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Gay-themed films are not always about serious topics like human rights or social causes. Many excellent gay films are filled with hilarious jokes and silly plots and, since we are always in the mood for some laughs, we have selected 5 gay films for you to (re)discover the fun in life: a crazy love adventure in the big city, suspense, black comedy, a story about a gay man falling in love with a girl… These are some of the crazy plotlines in these films but the most important thing is that they all feature eye-catching sexy hunks showing off their fit bodies. They will satisfy your deepest desires and make you laugh out loud at the same time! Let’s experience these characters’ ups and downs in life together.

1. The Skinny (2012)

“Have you seen all the men walking around with no shirts on? You see, this is why I cannot live in New York. I will be pregnant within a week.”


A group of black friends, four gays and a lesbian, are classmates at Brown University. They decide to spend a weekend in New York. However, the handsome boy, Magnus, finds out his boyfriend is cheating on him so he decides to break up with him. On the other hand, the cute guy, Sebastian, is eager to lose his virginity. In this short but fun weekend, they share everything from hilarious stories, memories, intimate moments, and, of course, sex life. This unique comedy portraits the wonderful lives of this heterogenous group. The journey is bittersweet, like everyone else’s life experiences.

Jussie Smollett plays Magnus / Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

2. A Wedding Most Stange (2012)

“So, this is your husband-to-be?”

To prevent his dead father’s property from being donated to charity, Danny must marry someone within two weeks. He comes up with a crazy idea: to host a groom-recruiting party just like in a reality show. The applicants include a handsome and sexy man (Billy), a young Indian boy (Raj), and a senior man (Richard). But after the arrival of his ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, best friend and best friends’ boyfriends, will Danny be able to find love?

Stephen Walker plays Danny’s ex-boyfriend./ Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

3. Kissing Darkness (2014)

“Did you guys hear something?”



A group of gay college friends decide to go on vacation to a cabin in the forest to release some stress. The young toned boys show off their bodies while they dive in joy and desire, but dinking and having crazy fun are not enough and they decide to play with a Ouija board... None of them expected that they would wake up a devious queen! This spirit found her husband cheating on her with another man in their wedding night. She was filled with anger and killed them both. Now, these innocent young gay men are her newest targets. Will these boys be able to get away?

Ronnie Kroell is one of the main characters / Source: Queer Me Up

Source: Portis Wasp

4. I Kissed a Girl (2015)

“It’s like you are an iPhone user and, then, you find out HTC phon&J_-BsPl8Aj=u4Nl&7(A9t+ma-rcJ(H#2FIDJ38QzNoCJRHoAEes are not bad.”

Can a gay man fall in love with a woman? I Kissed a Girl gives you the answer: yes. Jeremy is about to marry his fiancé. But, one day, he wakes up in bed with a naked blonde right next to him. He thinks maybe she is just an accidental one-night stand but, later on, he realizes she is the perfect one. This absurd incident makes him extremely confused, how are his friends and family going to respond? Is he just spellbound? Or is he bisexual?

Ronnie Kroell is one of the main characters / Source: Virtual History

Source: Allo Cine

Franck Gastambide plays Jeremy’s friend / Source: Listal

Source: Twitter

5. Different from Whom? (2009)

Piero is an aggressive gay politician. He lives an ordinary life with his boyfriend Remo. However, no one expected he would become the candidate of a northern conservative town. Even worse, the party chooses a female centrist, Adele, to become his partner. These two have different va!r&(-rYm$_kmlYd$U(OY0^9PK=Ki&ceBU%U9OHWcvD8mqe4up)lues, identities and political ideas. But when Remo starts mediating between them, Piero and Adele gradually find some unspeakable chemistry. The relationship between these three might still stand a chance.

Luca Argentero plays Piero / Source: IMDB

Source: My New Plaid Pants

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