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Watch these films and many more on GagaOOLala's bisexual section,

Have you ever wondered why most queer films are just about gay men? Actually, the word “queer” also include other sexualities like bisexuals and, even, straight allies ­-- we are all part of the LGBTQ community. Yet, we sometimes forget about all the colors of the rainbow. Some people have said that if gay men hide in the closet, then bisexual are in the threshold of the closet. We have chosen 6 queer films that depict bisexual people love stories, it is about time we do justice to the most underrepresented letter in LGBTQ!

1. Coming In (2014)*

Hair stylist Tom Herzner is a charming and elegant man. He owns a hair salon in Berlin and, since he is openly gay, he is seen as a role model for the gay community in town. Tom only sales male hair products which turn out not to be very popular in one of his business ventures in a female hair salon run by his friend Heidi. The failure urges him to develop his own hair products for women. So, Heidi helps him to secretly cross-dress and infiltrate in her salon as her assistant in order to do research on her customer’s interests and habits. Soon, he successfully wins everyone’s heart including Heidi’s family. He becomes Heidi’s best friend, and develops a line of hair products for both male and female. In the meanwhile, Heidi realizes she is falling in love with Tom…

2. Different from Whom (2009)

An openly gay senator named Piero has had a male partner for many years. They live a happy life. Until one day, his stability drifts away when he is asked to run for mayor in a conservative town. He is not ready yet an, what’s worse, a conservative female senator named Adele is assigned to be his deputy. At the beginning, they do not get along with each other. However, as time goes by, they gradually become a team, and there is even some chemistry between them. Piero soon faces a moral dilemma. He is confused about his sexuality, and regrets betraying his partner. Will he find the way out?

3. WASP (2015)

Olivier and James are a loving couple. One day they go to the French countryside on vacation. However, their female friend, Caroline, sudden visit interrupts their break from reality. Between the beautiful blue sky and green fields, Olivier starts to feel attracted by Caroline’s behavior, which makes James really jealous. Their love and friendship is on trial. How will they fix their relationships?

4. Law of Desire (1987)*

Law of Desire is one of Pedro Almodóvar’s classic works, about a famed director Pablo, who breaks up with his male lover and move back to his hometown. His sister, Tina, is a transsexual who raised her daughter on her own. She has encountered many obstacles along her career as an actress, all because of men. Back to his hometown, Pablo begins a new affair with Antonio who still has feelings for his ex. Antonio ends up losing his patience and turns violent. After a fight, Pablo loses his memory but, when he recovers, he finds out that Antonio and Tina have become a couple…

5. I Dreamt Under Water (2008)

After his crush died of a drug overdose, Antonin becomes a numb and sad man, wandering the city, and selling his body for sex to survive. Until one day he meets a kind man who gives him a proper job and changes his life. Meanwhile, he falls in love with a girl named Juliette, who makes him find a purpose in his life again. However, fate plays another joke on him: Juliette is also suffering from a drug problem. How will Antonin deal with this situation and prevent himself from being heartbroken again?

6. Thanatos, Drunk (2015)*

Two twin brothers raised by a single mother. The older goes to study abroad, but he almost commits suicide after breaking up with his boyfriend and, ultimately, decides to come back to Taiwan. His younger brother runs a business in a traditional market, and falls in love with a mute prostitute. Even they are at the bottom of the social ladder and they are treated as dogs, they still have the ability to love and survive. This fascinating Taiwanese film is directed by Chang Tso-chi, telling different stories from the point of view of three men. Unlike his previous works, the film reflects the hard times of life.

Watch these films and many more on GagaOOLala's bisexual section,

*Film only available in Taiwan.

Hao, a chubby gay man, works as a janitor at a gay spa. For him, romantic relationships is an unreachable dream. One day, an attractive customer, Kai, walks in and gives Hao the opportunity to massage him.
Watch Gentleman Spa on GagaOOLala.

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