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Nowadays, gay men often use dating apps to meet new friends, and I bet many of you are pretty familiar with certain terms like “looking for fun” or “I’m open. Anything is good.” Gay men use dating apps for different reasons: some of them want to have sex, others are just bored so they waste some time on the apps, some even hope they can find a stable relationship. The process of dating becomes easier and faster. But, after hooking up with him, will the two of you be able to have a serious relationship? GagaTai has selected 5 films about hooking up and/or/versus true love. Maybe you will find your answer after watching them.

1. Yossi (2012)*

Yossi is a cardiologist. He lives a busy but lonely life. One day he finds the courage to look for sex but he is turned down cruelly due to his lousy appearance.

One day when he is talking a walk by the beach, he encounters a group of Israeli soldiers. Among this group, there is a guy called Tom who has already come out to his friends. Yossi looks at Tom and Tom looks back. After being turned down so many times, can Yossi find his true love?

2. Weekend (2011)*

Weekend is an ordinary story about a hookup, but the two guts are not ordinary, but super-yummy. On a Friday night, Russell heads to a gay club for a drink and ends up picking up a hot guy, Glen. After having sex, they lie on bed and decide to hang out and meet for some drinks next weekend. Then, they have sex again and talk about their future prospects. Everything is going smoothly but, suddenly, Glen says he needs to leave. What should Russell do? He really wants this relationship to continue.

3. Protect Me from What I Want (2009)*

If you have ever booty-called someone, you must understand the excitement and anxiety of the first time. When you seduce a cute boy on the street or on a dating app and, later, make eye contact with him, you cannot help but feel an impulse to hug or touch him. This is the most fascinating part of a hookup.

Protect Me from What I Want adds some identity factors to this mix. An Indian boy from a traditional family notices that a white boy keeps looking at him. They make eye contact and their gazes are filled with lust. When they finally meet, what influence will this white boy have on this Indian guy’s sense of identity? Can they trust each other?

4. Vile Romance (2009)

Unlike those boys, Robert only hooks up with someone when he is already in a relationship. This young gay man’s partner is called Raul and the reason why Robert betrays him is because they are not happy. Besides, Raul is a ticking bomb, his emotions are about to explode at any moment. It takes guts from Robert to stay with this horrible guy but he is also afraid that Raul will find out his secret. Will they end their relationship peacefully? You may not find true love by hooking up with someone, but you can definitely end a bad relationship with a hookup.

5. Four Moons (2014)

This excellent film is composed of four different stories. One of them is mesmerizing: a famous retired professor meets a male sex worker at a gay sauna. The sex worker’s strong and toned body appears in front of this old man and he cannot help but start pursuing him. But, in this relationship purely based on money and desire, how do they see each other?

There can be several different kinds of relationships between two men. Hookup is one of them and, sometimes, it is filled with possibilities. So be open-minded and watch out for your chance, it is coming.

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