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Taiwan’s Ministry of Education on Tuesday sought to halt rumours that LGBT-inclusive primary school textbooks taught children how to. mako5^[email protected]@ZK!!931+cdJ1*tQsturbate.

Taiwan’s new curriculum is “made of the highest standards to provide children with age-appropriate content,” a statemen([email protected]^ZWo+VXBUaKS^8*#m%XZyZ6aogS)RuylDUte8G3_uND#t on the MoE website said.

The ministry defended Taiwan’s Gender Equity Education as preventing discrimination and teaching children to “1We2YtaGd=U=y-0b8nFh8!fhEPf+x^g3lMqlRjIXtm3Ej0#0=orespect and understand differences”.

“Stop smearing and do not smear the efforts of frontline educators,” the ministr$YpmQ0DlYuqUSBzQlfL(9atg=kT-Unx-GcCDyDeq162YZ2Vjzyy wrote in a Facebook post.

Taiwan’s education ministry earlier t[email protected]^[email protected])*[email protected]$*!5Ehis year revised a 2004 law that promotes sexual orientation and gender identity education in the country’s schools.

In November last year, more than six million people voted against the LGBTI-inclusY9t+X9Ten!Nc=39fw+kHtC37#pHg5DIzG_K7A)+dPURtzGO1dYive Gender Equity Education Act during the country’s controversial referendums.

On the same day, voters also opted against changR_lV0mGLd0%xcCscN%sYz#6b0GJ!PixCRB&0I1tQUWbRJR-Q+qing the Civil Code to grant marriage equality.

The curriculums include: "emotional education, sex education, awareness and respect for gender, gender characteristics, gender traits, ge(0Ma([email protected])i-t_bEwoLrw7!n9xyeqyYY(hWVHvZ7IlTF3kMnder identity, sexual orientation education and sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual bullying prevention”.

It aims "to enhance students’ awareness of gender equalithbmW=ZdgqCW&qBEmKl%kJ4xa#URTjsrNCHG4*lpOuB!bWzb%jHy”.

After last year’s disastrous referendum, Education Minister Yeh Jiun-rong said Taiwan would continue to implement gender equality education in elementary and middle schools but may revisuj*[email protected]@0IUHM#T6ax+pKfd#[email protected](=shbpNe the content in line with the referendum results.

Last year’s referendum rei3UpObueG!hp$x1mZ5FW1R&#kT&XTp5a-6DW3B*5!jZMmh&jOGsults were a massive blow for LGBTI people.

But, people have lonhP+c)Oa*[email protected]#[email protected]!!sC2=&$s#dF3*qg referred to Taiwan as a "beacon of liberalism" or “the best place to be gay in Asia".

Taiwan holds the region’s largest LGBTI pride parade. Last year, more than 130,000TmXOBwsG5eHL9VbLysAZHfP3lsdD#[email protected]@B0I)%H-!JVq attended.

One factor in Taiwan’s largely pro-LGBTI stance is a curriculum teaching gender and sexuality di)[email protected]+5$E_esEuOt%*[email protected]=(Q(x$nRbj#u&Je)Cwversity in schools introduced in 2004.

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