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Guzifer anKjkRp5GU7oS%MLsz=QDP8MmNNh4Or(mRQA(9o*h0jVvf+ag&xDd Chen Shin-chi met more than five years ago.

And, like many couples in the region, they closely followed Taiwan's long and windiL3*+ZbE8yg3q)Cy!Y3XG6aAKAEl+8e++s6^1Qf(wkB3i9r+1LIng road to becoming the first place in Asia for same-sex marriage in May this year.

In fact, in 2017 Guzifer took a gamble and gave up his job in Macao and moved to Taiwan, anticipating the pair could wed once same-se^2BZyi8dUv#^a=vU_n#[email protected]&04xWpbcPVY2K&fk3(18_$^fMcx marriage became legal.

But, on Tuesday, a district office in Taipei, once again refused to register their me05eNJ4_Ym&1SfTN%mb^(!4NbChC9nK^Gg8F^zCmnUn$Sg!#vQarriage.

The reason? Guzifer is from Macao. And, as the territory does not recognize same-sex marriages, he also cannot marry in Taiwan.

“It 58ijuWSUaiXT&srLeD!Hzq-YaS#$W-^1094Db*Y+-FwysC_Hyhmeans we have been treated unfairly” Guzifer told GagaTai.

“The situation also clearly violates the so=!_CtHny)3bBqmMef%f)%iWtm*Etz^GmV8wPhma(a_&zKE^Nkpirit of the No. 748 ruling”, he said, referring to the May 2017 court ruling that said the Civil Code was unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples marriage rights.

"This injustice is actually caused by the incompleteness of the legislation”, he explained. Taiwan’s marriage law links transnational marrYx2$U57#[email protected]_p6M)^[email protected]^GXGZZbiages to the laws of the foreigners’ home country.

As the dust settles on Taiwan’s landmark LGBT rights win, and the capital prepares for the region’s largest pride event later this month, activists are working to ensure equality reaches all same-sex couples in the couno6j(9CW0ZOXw6rKoc6QtvoJPdEjPbL=gb0-1Seie-QglFVXOxJtry.

“Fight for it”

Guzifer said that after four months, he (3Vkp(gF3c&5#fzrDq=IAkh+uzN-l=9*t%c3Kc9chwDWtPr_7Sand Shin-chi are more determined than in May and ready to push for equality.

“We know that we can work hard step by step, just like the brother of the [LGBT] family, and fight for it” he said. “We have a clear direction”.

On Tuesday, the TaiwanHJZqt)O(o-nrXZ-6$$VibVnNjmcNECqaqcsM-08QHwWA8gG$a5 Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights helped Guzifer and Shin-chi file an administrative appeal for their marriage.

The group, including activist Victorzc*[email protected]##(vV%pQmS%Bd*uig2#WYWQs+L7CHqpH*)1ia Hsu, believes failing to recognize transnational unions is against Taiwan’s constitution.

Article 46 of the Act Governing the Choice of Law in Civil Matters involving Foreign Elements, "the formation of a marriage is governed by the national laws of each party,” TAPCPR exerdQaI6HC)[email protected](Ih_L1cHplained.

But, Article eight of the same law says this canOzkloK+v=7)PkI=APpP)iKDEag%gca6JSW&%&-dQUmFT#&1wH8 be ignored if it affects “good morals” in Taiwan, according to TAPCPR.

They hope that if Taipei recognizes transnational marriages, othViy2hVCg6gQc^#bV^[email protected][email protected]^(8f1km9VYz$*O95rer administrations will be quick to follow.

"The most importantVObGw^MXjJcKSVG_lhF5ScpkHd3!bJXZwRE%-F3189y&2$u1Vb thing is to ensure the freedom of marriage of Taiwanese nationals and the protection under marriage” Guzifer explained.

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