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Guzifer and Chen Sh%=+e(+(b+XsBfj&io2NXbK3tS1bRK+Tylk+LX=*aLfmUt!_%Qiin-chi met more than five years ago.

And, like many couples in the region, they closely followed Taiwan's long and wBhWiDxWL=atzLsGZIW1St8P^zMr*[email protected])g-QT+Ninding road to becoming the first place in Asia for same-sex marriage in May this year.

In fact, in 2017 Guzifer took a gamble and gave up his job in Macao and moved to Taiwan, anticipating the pair could_BAopKB_HoipK25yMQN2Oqr$$76DZBzyQC+=TUDBqSwbH9yyTI wed once same-sex marriage became legal.

But, on Tuesday(*LQ=KN)MoNsV+^Dy9yUeahODTsLj$x*cu4OWWV7WIoaj*n2bz, a district office in Taipei, once again refused to register their marriage.

The reason? Guzifer is from Macao. And, as the territory does not recognize same-sex marriages, he also cannot marry in Taiwan.

“It means we have been treatC3W^bPG*m*[email protected]#5N++esVom7YVnd=7$M+xFt5Z-ed unfairly” Guzifer told GagaTai.

“The situation alvPB_z3kyUGLAaV*32&Wakd&2Y#dtFgKnfhkcPx!1nWx82t!^^5so clearly violates the spirit of the No. 748 ruling”, he said, referring to the May 2017 court ruling that said the Civil Code was unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples marriage rights.

"This injustice is actually caused by the incompleteness of the legislation”, he explained. Taiwan’s marriage law liarwUTMzA^&Q+#F=)[email protected]!0M5ZXc*6W-aVN$)tG8xPH^Lnks transnational marriages to the laws of the foreigners’ home country.

As the dust settlRkC)[email protected]&TladrZTOm_fqAwXV9Ues on Taiwan’s landmark LGBT rights win, and the capital prepares for the region’s largest pride event later this month, activists are working to ensure equality reaches all same-sex couples in the country.

“Fight for it”

Guzifer said that after four months, he and Shin-chi are more determined tha5flu*QO7$m#)qk6d2hFS84JPLnowHDiG(FU7tS+&UridjSWNa7n in May and ready to push for equality.

“We know that we can work hard step by step, just like the brother of the [LGBT] family, and fight for it” he said. “We have a clear direction”.

On Tuesday!E^Uw7(-wT6L=VgnVBnwmT8#[email protected]_Yp6, the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights helped Guzifer and Shin-chi file an administrative appeal for their marriage.

The group, including activist Victoria Hsu, believePz(cGLiNavy#0$hyZ$TxjcH^@@$ZsZ2m)d798pR^Ic+a7NWJnqs failing to recognize transnational unions is against Taiwan’s constitution.

Article 46 of the Act Governing the Cho0-yQ190I^F4kI6NAE7#u^@[email protected]ice of Law in Civil Matters involving Foreign Elements, "the formation of a marriage is governed by the national laws of each party,” TAPCPR explained.

But0xu1YG(IgJ2peKetBvm95cNpgG!)zb4H&hQ^-l(f$2AmSIEdc), Article eight of the same law says this can be ignored if it affects “good morals” in Taiwan, according to TAPCPR.

They hope that if Taipei recognizes transnational marriages, oth4fyr6!l8^Y-a1A2mxGBobnQx(nkP==pCS!yDBL9$A$)c7tnfejer administrations will be quick to follow.

"The most important thing is tL^[email protected]+HZJ(qnsn3e0B4s49qdHWiejVwOdMzsnU^APsPn8P2!lso ensure the freedom of marriage of Taiwanese nationals and the protection under marriage” Guzifer explained.

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