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As the craze for BL rages on, television and streaming networks have been rushing to produce their own Danmei BL shows. Taiwan’s Vidol TV, for one, had co-released a brand-new BL tetralogy titled “VBL” with the Japanese SPO Entertainment Inc., the four stories of which are: Stand by My Side, a youthful school romance; You Are Mine, a workplace, boss-and-employee drama; VIP Only, a wholesome urban love story; and Anti Reset, a sci-fi, cross-dimensional romance. The tetralogy is yet to be entirely released, but fans are already screaming at the eye candies produced by the 8 leads. Let’s take a look at these delicious couples!

1. Yang I-hsuan and Hong Wei-zhe in Stand by My Side

(Image/ Vidol TV)

Yang I-hsuan debuted with the film Leaving Virginia.


Hong Wei-zhe took part in a Chinese survival show All For One and was awarded champion team.


What left an impression on Hong Wei-zhe was how Yang I-hsuan French kissed him.

(Image/Vidol TV)

2. Parker Mao and Hsiao Hung in You Are Mine

(Image/Vidol TV)

Parker Mao from China is no stranger to television, both linear and web. His work includes The Sweet Love with My Honey and Wonderful Fate.


Hsiao Hung has taken part in films such as Golden Job and Melody-Go-Round.


Mao, who plays the classic “domineering boss” role had made a pact with Hsiao before the cameras started rolling. The first rule was that they were not to fight on set. The second was that they were not to leave each other’s sight, and the third was that the boss was always right.

(Image/Vidol TV)

3. Stan Huang and Xuan Chen in VIP Only

(Image/Vidol TV)

Dubbed “Tony Yang Jr.”, Stan Huang has been cast in not just film and television but also music videos and ads. 


This isn’t Xuan Chen’s first BL show— that was Red Balloon, in which he played Xu Yang. But this is indeed the first time he’s playing the protagonist.


The two said that they had spent lots of time together during pre-production. They went to an assortment of restaurants and Huang took Chen outdoors, especially the beach, because he likes to surf. They also went to several art exhibitions.

(Image/Vidol TV)

4. Huang Li-feng and Wu Ping-chen in Anti Reset 

(Image/Vidol TV)

Huang Li-feng made his debut in the short film Beat Him Up, with which he was awarded Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Madrid International Film Festival in its Best Short Foreign Language Film category.


Wu Ping-chen is frequently cast in ads. Anti Reset will be considered his debut in television.


Wu and Huang have much in common. Both of them graduated from top Taiwanese universities and they have many mutual friends.

(Image/Vidol TV)

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Source: Vidol TV

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