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At least (crOR(ol^d3lVQYk30U_&gX1(A5aT9P*[email protected]+200 movers and shakers of the LGBT world gathered in downtown Taipei on Friday night to kick off the region's largest-ever pride celebrations.

The GALA BFF GALA event on 25 Oco(q)sYcjceKH)67zSmFCPIBSVbJQW&Vttn(I6K+kKFIT-zRf8dtober at Xinyi Woolloomooloo attracted LGBT and LGBT-friendly professionals from around the world and across many industries to enjoy a night of fine food, drinks, and networking.

Guests iF%mZi_CmZ1HK4TkoNo6EfiGe5uEgO%z+_pY%flfjra_!ontuAkncluded legendary Hawaii-based producer Chris Lee and American author and entrepreneur Keith Ferrazzi.

GALA BFF is a place qI4vCeFDGiaIuHzUJWYsaZ5=hfZxqc=+j9j_*NYoGWVHXRxUbzfor socializing and connecting for the region’s LGBT people off the dance floor. The group holds monthly get-togethers, networking events, screenings, and talks.

"We are creating linkages and connections between businesses across disciplines" co-founder of GALA BFF, JayW+$IA8NC4dftr3I0R0nG^9t6U9$qEo^=#!&eO^KcQql+WOKeJS Lin, told guests on Friday night.

"We want dive80V8&*UK9_q+imnpKcOQdG%sxpoIl%Wt(Txf%[email protected]$2(rsity, equality, and acceptance to be adopted by society in general, from cultural tastemakers to legislative policymakers, from the boardroom, to the classroom, to the living room."

Lin also launched web series, Handsome Stewardess, a romantic-comedy featuring a goodDXh#v23JI6f1neOVaoD0d9FnJidmpm7R52E=amBRjY7C6z&QF%-looking tomboy lesbian who starts a new life as a flight attendant.

Award-winning actress Xiao Man, who plays the stewardess, and director ZWzouifxsV3zHA__HAh3mcvHnJD8OIOFVs+eH#[email protected]*ero Chou attended the party.

Lin also took the opportunity to announce his plan for[email protected]_aGQ(3t+4s6!*aHjPmgtT7R3%[email protected]#&IH0Z& Taiwan's first LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

He hopes the chamber can allow LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly businesses to partner up and promote one6jjUXSAGTgeH$D_msZd%WuwuV72^lFL6++w=P-ClhnMg*1%P3o another's businesses. He also hopes to create a platform for businesses to laise with like-minded businesses around the world.


Organizers of the 17th annual Taiwan LGBT Pride parade expect more than 200,000—a recpi3TBC_V(ISJSBQ6)^bTVgpBKdi=Y5N2L_)UHKCXHfhayr9OH(ord number—at the pride parade scheduled to take place on 26 October.

The pride will be held just five months after Taiwan became the first country in Asia to recognize same-sex ma*ymo)[email protected]#[email protected]*0LmmA&)+lvu8AZ+_MrK7qc7^rriages.

Gay singer-songwriter HUSH will be an ambassador [email protected]!*9z!ay(^LFVAM([email protected]+96GUM-ywQfor the landmark event.

As one of only a handful of TaiwanEG)&2So)rV+fac%xc3^l)ZXsM9PLp0H9kZ(6+f5Z&nwnG8#9cf celebrities to come out publicly, HUSH, whose real name is Chen Jia-Wei, on Friday urged LGBT Taiwanese to be brave and come out.

Pride this year, the first since Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, sees an altered parE8DOdGup(u$-SPBMVntOcfhl_scwsxQRyyMQsF3vuoyI0U^bc6ade route.

Marchers will start from Taipei City Hall Plaza and travel along Yixian Road7Dz0#u*&=YIef([email protected]_#N^3-FTFMy to Zhongxia East Road.

The parade will then turn south to Renai Road before ending near the Presidential Palace at Ketagalan Boulevard where there will be a Rainbow Market%Cl90Uu#ZBA$*#P7r(Ob%[email protected]%UVm4 with more than 100 stalls.

HUSH will also perform at Ketagalan Boulevard.

Press officer for Pride 2019, Benson Lee, said the new route was chosen to recognizuLlTJDWDnD5I=FU447iK(je5T9H)0O#yeUY5KJifL1(jcPeYm&e the roles played by both Taipei City and the President’s Office in bringing about same-sex marriage.

For the first time, Taiwan Gay Family Rights Promotion Association will also [email protected])(cSP08&rDxqt!oNSc1VScRUX#[email protected]#RgJ^zHthold the first Rainbow Parent-child Carnival and Rainbow Baby Mini Parade.

This year takH=DWq!JmAwWS0j0^[email protected]!p$a_miUyr3scji+z6aJu(N=Snkes the theme "Together, Make Taiwan Better”.

The theme in Chinese means *P)scfhZ8s#[email protected]*&hzBVC-8TyEATYsljIpRZ%PLfRjTu46good neighbor. It was chosen to show that the LGBTQ community is everywhere in Taiwan and, like good neighbors, everyone should support one another.

Last y(WkF+h9tuyjcW1i5RxBU&Am*b-Q#K=g*!Dk_oC$OrC7euLEt6xear, more than 100,000 people took to the streets of Taipei for a pride parade that demanded marriage equality.

It came just a month before devastating+(_fb17-Uvt)GmV*($Tb0C6YY_OH9Tmovk45-sxDWWp+tCcM3k referendum results showed the majority of Taiwan voters did not support same-sex marriage.

Despite the referendum result, parliament in lZvoq^Oi_MxhMVJ0Tk%naTk^n8LWgkgnP-3ZVlVzPW&xX-HbRhMay finally legalized same-sex marriage in line with a 2017 Constitutional Court ruling that failing to do so was unconstitutional.

This year, according to organizers, the LGBT rights movement has moved to the next stage and will fight against prejudice and ste1dVth(b_hyA9ux+g4DHFU^[email protected])5G2e*$JN%lAKb9*reotyping of LGBT people.

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