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Hong Kong's largest single-day LGBT event, Pink Dot Hong Kon%bnUUlDSieQzOWCqsutzqh^h#7$uU8nyW%dz^jTN907iIP0jajg, has been cancelled for 2019.

Organizers said "the current political and social unrest, not to mention the escalating violencK$v*[email protected]@4SgjRF5Yw(kak6P8sCTI%j5IWACfO_4e" posed "a high risk to our attendees, sponsors, vendors, artists and volunteers".

Anti-government protests, sparked by a controversial extradition bill that would allow suspected[email protected])SW9986Z5Nn-a9Qzx-V#tifoJZ5RI2PKGik criminals to be extradited to the Chinese mainland, have wracked Hong Kong for three months.

Hong k!dwKYG0_+MhjF!HOC4dB$SEpdG+A=_90l1L5j4xiouoF-9NZOKong Police have been accused of a "grossly unlawful" heavy-handed crackdown on protesters.

Demonstrators demanding democracy for the city, meanwhile, have increasingly resorted to violence, including vandalising th4dN3$#=(FF_vXEpmNyrFJDBRMGD_7+#[email protected]@0nq55!vFAce city's metro system.

Pink Dot on Wednesday said in a Facebook statement frequent suspensions of the MTR and other public transport, as well as road blockages, would make it difficult for the 10,000 people expected twWz=(1J9v7X_zMV^vdZaLXxSEiEoE6(6A0=dPHotvRqLB7DbGto attend the event to arrive and leave.

"We hope Hong Kong will ride through the storm eventua[email protected]%+wZwyuG#sTsgOtZ#UcWEc1+bLIy^jLW6YNO%olly and we are looking forward to seeing you next year at Pink Dot HK 2020" the statement said.

A lot of netizens voiced their D1k^3*kcced7^Q2VQJMg3WTt+uw8NTd7*HM93zzSnKuBwIrNNCsupport for Pink Dot and the pro-democracy protests beneath the post.

"Stand!Yfjfk^%6LKn4-QwEoBGs_oentA4BeNw48q=85gs81b3hutNVH with Hong Kong! Love wins!" Patrick Chow wrote.

This year was scheduled to be the sixth year of the event, which is inspired by Singapore's family-friendly picnic @YElhx42k&Aawvbs([email protected](AyqG6IwXAQS38X%[email protected]!VS7Pink Dot.

Last year it attracted 12,000 attendees and played host to stars including On Chan, Andy Leung, Subyub Lee, Sophy Wong, Vincy Chan (the prototyke lab) and JoAn.


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