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GagaOOLala is the first LGBTQ film streaming platform in Asia. We constantly devote ourselves to provide the best films for the Asian LGBTQ community. During 2017, we have released many popular films with very diverse themes such as cross-cultural romances, HIV issues, sex workers and even horror! If you have already watched them you can now have a second taste; If you haven’t, don’t forget to give them a try. Let’s review the top 10 fan favorite films!

10. Tiger Orange (2014)*

American porn-star Johnny Hazzard made his debut on the no-porn film industry playing the role of Todd, with several critics acknowledging his outstanding performance. Todd, who has stayed away from home for several years, cuts off his messy relationship and goes back to his hometown. Once there, he faces his brother Chet, who felt abandoned by Todd during all those years, and chooses to stay and take care of the family business and their father. After a handsome man suddenly shows up, the relationship between the siblings becomes more intense.

9. Kissing Darkness (2014)

Kissing Darkness tells the story of a group of gay guys going spending their holidays at a cabin in woods. There, they unravel a cursed secret which put their lives in danger. Horror twists aside, the film features many (many!) good looking men.

8. Land of Storms (2014)

After leaving the football team, Szabolcs goes back to his hometown where he meets Áron. When Szabolcs’s previous roommate shows up, these three men develop a complex relationship. Adapted from a real-life story, Land of Storms depicts a conservative country boy’s inner world and the struggles he goes through.

7. The Skinny (2012)

Four gay men and one lesbian are friends since college. They decide to hang out together in New York City during the annual pride celebration. During these few days, they will share everything including jokes, memories, lies, intimacy and their sex lives. A unique comedy that pushes for diversity acceptance with its portrayal of black gay men.

6. Boy Culture (2006)

Mr. X, a high-end prostitute, only has 12 clients. His profession helps him to build up his reputation and, also, to earn a lot of money. He is very successful but he still feels something is missing. In addition, his complex relationship with his two roommates put him on the edge of nervous breakdown. He life takes a turn when he accepts a new client who does not want to have physical contact but only a spiritual connection. This slowly touches Mr. X’s heart…

5. Night Flight (2014)*

If you cannot resist the charm of Korean oppa, then this film will make you very excited. Both leading actors Kwak Si-yang and Lee Jae-joon are models and, together, they star in the first Korean gay film. The beautiful scenes the two share in Night Flight make people immediately fall in love. The film tells the story of the clever and well-behaved student, Yong-joo, who falls in love with the school rogue, Ki-woong. At first Ki-woong rejects Yong-joo’s love but, as the time goes by, he quietly accepts him. Unexpectedly, both of them are framed by their classmate and Yong-joo suffers bullying from other students. In order to protect him, Ki-woong stands up for him and challenges the other boys in the school as a symbol of resistance against the conservatism of Korean society.

4. Love Next Door (2013)

Angkul Jebbukul is just… beautiful. His perfect smile can totally melt your heart and thanks to his hunky body he has landed many jobs as a model and actor, which has helped him gain a big following. Want to see yummy Thai boys? Do not miss the romantic comedy: Love Next Door. Angkul plays Kao, a gay man who offers sex services his apartment but who is in love with his neighbor, Pete. In the end, he has to choose between work and love. One small tip: this film features some of the hottest scenes between Thai guys ever!

3. Paris 05:59 (2016)

One-night stands can be thrilling and/or romantic. It allows people to look for comfort and warmth in lonely nights. But when the sun comes out, will the feelings linger? Paris 05:59 tells the story of two boys that meet each other at midnight, and have sex. But after this first spark, will they stay together? Plus, they might have got infected with HIV. Can they hold each other’s hands and go on?

2. Utopians (2016)

Chinese actor Adonis made his film debut in Scud’s Utopians. Filled with scenes of naked men and sex, this film brings more than shock. Director Scud recomposed Yukio Mishima and Socrates’ ideas of utopia, and build a place for four men and and women to explore all kinds of desire. There is an special focus on the connection between sexuality and spirituality and, of course, love in this film.

1. Front Cover (2015)

Born and raised in Queens, New York, actor Jake Choi is a tall attractive Korean-American, together with Chinese-American James Chen, they star in Front Cover. In this film, Jake Choi portrays a Chinese gay designer who tries as much as he can to get rid of his ties with the Chinese community, and strives hard in to reach the top of the upper-class fashion world. However, everything has changed since he met Ning, a Chinese superstar. They have a rough start and it seems impossible for them to work with each other. But when they gradually find something in common, they slowly develop a secret relationship and find strength to face their true selves. Do you want to see Asian actors portraying gay characters? Front Cover will give you the best experience!

Film only available in Taiwan.

Author: Salim

The story begins with Shiro Kido's reunion with a former classmate, Rio Kijima, at a college teacher's funeral.

With the intense eroticism and closeness, both men open up and feed into their desire. As their lust grows so does their toxic craving. The two become a relationship beyond the line while a mixture of emotions are drawn from the suffering Kijima.

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