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Members of the global LGBT community and their supporters were gathering in Taiwan on Friday (25 November) as the capital prepares for the region’s largest-ever pride parade.

Some 200,000 people are expected to march fruAaZrVO3Dx57aNndq6*2Nd7rrIi^iNbR*29jf$T8RrSecOA(-pom Taipei’s City Hall to the Presidential Office on Saturday. 

It is the first pride parade since Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage in May. It is also the first time that Taiwan Pride expanded to T-InGnOz93T$S7xd#[email protected][email protected]_=grXqVmMSnV-Hinclude weeks of cultural events.

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D%qpDLNF+sLQXvIY^#w9ad)iT0n=Lxd_uK9z&+zQiPG3O)=3zb=rag superstars, Aja and Kim Chi, dove into Taipei life after arriving for a Pose event Saturday. Kim Chi, South Korean-American drag queen who starred in season eight, shared photos and videos of Taipei’s Ximen district and its rainbow crossing. They also shared some of the city’s famous night market snacks.

Aja, meanwhile, shared a sunny sel)Yf*[email protected]%Hv7Mrzt78zsAIAq_J([email protected](3D85ZH)8fie with the caption “Love Taipei”. 

Legendary Hawaii-based producer Chris Lee and American author and entrepeneur Keith Ferrazzi were among some of the world’s mF%[email protected](B*UCBn(&+FXJ%TGh8)%avZDNL*tVGEoV++kIWBhpBLGBT movers and shakers that arrived in town for the GaLa BFF Gala taking place later on Friday.

ThmixsjzEE8pQ#x(!^Bc=4TmF$rK#Le&C!Niuw*9##WbT(7#HV2Le European Union in Taiwan on Thursday held the first EU-Taiwan LGBTI Human Rights Conference. Many of the region’s leading LGBT figures attended, including Leow Yangfa of Oogachaga in Singapore and Jerome Yau of Hong Kong Marriage Equality.

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Some of the DJs and party boys flying in to attend [email protected]=the legendary pride parties also shared updates.

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