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Gyms are many gay men’s go-to places for building their perfect bodies. It is also a eye feast buffet. These five gay movies shot at the gym are going to give you the necessary adrenaline to keep going and going and going... until you are all sweaty. Get ready, warm-up, stretch and go!

My Personal Trainer

YouTuber Jin Ho starts going to the gym to get more subscribers on YouTube. But somehow he is more interested in the good-looking trainer Seok Hoon, than he is in his shape. Looking at Seok Hoon, who is exceptionally friendly, Jin Ho is sure that Seok Hoon is also in love with him. Then, Seok Hoon and Jin Ho meet in the shower. "Are you free today, sir?" (Available on GagaOOLala)

Just Friends

The tough Joris doesn't come loose from his mother who is addicted to plastic surgery. Medical student Yad has snorted too much of various drugs and returns to his strict mother. Yad works as a domestic help for the grandmother of Joris. There they meet and they fall in love immediately, but before they can surrender to their love, they first have to balance things with their mothers. Joris is well-built and works out hard in the gym, but he still can’t resist on staring at another man’s bulge. (Available on GagaOOLala in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia only)


The 18-year-old Andrej is sent to a youth detention centre due to problematic behaviour. There, he meets Željko, the informal leader of the detainees. Upon discovering Andrej's secret, Željko soon begins to take advantage of him. When Andrej and Željko have conflicts in the gym, their attractions already start to appeal. (Available on GagaOOLala in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia and South Asia only)

Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land

Undressing Israel features interviews with a diverse range of local men, including a gay member of Israel's parliament, a trainer who served openly in the army, a young Arab-Israeli journalist, and a pair of dads raising their kids. The director also visits Tel Aviv's vibrant nightlife scene and a same-sex wedding in this guided tour to a country that emerged as a pioneer for gay integration and equality. (Available on GagaOOLala in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia and South Asia only)

Home from the Gym

A young man returns home from the gym, alone. He starts to take off his close until he’s totally naked. He wipes of the sweat and sits down on the couch. All of the sudden, he starts to cry. (Available on GagaOOLala in Asia only)

The story begins with Shiro Kido's reunion with a former classmate, Rio Kijima, at a college teacher's funeral.

With the intense eroticism and closeness, both men open up and feed into their desire. As their lust grows so does their toxic craving. The two become a relationship beyond the line while a mixture of emotions are drawn from the suffering Kijima.

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