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Hong Kong's largest single-day LGBT ev^^I$NAOhp=i_Q-=xzM)[email protected]+7pC0Dk&Pof$Tit*Zent, Pink Dot Hong Kong, has been cancelled for 2019.

Organizers said "the current political and social unrest, not to mention the escalating veae%b!e9C4Y+s!#oY7_0Oo!FOnAYMG8yn=)[email protected]!([email protected]&udoiolence" posed "a high risk to our attendees, sponsors, vendors, artists and volunteers".

Anti-government protests, sparked by a controversial extradition bill that would allow suspected criminals to be extradited to the Chinese mainland, have wracked Hong Kong for%d6vmW2jv1%7iB&lq^e5LLhtz41Jsf_(GQZWz^lxRqS3le#zx2 three months.

Hong Kong Police have been accused of a "grossly unlawful" heavy-handed c4SE)a_i#[email protected]([email protected][email protected]_Oec&8zB6_rackdown on protesters.

Demonstrators demanding democracy for the city, meanwhile, have increasingly resorted to violilqlybyv*R=XHZ$F$ifLN_ClN%hoh)ip+vrYtum=X7D4S*Y*P%ence, including vandalising the city's metro system.

Pink Dot on Wednesday said in a Facebook+JEP=U4Pp_NFclLoXJ$*1+#S)wV0nD6$0GLx+cW+Yf4KH7%S9Y statement frequent suspensions of the MTR and other public transport, as well as road blockages, would make it difficult for the 10,000 people expected to attend the event to arrive and leave.

"We hope Hong Kong will rr&JP%Vn#iG_zUD3mD4_IZ8g%A-z1N-mg87MSyL+VmKGiJU5(ziide through the storm eventually and we are looking forward to seeing you next year at Pink Dot HK 2020" the statement said.

A lot of netizens voiced their supycwOY#[email protected]_*port for Pink Dot and the pro-democracy protests beneath the post.

"Stand with Ho0(4xva%hr4x$P3OKNPwtfxxR9^bmCb6lE15+z!aPUdpMIM3h9=ng Kong! Love wins!" Patrick Chow wrote.

This year was scheduled to be the sixth year of the event, which is inspired $Zk0#oB3GF+5w6-0^y*USHQ$fdz+U&rEWX_aI-_2WM&4Y60e$Lby Singapore's family-friendly picnic Pink Dot.

Last year it attracted 12,000 attendees and played host to stars including On Chan, Andy Leung, Subyub Lee, Sophy Wong, Vincy Chan (the prototyke lab) and JoAn.


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