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In recent years, gender and sex identities have become major social issues. People are gradually learning more about the meaning of terms such as gender equality and sexual orientation, and understanding the value of empathy and acceptance. Nevertheless, there is still many people that do not know much about the different genders and sexes. We at GagaTai want to introduce you 5 movies that can show you the diversity of desire.

1. The blossoming of teenage love – The Way He Looks (2014)*

During adolescence, we usually feel confused about love and sex. But more disastrously, it is also the time that our desires grow. Teenagers carefully explore the cravings coming from inside their bodies and, at the same time, they cannot stop the eagerness of having a taste of sex. The journey of exploring sex is quite thrilling. Leonardo is a 17-year-old blind boy and, this summer, he has a wish to fulfill: he is ready to give his first kiss and for his first love. Sadly, his overprotective parents make him want to run away and start a brand-new life. However, a new student in town suddenly walks into his life, and leads him to explore the world, and fathom his own desires. At the end, Leonardo learns how to come to terms with adulthood.

2. "Yeah, old men are my type"  Gerontophilia (2015)*

18-year-old teenager Lake seems to be an ordinary boy, yet no one knows he actually has a ‘different taste’. Lake is a straight guy and he has a girlfriend, but buried deep in his heart is an odd obsession with elder men. One day, when Lake is doing CPR to an old man in a coma, he suddenly has an erection. His girlfriend is also surprised. This straight guy starts to find out that he only can have romantic feelings towards old men, which drives him to get a job in a nursing home. For Lake, the nursing home is a place full of perfect dates. The charm of this film is that it turns old men into sexy beautiful beings.

3. “It turns out I can fall in love with women?” – I Kissed a Girl (2015)*

Can a gay guy fall in love with a woman? I Kissed a Girl tells you that the answer is definitely YES! Jeremie is about to marry his fiancé, yet one day he wakes up next to a naked woman in his own bed. As the story unfolds, Jeremie gradually finds out that this lady is not just a one-night stand but his dream date. This whole ridiculous drama makes Jeremie extremely confused. How will Jeremie’s friends and family will react to it? Is Jeremie just temporarily charmed by her, or is he really a gay man who falls in love with girls? Maybe he is bisexual? I Kissed a Girl will offer you a brand-new type of gay tale.

4. Gang bang? No problem – Stranger by the Lake (2013)*

When talking about different types of sex, the one kind you definitely cannot miss is gang bang. Stranger by the Lake shows that life on the lakeshore can free your body and oppressed desires. When Franck is enjoying himself by the lake, he meets the perfect one, Michel. Franck has sex with different guys by the lake, but his eyes are always on Michel. One day, people find a dead body in the lake, and suddenly the playground is surrounded by a strange atmosphere. Should Franck walk away immediately, or stay there and wait to hook up with someone?

5. “Can a one-night stand become everlasting?” – Paris 05:59 (2016)

One-night stands are probably one of the most common type of sex. They are always thrilling and adventurous. During the cold winter nights, people are looking for !te_f7H05Iw(2Wb)!QcX=Cs$vXY!w45%eO%XT+XtMR#MuD+921body warmth and cuddling. But when the sun rises, will the connection last??

Paris 05:59 deals with a two boys’ story. They meet each other in the night, and have amazing sex. But after their hook up, will the connection between will last? The movie not only answers this question but also tackles the dangers of unprotected sex and STDs.

The variety of sexes and genders is vast, and these 5 movies are just a small sample of them. We all have the right to pursue the love and sex we want, that is the message these movies try to send to the world. Let’s hope that everyone can live a wonderful life and fulfill their naughtiest wishes and desires; and what better way to celebrate diversity than with the best LGBT films in the world. Find them on GagaOOLala.

* Film only available in Taiwan.

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