^RooaPv73_ZQy_AciCi=GEs#aG80!-#[email protected]an's long and winding road to becoming the first place in Asia for same-sex marriage in May this year.

In fact,DQ$CBuQvG!SynYGUPH6sp(q8HgN$MGuFVrjA*P43Pi(95QuvjD in 2017 Guzifer took a gamble and gave up his job in Macao and moved to Taiwan, anticipating the pair could wed once same-sex marriage became legal.

But, on Tuesday, a district office in Taipei, once again re[email protected]*sfk5dl!-4YoOc6ZvaAkbsSg=E3Fmjkh6+tfused to register their marriage.

The reason? Guzifer is from Macao. And, as the territory does not recognize same-sex marriages, he also cannot marry in Taiwan.

“It means we have been treated unfairly” Guzifer told GagaTDDhl=gb^bSPdVn0NXj!BWo*bEi#Bz$$nCn&6%iO%[email protected]ai.

“The situation also clearly violates the spirit of the No. 748 ruling”, he said, referring to the May F_p7Fac1#l9p%p4&iVyaoFnVYNfnjQw8M5J7P&NqgY4_uvZ3Kn2017 court ruling that said the Civil Code was unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples marriage rights.

"This injustice=FP5jO(h-KnmSJoVzTAkp*LGMZGuTj6%xD6Dm*[email protected] is actually caused by the incompleteness of the legislation”, he explained. Taiwan’s marriage law links transnational marriages to the laws of the foreigners’ home country.

As the dust settu-4h052qa_$auNv)&&%%L9uFYn)dLaNxF(8pw*sxXuc2^XJlGQles on Taiwan’s landmark LGBT rights win, and the capital prepares for the region’s largest pride event later this month, activists are working to ensure equality reaches all same-sex couples in the country.

“Fight for it”

Guzifer said that after four months, h0m#i$n&s6fOO)BTT+8#xNvKULeRso6Drmrj!2J)y3wbsIX$eNWe and Shin-chi are more determined than in May and ready to push for equality.

“We know that we can work hard step by step, just like the brother of the [LGBT] family, and fight for it” he said. “We have a clear direction”.

On Tuesday, the Taiwan Alliance to PZW0jWT3+0%[email protected]!)E0ds$TWTRY!zUxusM!U_81bMk!Y([email protected]romote Civil Partnership Rights helped Guzifer and Shin-chi file an administrative appeal for their marriage.

The group, including activist Victoria Hsu, believes failing to recognize transnational unions is against Taiwan’s conmowC3DeGd0hfmBnqLi7-([email protected]_stitution.

Article 46 of the Act GovR!wBJUw5PUbHTsIAw8q60eenpIGxTLJT3rs#!P*w5%[email protected])51Wg#erning the Choice of Law in Civil Matters involving Foreign Elements, "the formation of a marriage is governed by the national laws of each party,” TAPCPR explained.

But, Article eight of the same law says this can be ignored )3%h)1cBWqnyBjGrpc)D5=t9iUj9xY_mqnTR3Yh9Q^Pbc&OtUaif it affects “good morals” in Taiwan, according to TAPCPR.

They hope that if Taipei recognizes transnational marriages, other administrations will b_%ofiv3T5Z8-T)[email protected]^JGhUm0ugVPG$QZe quick to follow.

"The most important thing is to ensure the fr[email protected]_hML8Mq&aNhQ$mz1+gWH*(HAF1S4d7eedom of marriage of Taiwanese nationals and the protection under marriage” Guzifer explained.

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