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At least 2,025 same-sex couples have got married in the five months since Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage, a cabin[email protected]&xyDWB2QaVKgIj!K!EhPhu8H7uB4+eL+o3B2_i)et spokesperson said on Friday.

It c!fN80%)Z^t7_GPUzftqMYhmGLNddryXGJ2r6Ny2*1vjfYud(eIomes as Taipei prepares for the largest-ever LGBT pride parade in Asia. 

Some 200,000 people are expected to marIVR&eG*#+cyI0=yyncR#(PYv3%GjB2TtF0NokmTRVTrY=fSGu(ch from Taipei’s City Hall to the Presidential Office on Saturday. 

It is the first pride parade since Taiwan became the first country in AsiaKR=6NVv+z^%$CsFdwIGgwpM9yVxj*t(aYZYsF#U91uo-3Ukc5F to legalize same-sex marriage in May. It is also the first time that Taiwan Pride expanded to include weeks of cultural events.

For the first time,TvIvL5)!R9t-fwcMw=oE3PKKQ!%XQ([email protected]=15_Op(T the parade will start from Taipei City Hall Plaza and travel across the city to the Presidential Palace at Ketagalan Boulevard.

A newly-installed rainbow crossing has proved popular with b1#E#82mRH$GdqYMbu)zQUmVtxUg$1bDy#p3TSDdcfh-Y#5C3xTaipei citizens, with people sharing photos and selfies of the crossing on social media.

Google this week updated the maps for the city to show the parade route in rsm=4!_kAy%a%OZR^%q86!cnPpmZCLP43MvyGOtgRuGXeyM*#m7ainbow colors. 

First in Asia

After court rulings, referendums, and drama in parliament, Taiwan on 17 May finally enacted a bill that allowed sa#[email protected]@me-sex couples to marry.

But, it does not afford them exactly the same rights as same-sex couples. For example, same-sex couples may only adopt a child if it is the biological child of DWMAXGa)[email protected]_sU!5hKggrU*bSMfQCMy&wU691#UQone of the couple.

The bill also limits transnational marriages. For a foreign national to marry in Taiwan, pBvDMH2K7so#7BS3B6#5r*g4f#oyuub(jnxQ=TCdx3V*VFpMfJsame-sex marriage must be legal in their own country.

Taiwan’s parliament approved a bill to MxDGegj+1kFwgT8I+08lSo60tEqNxb!&4!rWy8=P7f7Riu9lxWlegalize same-sex marriage on Friday 17 May. It voted in favor of a government bill offering same-sex couples similar rights to opposite-sex couples after years of court rulings, referendums, and tussles in parliament.

The government bill, which largely avoids the term ‘marriage’, has been labeled a compromise by LGBTI rights campaigners.
In 2017, the country’s highest court ruled the Civil Code was unconstitutional for failing to recognize same-sex marriage.

But, in a bitterly-fought referendum, most Taiwanese citizens opted for a separate marriage law rather than changing the civ[email protected]!zff6cWhx_!(il code which would have brought genuine equality.

LGBTI rights campaigners accused conservative and Christian groups of running a well-funded campaign of hate andgyo9KZ!cXucb7PBhZF^imlQA^yzx$VCfjSn-cvdf^ABgXs5=eF scare-mongering.

The crucial 4th line of the bill passed with 93 lawmakers votinsxIhY)[email protected]_QWCz3o5JEr6aSrof^S4#Kf(xBY=U4OKg for the bill, 66 opposing, and 27 abstaining.

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