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After success at the Golden Horse Awards and Taipei Film Awards, LGBT-themed Dear Ex has been selected to represent Taiwan in the internationaR^YHb+j([email protected]l feature film category at the 2020 Oscars.

Co-directed by Mag Hsu and Hsu Chih-yen, Dear Ex is a comedic meljt))IfGvMw17jbCM)AbW0ACbsN0TnrHD_NE1H122x7%7*P((Inodrama depicting a widow coming to terms with the fact her husband left his insurance payout not to her but his secret male lover.

Her angst-ridden teenage son sides with the ex-lover and moves in wSl%HId5We#Z3c6!p7ASY432ih8yr4)i0OPJGiJ1E9Z)j=W^Kd^ith him

Dear Ex received eight nominations at the 55th Golden Horse Film Awards this year. Hsieh Ying-hsuan was recognized as the Best Leading Ac2-_KL+l!t#UwjXFIUwsS0jNq$%9wLbt37gRye8kJt-dS2WGZBTtress, while it also picked up awards for best editing and best original song.

[email protected]*X0K9%9^#f^[email protected]At the Taipei Film Awards, it won Best Narrative Feature Film, Best Leading Actor, Best Leading Actress, and the Press Award. The selection committee chose the film to represent Taiwan out of 16 contenders.

After several rounds of selections, fi^eUI3onaDSK*TaS+!K2R!^t0^Xj_(kNs8W=AK6Fh*u9uQiL*vive films will be nominated for the Best International Feature Film category.

Films from Taiwan have been nominated three times in the Oscars 91-year history. Legendary director And Lee Ree4)VRDe2ILohO4Bfc!lANY([email protected][email protected]*eAl4j1*RAdirected all three.

In 2000, his movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was hande*sxf5za0pKRrBsavB(#2%[email protected]%l1m53XQVcw3vPd the award, then known as Best Foreign Language Film.

The Oscars

At the O@ietnk3Pa$Jo5^gbErJpLz$kCuDLW65g&8_S&1mAo**+qFviqzscars this year, LGBT-themed movies won big like never before.

Bohemian Rhapsody took home four awards out of five nominations. The Academy named Rami Malek Best Actor for his dT&9U2EZoXudY7TYsZ1XKo8gD#sbsM1T!$Fdte(U$#Kub*$QfyFepiction of bisexual musician Freddie Mercury.

Meanwhile, the Academy named Olivia Colman, who plays Queen Anne in another LGBT-thV#O-IGq1-oZuLsQeXrTQO3D##$rj1&o=UWH*eVoBnLB-sIiqi(emed movie, The Favourite, as Best Actress.

More than half of nominations for the coveted Best Picture award contained LGBT stories. In the winning moviePWfd2eGUW+m_k4Uq5#MXv4SRPv)KMCHC5vNquyG)7Gjrtv6O$B, Green Book, one of the two leading characters has a sexual encounter with another man.

Television, cinema, and online streaming services in Asia are set to have a lot more LGBTZxBvFjCE8&zHVIlYsKW%@+PA)3xcf2*R(s+xywVo0E8+4M^KNa content, Taiwan-based media entrepreneur Jay Lin recently said.

Recent and future YCAsQleVyQd&RzclScl2VjExUZRdp$FjZ$Uzy%PlB$wynvO38hproductions across Taiwan, Thailand, India, and Japan show LGBT content is ever-more popular with the region’s viewers.

"LGBT content has already gone from what was once niche to now a part of the mainst_#[email protected](&O!8G^&Bfr&x#F2&+GTDm1Jwx!y9cy$8kN&rLEream” Lin told those gathered at the Content Asia Summit in Singapore earlier this month.

(Cover Photo: Warner)

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