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When it comes to the most authentic BL films, we all think of the genre's origin country: Japan. These 5 BL films feature fascinating romances between childhood friends, a playboy and a piano player and swimming athletes; the struggles of hiding in the closet while falling in love with a straight boy, and a teacher who telling his gay student to follow his heart. Very hard to come by, you will only find all these stories on GagaOOLala.

Forbidden Love 

Having given up on school and most of his family, Shou lives in an apartment with his younger brother, Ryou. Things start to change once Ritsu arrives. As a young designer back in Japan after studying abroad in New York, Ritsu works for Shou’s father… and has been given permission to stay with his two unruly sons.

Melody of Our Love

Maki is a young gay music student completely smitten with his classmate Ruiku, who plays piano with incredible passion but is cold and distant to everyone. Maki decides to do whatever it takes to get Ruiku to return his feelings.


Gymnasium Baby

Swimming team ace Jun loses his place in a high school swimming contest to Naoki and is forced to quit after being diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Secretly in love with Jun, Naoki asks him to be his coach. After sharing a kiss with Naoki by the swimming pool one night, Jun feels confused and tells his best friend Shoichi, who is also secretly in love with Jun. Naoki and Shoichi then become rivals, as a love triangle forms… 

Coming Out

Yo is a gay university student who keeps his sexuality a secret. He has feelings for a schoolmate named Noboru, but Noboru has his own circle of friends which Yo finds excluding. The only place Yo can be himself is at a bar called "BarB♭" in 2-Chome Shinjuku. One day, Yo learns that Noboru is moving to the US to study. Will Yo be able to end his silent-crush and show his love under broad daylight?

Quite Ordinary

Tamotsu Nirasaki is a gay high-school teacher who is having trouble finding a partner due to his looks. One day, he finds out one of his pupils, Yu Shiotsu, is also gay. "Can this be my chance to be happy?" Nirasaki asks himself, but it turns out Shiotsu is in love with the top student of the class. Depressed, Nirasaki asks Shiotsu to confess his love to that other student, while he takes advantage of the situation…

GagaOOLala's 2021 original "Queer Up The Volume" series will be linking 10 different LGBTQ+ love stories together with 10 films and series, 10 songs, and 10 music videos. From the birth of love, the maturing, to the happy seeds of starting a family, a melody or a line of lyrics is bound to remind us of that very special one. With 10 renowned directors and 10 artists working together, "Queer Up The Volume" extends love by joining the power of music and film.🎬

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