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Human rights groups and commentators on Thursday slammed a Myanmar Human Rights Co^[email protected][email protected][email protected]@15(ui+Go4KE*N6Vmmission inquiry into the suicide of a young gay man who revealed bullying in his workplace.

The probe labeled Kyaw Zin Win, a 26-year-old librarian at Myanmar[email protected]+q=J-jNPm*V(Y8i-D Imperial University, as "mentally weak”.

In VIXPd9M1NDQl1(YpA%)ASaju0)x0OkoBWcSdO&_J(q9mE8LZX_June, Kyaw Zin Win shared details of homophobic bullying from colleagues in a Facebook post before taking his own life.

Kyaw Zin Win[email protected](auzRyzy8Mw5#Y wrote that Myanmar was ‘a country which mocks the existence and identity of an individual being’.

Gay sex is illegal in the Southeast Asian country under the colonial-era penal code. QSl4f)XW_EE-3msw4%=zxPW-^=AFezmBg#ivnp0I6+7YOrTplDLGBTI citizens face widespread stigma and discrimination in all aspects of life.

Kyaw (!QD!nsx*RZemSDA1JCuwbdsMvLEV7B3yG9BRg0YjD+1J(tEd9Zin Win’s death prompted many in Myanmar to speak out for LGBT rights.

Many people changed their profile pictures to a black circle edged in rainbow colours. They also shared his final p^B%hA9si%[email protected]#[email protected]ost and offered messaged of love"

"Mentally Weak"

But,oFpe_GGj-qP$+#3R#e!5kNx51f63G4iTE9!9XCk1#Bt%OF2C5x on Wednesday, commissioner Yu Lwin Aung told AFP "Absolutely no evidence could be found he was bullied.” 

He instead placed responsibxwV7sTs9TWf_dF^-CSl5KrQExfm=cTD!DU-1JmnTKLa6K0A%t9ility on his "mentally weak" state.

Kyaw Zin Win's aunt had not yet seen the report, but said thH9R(9kUK16P4BlaY9ZgPWxP8ju)gknzUAJc57M-0g%z5RA5b&Ke commission was "wrong" if it denied her nephew had been forcibly outed.

"I repeatedly told them he was bullied," b5$a50knJrsFE9k%1T%#VMSD5p+4SVDUAR-+m#3^qG0*kb0mFIMya Lay Ngwe said, according to AFP.

Deputy Asia Director for Human Rights Wa6%$e#GP_jH2w%E8wAzc(N6K!FWiLv*H))@F97R=i9K4w#aIb&%tch, Phil Robertson, meanwhile called for Myanmar’s Human Rights Commission to be replaced.

(Photo: Facebook)

"Terrified of the people"

In his Facebook post now shared thousands of times, Kyaw Zin Win detailed how senior staff members forced him to reveal his sexuality, even though he h5d9EHZ5YbXQA-IR#+CWO%M$YvkXxd$6S%^[email protected]ad not told his immediate family.

He said he was "terrified of the people".

The young librarian also shared details of a homophobic comment from a student pass*Oe9(Re$pu1*[email protected](zSsNEk&NMZk!2YL5szLKH)sIed on to him by a colleague.

Finally, he included screenshots of group chats with his colleagues in which they mocke2_^[email protected]#%ynHn5D)qp$RwTc!31X)O*[email protected](K#bDd him.

"We should send him[email protected]%%yx)xPVz+_z+A-f#zr_SbtHuUg4i5AF(Jx)5KHi=p&hu to the army like you said’" one colleague wrote.

Kyaw Zin Win wrote "I bear it patiently, wishing it would end soon" below onemjVNhGX5viME*$5+ErpxF86Fagnbus=OVaEQ4x&oNSZ*#Y4VWu of the screenshots of abuse.

(Cover photo: Facebook)

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