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We may have secret dates with the dashing and hunky gay pornstars that live in our hard drives day and night. However, we have no idea what kind of experiences and lives they go through in their line of work. The same can be said about the world of male prostitutes. Therefore, we have decided to select 6 gay films describing the issues of male sex workers and pornstars for you. Come take a peek at their bittersweet life experiences, maybe you’ll see something you did not expect.

1. Rent Boys (2011)

“You’re good looking, you have a big cock: go to B[email protected]+!_Tqj$DxvD1el8)Uo%xwcj7i(BechIO-erlin.”

This film displays an unknown side of Berlin. It also sheds some light on the everlasting issue of immigration. Young immigrant sex workers live on the edge of society. A group of people that do not have a chance to tell their life stories. Yet this is precisely what this film do: presents their stories and life circumstances in depth and detail. The director, Rosa von Praunheim, interviewed several young sex workers in Berlin, and even their customers, to offer the audience a multifaceted view on male prostitutes, their personal growth and family background.

2. Seed Money* (2015)

“Cops came into my house-dJ!r6QgeNqn7M6QGi&5VzV(T7BxtXq-Ug7mLp3I8=4=WdVP%+, and the boys were right in the middle of their cum shots.”

This film not only explores the world of gay porn, but also focuses on the relationship between gay porn and gay rights. The current prosperity of the American gay porn industry wasn’t achieved in one day. It has been through plenty of legal and social dispute during its short history to finally make its way. During 1970s to ‘80s, Chuck Holmes set up Falcon Studios, and soon became the tycoon of gay porn industry. It was also the time when political and human rights movements boomed. Chuck, brilliantly, started donating huge amounts to the campaigns that could end up benefiting his cause. However, how many activists were willing to receive a donation from the gay porn mogul? If you want to understand more about the history of the gay porn industry, then you can’t miss Seed Money.


3. Boy Culture (2009)

“I work by referral only, and I chawk$^Ho#[email protected]&VQZ37KsGgcmtC#@9TM+t5i1%+fFrge a lot. Supposedly, I’m worth it.”

Adapted from a famous novel, the plot of this movie reflects the passion and emptiness of the gay men’s world. X, a high-end prostitute, has only 12 clients. He devotes himself to provide his with the best experience. He has an extremely high income, yet he still lives with his 2 roommates, Andrew and Joey. They become an untraditional family. X has a huge crush on Andrew, and Joey is longing for X. The chemistry and atmosphere among these three are quite interesting. Then X’s new client tries to have a deeper connection with him, which makes X change his perspective on relationships and chase his true love.

4. I'm a Pornstar (2013)

“But yet, if you do porn, you’re a bad person.”

This film includes a lot of interviews and behind the scene videos. It not only brings you a wonderful visual feast, but also invites you to discover the world inside the pornstars’ hearts. Is it necessary for a gay porn actor to be gay? Coming out to your family, or admitting that you are a porn actor, which one is harder? How to deal with other people’s judgements and mocking? If you are curious about pornstars’ struggles and craving for hot studs at the same time, then you must watch this!

5. Unfaithful (2009)

“I want to make a movie abou[email protected](A#PV^uG8I9(UgrLR12(8i=E#(IB$7GsPoV4BIgFf6=!=t desire, so I am asking you to have sex with me.”

In order to explore the concept of gay sex, the director, Clause Pérès invited a porn actor to have sex with him and filmed the whole process. Naked, in front of the camera, pure sexual pleasure. But this is not merely a sex tape. During the shooting, the camera is passed on to the actor, and the director becomes the one who has to follow instructions. Theoretically, a porn actor is very familiar with the process of making porn. However, we can see through the lens a unique outcome by observing their interaction, feelings and struggles. Two naked men in a film experiencing strangeness vs. familiarity, alienation vs. contact, and hiding their feelings vs. opening their mind. You will follow the process step by step, and slowly sink into the director’s world of desire.

Actor Marcel Schlutt

Director: Clause Pérès

6. Tiger Orange* (2014)

“We weren’t made to be loved, big brother. We didn’t get that gene, remember?”

Even though this film is not about prostitution, one of the main actors is a pornstar in reality. The American pornstar Johnny Hazzard made in Tiger Orange his non-porn debut, a stunning performance acknowledged by many critics. In the film, he plays Todd, a man that has gone stray from home for several years. After a failed career in showbusiness and a messy love triangle, he finally comes back to his hometown. Now, he has to face his big brother, Chet, who he grew up with in the shadow of their homophobic father. Unlike Todd, Chet didn’t run away from home. He chose to stay in order to take care of the family business and their father. Their relationship seems to turn even more intense when a handsome guy suddenly shows up.

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