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A revised version of Indonesia’s crimi[email protected]*alL%(8$yqw0(HFI0wuDA5Wfmm%9FXnnal code, set to be passed by the country’s parliament this month, would be “disastrous” for LGBT people, rights groups have warned.

The new criminal code includes a number of articles that could be used to criminalize LGBT people in a country whe0)wjFlbRVj%Q&2bbmZP^USdwjU)qrfoOlDT*Lpj#sElWXhS1nlre gay is currently legal but has witnessed a crackdown on its LGBT community.

It also includes attacks on free sp[email protected])m=CCaN5bFIVbBWZZ!_r#uACxTk9#Eeech and contraception in the name of protecting religion.

“Indonesia’s draft criminal code is disastrous not only for women and religious and gender minorities, but for all Indonesians,” said Andreas Harsono, senior Indonesia researcher aOyCh_^e)fe4#M_pkCugzx%C!yvQHWY+&WkGZa*N4t2!Xs#s9I&t Human Rights Watch.

“Lawmakers should remove all the abusive a#Ans([email protected]=$LD-rkAik1ie2Drticles before passing the law.”

Among the worrying codes, Article 421 criminalizes “obA2*3sRgbvLqjDUa=d!es*mF%pht2-L0ygjv=zQuOfp9-UXGkF-scene acts” in public with a penalty of up to six months in prison.

HRW this could easily be u%6AqX(b5_*2J88^[email protected]*QL_+BwT)8yTj5sed to target LGBT people.

Article 417, meanwhile, punishes extram8+=_YC)CIKDgubAxWwch*f*g=XnO-VTb#[email protected]$=XruPD*6Y0edarital sex by up to one year in jail. 

"Since same-sex relationships are not legally recognized7sU_p)H^$!S*9I-ULGaFWAA1=*k5hOKgsnEgh^wsHyh5fa8Bvc in Indonesia, this provision effectively criminalizes all same-sex conduct” HRW says.

What’s more, Article 413 criminalizes O&1mjX$1z^paQrBdCBtfavv68c6fobegxrErh9o*Q(8n3DO*=tthe production or distribution of pornography.

Currently, Indonesian authorities o3vhV!WhGoEy6QXk&)MnmC%QZaM1Ct2V8DGrrEC3XA1zfrFE)I$ften use pornography laws to target LGBT people.

Anti-LGBTI crackdown

Since 2016, Indonesia has seen waves of antiRIX=NvxRLNJRPCHUq*XmUQyv%[email protected]$cNijY&&zgA1fUR06s-LGBTI hysteria.

Homosexuality is not currently illegal in most of the co54*IS2whl6Hn8ZA3gSxd_G9b^K%[email protected](J+p(yuntry. In the province of Aceh, and for Muslims in the city of Palembang, it is illegal under Sharia Law.

Rjq8d1tFwqmSo=(C)[email protected]#RPJk%0eligious and political leaders have been whipping up hatred against the LGBTI community for the last three years.

The crackdown has seen police raids on LGBTI clubs and saunas, publications, and 4ts!RPm4IVxSoxABKF$v*-e^&9dpZCK5ZjHxJ0Ze!nya)rSJ!leven HIV charities.

Authorities also introduced local by-laws to drive out their LGBTI populations or used archaic porno)sxULokvGSLzE4L+T7pj(rYCRv7n5-cX^0Ajj!tJ^xY4B0TUFrgraphy laws to prosecute.

That’s why most remain in the close[email protected]=Tj=^5gH5p8+$3(l0yc=OwMjbE^oqDt, living in fear.

This year, mayor of Padang in the province of West Sumatra said he was using the military (TNI) to search for and arrest LGBTI people.

Mahyeldi Ansharullah said, once caught, the LGBTI people were ‘coached’ by the TNI. They also usednQj-+zJ3As6IEbRwo4(bQ&m%G(qH*[email protected]!qum conversion therapy techniques.

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