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You probably remember how nervous you felt whenever you made eye contact with your high-school crush and even your heartbeat seemed to raise every time you bumped into him in the school corridors… You just could not take him out of your mind. Loving when young is always bittersweet but it also leaves behind the richest memories. Today we are going to introduce 6 gay films about school life that will bring you back to the hallways of your heart.

1. Boys (2014)*

A gentle boy called Sieger and an attractive guy named Marc are both the members of the school track team. They spend the whole summer holidays training together and soon develop feelings for each other. After having a short but passionate time with Marc, Sieger oddly hesitates, and denies any relationship with Marc. Under the pressure of his peers and his rebellious brother, Sieger starts to date the next-door girl named Jessica. However, their relationship does not go well, and Sieger misses the time he spent with Marc. Under the pressure of family and society, how will he face his true self?

2. The Way He Looks (2014)*

Adapted from a short film, The Way He Looks depicts the story of a blind boy, Leonardo, and his path towards adulthood. This summer, Leonardo’s only wish is to have a crazy and wild relationship, and have his first kiss to the right one. However, his parents’ overprotection and other troubles present in his life make him run away and escape. While on the run, he meets a gorgeous exchange student named Gabriel, who slowly walks into his life and lead him to “see” the shape of love.

3. Out in the Dark (2012)*

In order to have a crazy night, a Palestinian student, Nimer, illegally crosses the national border heading to Israel where he meets a gorgeous lawyer, Roy. When Nimer finally gets his student visa so he can enter Israel freely he and Roy start dating. Though Roy’s parents already accept his gay identity, they still cannot agree with his relationship with a Palestinian “terrorist.” Nimer’s family is also blacklisted by the Israeli government, and Nimer’s visa ends up being also cancelled. While facing the issues of racism, political oppresion, and the hatred between two nations, can Nimer and Roy have a happy ending?

4. Everlasting Love (2014)

An attractive middle-aged teacher has an unspeakable hobby after school. He goes into the woods and meets with sexy strangers. After receiving his “sexual education,” a student wants to see this teacher again, but he is cruelly turned down. So, what will happen to the teacher? The aftermath of their encounter is way more terrible than you can imagine.

5. Night Flight (2014)*

A handsome and clever student, Yong-Ju, and his best friend, Gi-Taek, struggle to get through the university entrance exams. At the same time, they are being bullied by another schoolmate, Gi-Woong. Gi-Woong seems to be aloof from Yong-Ju and Gi-Taek, but they have a history together. Even a lot of time has passed, Yong-Ju still has feelings for Gi-Woong. All of this make Gi-Taek feel betrayed, so he decides to openly reveal their secret relationship, which puts Yong-Ju in great danger at school. To protect Yong-Ju, Gi-woong stands up for him and challenges the other boys in the school as a symbol of resistance against the conservatism of Korean society. Will they break away adversity and find hope?

6. Gf*Bf (2012)*

During the 1980s, Taiwan was still a very conservative place. Students are protesting and they refuse to abide by the system. And a love triangle among three teenagers is also a puzzle and a symbol of this rebellion. 17-year-old boy, Aaron, chases Mabel but he does not get what he wants because Mabel has crush on another guy, Liam. However, Liam’s stiffness lets Mabel down and she eventually says yes to Aaron. After several years, Mabel meets Liam again… Will they have the courage to face the past?

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* Film only available in Taiwan.

Author: Salim

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